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7 Unusual Home Security Tips You Probably Don’t Know

Even with a security system that would make the Mission Impossible crew tremble, burglars are clever, and some of the highest grade security measures have been circumvented by thieves intent on getting in, getting valuables, and getting out again uncaught. You need to be cleverer than them.


Here are 7 unexpected and unusual home security tips – so rare and so sneaky, you’ve never heard of them. And neither have thieves.

  1. Fortify the Outside of Your Home – With Landscaping

Of course investing in a ten foot wall and a line of turrets is going to keep your home safe, but it’s also expensive and terrifying for the mild-mannered delivery boy. Instead, you can make your home inaccessible to robbers by using your landscaping to your advantage. A backyard is often dark and secluded, making it a perfect place for a robber to sneak into your back window through, so instead use that ample space to plant hedges. Should they try to climb your fence, they’ll find themselves against a wall of green that isn’t quiet or easy to get through. Growing thorny bushes or cactus underneath windows will make them impossible to access no matter how padded your burglar is, and be lovely to look at for everyone with good intentions.

  1. Use a Key Lock Box

Hiding a spare key in fake rocks or under the potted plant is smart, right? Actually, it’s the most basic trick in the book, and every burglar knows it. Before you lift up the edge of your mat to hide a spare, remember that you’re practically begging to be robbed with a move like this. Instead, don’t get sneaky – get heavy-duty in hiding your key. You can invest in a key lock box which can be mounted somewhere in your lawn and requires a typed-in access code to get into. These are strong enough that burglars can’t break into them, and with your customized access key, there’s as much chance of someone guessing it as they would your PIN number.

  1. Play Off Buglers’ Psychology – Use a Fake Safe

If someone has resorted to robbing houses, then clearly they’re focused on the easy way of doing things. Unless your house is holding documents concerning national security secrets, you’ll not have an international genius theft on your hands – you’ll have a punk trying to get in and get out fast. Buying a fake safe, you’re doubling your chances of keeping real valuables protected, as most home owners will invest in one safe but not several.

Once you place this fake safe in a classic place – such as behind a piece of furniture or in a closet – and a thief finds it, they’ll assume they’ve hit the jackpot and run, rather than wasting time sniffing out your real, very well hidden safe and risk getting caught for what might not exist. As an added bonus, you can place a simple tracking device connected to your phone inside and locate the robber for police to pick up later. If you have a sense of humor, a clever note congratulating them on being an idiot is also an option to leave inside.

  1. Hide Your Valuables in Unexpected Places – No, Even More Unexpected

Most people follow the same train of thought when it comes to hiding valuable objects, and experienced thieves know where these places are – to the point where few will look in the so called ‘obvious’ spots. Instead, think of an unexpected place to hide something and then think again – your second option is the smartest. The laundry room, a child’s bedroom, and even careful spots in the bathroom are wise choices to throw off burglars.

Most importantly, never hide anything of value in the master bedroom. It’s often the most easily accessible room of the house and the one most hidden from the street, making it easy to break into and then escape from without notice. Living rooms are for presentation to guests; master bedrooms are private, luxurious parts of the house where you store computers, iPods, jewelry, and cash.

  1. Get Your Alarm Keypad Out of Sight

Some burglars will scope your home out for days. What they’re looking for isn’t just when you’re home and when you turn off the lights, but more intricate details you overlook; how attentive your neighbors are, when you forget to activate your alarm, and if they’re really lucky, what your alarm code is.

You should always be sure to cover your key code as you type in the sequence, but for that extra level of safety that keeps your home secure, move your keypad altogether. By placing it farther into the house, away from windows, you can be certain no robber will notice if you forgot to enable to alarms, and should they be peaking in the windows, there’s no chance of them catching the code over your shoulder. Alarm system companies are often willing to place the pad in a customized place upon your request.

  1. Use Your Car Remote as an Unexpected Bodyguard

The only thing worse than being broken into is having your home burglarized while you’re trapped inside. Perhaps your phone is in the other room or you don’t have time to wait on the police; someone is in your house right now, and you need to do something for your own safety and the safety of your home immediately. This is where your car can actually save you. By having your car keys on hand at all times, when you hear that bump in the night, you can use the “panic button” on your key’s remote to set off your car alarm.

A burglar won’t want to stay around when the vehicle in the garage or on the street is screaming bloody murder. This will alert neighbors that something is wrong, or at the very least, make your invader uncomfortable enough to ditch your home sooner than they’d planned. As an added bonus, you can use the remote for your garage at the same time and open the door; the sound will make the burglar think someone is entering the home and make it easier for neighbors to hear your car alarm should it be inside.

  1. Jimmy-Rig a Second Lock Into Your Glass Door

Glass doors are a favorite of burglars; they’re easy to break, simple to peer into a house through and most of all – almost no one locks them. Then it’s as simple as sliding it open and enjoying the fruits of no labor.

Even if you’re a savvy homeowner who locks every window and door a night, robbers have another way of using your glass door against you; with a screw driver and a little manpower. They can do this to take it completely off its tracks. To put a roadblock in their way, you can invest in something that will safeguard your door better than a lock – and for less than a dollar. Buy a dowel rod, place it on the tracks, and jam it between the door and the wall. This physically prevents the door from moving, so no amount of creativity will get that door to open until the rod is moved.

By employing some creative methods for outsmarting burglars, you can keep yourself and your valuables safe. However, some things are tried and true; a good brick wall, a sturdy door, and a solid gate do wonders for keeping out crooks in addition to these tricks.

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