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Top 10 Brunch Spots in Brooklyn Right Now

There are several reasons why anyone would love brunching. For one, it’s exciting to know that it comes later after breakfast and sooner than lunch. This means that daytime social dining is very much acceptable. Two, the foods are just amazing. And if you are in Brooklyn, then you are likely to like it more there as things are done the Brooklyn way. Basically, taste, style, and originality are what you get from the local brunch spots. The brunch will tempt you to always come back to the joint. Here are 10 spots with irresistible brunches in Brooklyn:

  1. Sweet Chick

Some argue that it’s the catchy name that makes Sweet Chick a local sensation. So, they associate it with finger-biting chicken specialties. Others argue that it’s because the menu is budget-friendly. There are a few who think that it’s their social media presence that makes the spot a household name. The reason notwithstanding, Sweet Chick is undisputedly the best spot for chicken lovers. Their options can’t be matched by any other brunch spot in Brooklyn. In addition to chicken, they also serve some amazing waffles that you can enjoy.

  1. Roberta’s

Roberta’s is a low-key brunching spot that suits anyone who wants to escape the bustles of the city to have an isolated moment. It’s popularly known for delightful pizzas. The pizzas rarely disappoint in terms of taste, portion, and style. Other popular items for brunch on the menu are cornmeal pancakes and frozen cocktails. The staff is cool and you can always ask them about the day’s special.

  1. Pies ‘n’ Thighs

In the recent past, Pies ‘n’ Thigh has collected a number of awards because of their amazing brunches. The most notable accolades are ‘the Best Biscuits in NY’, ‘the Best Donuts in NY’, and ‘the Best Fried Chicken in NY’. So, it’s a brunch spot that’s highly reputable. Other than crunchy biscuits, soft donuts, and fried chicken, the menu here also features hormone-free pork specialties. There are also amazing cocktails to go with the dishes. If you are planning to take your kids out in Brooklyn, you should visit the spot. Your kids will love it.

  1. Buttermilk Channel

From the name, you should expect some butter on your plate. The Carrol Gardens-based brunch spot is one of the busiest in Brooklyn right now. The attractions are not just the brunch but the setting too. The tables and seats are arranged in a family style to give you a home feel. Looking at the menu, it’s highlighted by comfort foods such as pecan, Bloody Mary, and hip hash. Buttermilk Channel is one of those places where nothing else matters when your favorite food is on the table. The staff is very accommodating and always ready to serve you.

  1. Rose Water

If it’s your first time, you may get disappointed by the long queue that you find at Rose Water. But, wait till your order is availed to you and you take the first bite. The next time you come to the spot, you won’t mind how long the line is as what you’ll be thinking about is the brunch. Their menu is a charmer one and is highlighted by French toast with fruit toppings, roasted hazelnuts, and raisin chutney. The ambiance in Rose Water is just accommodating. They have a spacious sun-soaked space for hanging out once you make your order.

  1. Egg

It’s easier to understand why this brunch spot is simply called ‘Egg’. Most of their classic have eggs as their primary ingredient. So, the joint is always true to its name. You’ll find a long queue during brunch hours. Most people will be waiting to order Eggs Rothko and cheddar omelet. The spot is also known for lovely pancakes and cheese sandwiches. Their style is laid back and so you should expect some old classics. It’s the kind of joint that always remind you about the old Brooklyn.

  1. Farm on Adderley

So many people assume that Farm on Adderley is an actual farm whenever they hear the name. Well, the only relationship that this brunch spot has with the farm is its ingredients. Most of them are collected from the local farms. They are a bigger supporter of the local farmers. So, you are guaranteed the best local foods which range from smoked pollock cake to corned beef. The setting is family-friendly to allow you to tag your kids along when you go brunching. If you are a fan of organically-prepared meals, then this brunch spot is a must-visit.

  1. River Café

If you are looking to view Manhattan up-close. You should do it from the River Café. The setting is just incredible. You have to prepare to part with $65 (as prix-fixe). Well, looking at how prompt the service team is and the view that you enjoy, its worth it. Furthermore, their major highlight is the food. From pastry-wrapped mushrooms to bordelaise sauce, you get everything American here. The classics are just mouthwatering. For exclusive service, it’s advisable to make a reservation indicating how may you are.

  1. Five Leaves

The porthole and vintage wood style of this brunch spot give it a generalized nautical feel. So, you’ll always feel like you are in a historic spot when you visit the spot. They are popular for their sweet oysters and they also serve them during brunch hours. So, you don’t have to wait till dinnertime before you can have your favorite seafood. The rest of their menu is occupied by classics like smoked trout, ricotta pancakes, and avocado toast. The table arrangement is casually elegant and so you are guaranteed coziness and class when you visit the spot.

  1. Milk and Honey Café

Lastly, you can grab a quick brunch from this rustic spot. They get a lot of points for their name. When anyone reads ‘milk and honey’, all they can think about is finger-licking brunches. Well, the spot lives up to its name. The restaurant is quite popular on Instagram because of its amazing American classic dishes that are accompanied by specialty coffee or green tea. The locals like it here mainly because they generously offer larger portions. So, you are likely to get full fast on a budget.

Closing Thought:

It’s generally amazing to have a brunch at any given day. With Brooklyn having so many wonderful brunch spots, it’s tempting to have the mouthwatering classics daily. The brunch spots never disappoint and thus your taste buds are guaranteed maximum excitement as you savor the local delights.

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