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Better Security in 2017 with Proper Gate Maintenance


A gate cannot protect anything if it’s not maintained properly. What‘s it there for if it’s easily breached because of malfunctions or gaps in protection? If a gate is easily climbed over, its code is compromised, or it just plain breaks down; in New York City, you might as well ring the dinner bell for criminals. Crooks will make a buffet line out of your prized possessions, or cause financial hardship for the homeowner, the business owner, and their employees as well, whose jobs and safety depend on appropriate security. If regularly scheduled maintenance visits are skirted, the risk of being a victim of crime increases. A security gate is much more than just a fence between you and the streets. It’s your last defense against the criminal elements that roam them every day and night. Make sure at the beginning of this New Year that you take every precaution necessary to have a successful, safe, and crime free year to come.

What maintenance do I need?

One of the big differences between the entry doors to an apartment, residential home, or business, and a security gate is that the door has walls and a roof to help close it off from intruders. A door normally just needs basic maintenance when it starts to show signs of needing some adjustments or a new lock. A fence is a stationary object that requires basic structural maintenance, but little else. A security gate is more complex in its design; therefore, it requires much more maintenance than a door or a fence. Gates are very diverse and so are the materials that they are made from.

Gates can be made out of almost anything the owner desires or can afford. They can be adapted to any security challenge or consumer need. The major difference between a large security gate and an entry door is the common absence of a standard door lock with a gate. This is why in order to depend on your security gate, motorized or otherwise, you must depend on a reliable and professional gate maintenance company, not a locksmith.

If not, you could find yourself with what criminals love to see – A gate that is stuck open and out of order, just waiting to be taken advantage of.

Getting a security assessment

Make sure that your gate is the proper height for the amount of security that you need. Obviously, the higher the threat level the higher the gate should be. If you’re an apartment or a business, you are most likely going to want your residents/customers to be able to see the apt/business. For businesses a tall entry gate can be used with a typical gate lock, opened during business hours and locked when the business closes, just like a slide down or sideways security gate. For apartments, key codes or combo locks are more secure. For a business owner or an apartment building owner, though, not being able to get into that gate, or more importantly, if your customers or tenants are not able to get through; it’s guaranteed to be much costlier than responsibly setting aside a regular budget for industry standard scheduled gate maintenance and repair. This is where Brooklyn’s New York Gate Company can help save money.

A homeowner or an apartment building owner will most likely not want perfect strangers and potential thieves to be able to see valuable items stored on their property. IE: cars, recreation equipment, etc. This is where a solid non-see-through material should be used. The gate should also be built tall enough in height to successfully block people from being able to see over it.

These larger gates are usually motorized and remote controlled, and do require much more intensified scheduled maintenance than smaller un-motorized security gates do. Motorized gates are also very inconvenient to contend with when they break down. This is where preventive maintenance is the key to enjoying smooth-working worry-free experiences with your larger motorized security gates, which people depend upon on a daily basis.

Make the proper choices when choosing a gate, or deciding to upgrade on an old one:

Key Control – Decide what type of lock best suits you. Keyed access is best for small gates, remotes for larger motorized gates, key cards or combination locks for quick access or common entry gates.

Gate control – A door knob on a small gate can risk being breached if someone can reach behind, though, or over a gate to turn and open it. That’s why door-knobbed gates need to be well sealed and screened off to prevent this.

View Control – As stated above, make sure to gauge how much open gap space is going to be exposed. Do you want your business or property to be seen – If so, then how much?

Beefing up security this year

Additional security can always be added to any gate. If there has been an ongoing problem of people climbing over a gate, then, resorting to barbed wire is always an option in some cases. Mostly commercial warehouses or business storage and parking lots use barbed wire. And also in some residential instances in high crime zones. With an apartment complex, this is usually an unpopular choice due to its lack of positive ambiance. One thing barbed wire can do, however, is significantly detour criminals from trying to climb over it. Unfortunately, a pair of good wire cutters and thick gloves is all one needs to climb, and then enter if they are determined enough.

The type of material a gate is made from is paramount to whether it’s going to be easily climbed or not. Being smooth, solid, and tall is going to be the best climbing deterrent. Make sure that the gate is sturdy enough to prevent being pushed or kicked into opening or coming off of its tracks. With high use commercial gates with card or combination entry, also make sure to change the key code annually in order to prevent unauthorized entry from lost key cards, or employee and client access code “loose lips.” High use commercial gates are the most vulnerable to being breached or breaking down, thus require the most scrutiny and security assessments, plus ongoing standard maintenance and repair.


Security is an ongoing task that requires diligence and commitment in order to ensure. The New York Gate Company is unique in the industry by providing its clients with innovative tailored security solutions, big or small, which matches every customer’s individual needs. You can call NYG for a security evaluation today at (718)614-0616, or you can Contact Them Online.  Your security should be a top concern in NYC. Make sure that you hire a local professional gate maintenance company that you can trust and also has 24/7 emergency repair service like the New York Gate Company. A life or a livelihood could depend on it in 2017.










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