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Choosing the Best Security Gate for Your Needs

A security gate is the obvious main vital entry point for cars and pedestrians to be able to enter and depart your business or residence – This is why finding the security gate that best fits your overall needs is very important.  What is the difference between commercial and residential security gate requirements?  The difference is that commercial gates receive a much greater amount of traffic than a personal residence, thus, needs to be durable, fast, and easy for people to operate.  One thing that both commercial properties and home residences have in common is an ongoing need for proper security, especially in a big city like New York.  Assessing the security risk of both the property and the surrounding area is a first start in the decision process of choosing the right security gate.  Once you know your risk factors you can choose the gate model that will fit all of your criteria points.

Security Gate Types and Materials

The two main types of security gates on the marketplace are slide gates and swing gates. Both types have their own plusses and minuses.  Sloped driveways don’t work well with swing gates; they need a flat ground surface with a lot of room in order to function properly. Swing gates should also normally swing inwards for safety purposes.

Slide gates are more accommodating to properties that are short on extra space. When considering a motorized or automatic gate, slide gates are much more practical than swing gates. Just like swing gates, slide gates also come in a one-piece gate or a bi-parting two piece gate. Now that you have your gate type in mind, it’s time to compare gate material choices.

Gate Materials

Security gate materials come in three main options:

Aluminum – This material is light-weight and popular with businesses, due to its lower maintenance and upkeep costs. Aluminum is rust resistant and because of its light-weight attributes, it’s easier on machinery and hardware components.

Wrought Iron – This material is more commonly used at personal residences and apartment complexes. It has a classic look that goes well with most any building décor. Wrought Iron’s downfall is that it rusts, and it’s normally very heavy which makes it slower to operate.

Wood – This material is warm, homey, and not surprisingly, very popular with homeowners. Wood is a cheaper option, depending on what type of wood is used, but, it’s also susceptible to rot, weather, and can also be very heavy as well.

Access Control

Security access control is one aspect where commercial and residential gates usually differ. Commercial facilities have a much larger access volume and a higher security risk level than the average residential household. This is why access in a commercial setting needs to be fast, efficient, and secure. Key cards, keypads, and remote controls help to facilitate quick access.

For residential houses that have unusually high access needs, onsite key-pads and “Smart house” applications which use cell-phones for security access control are very popular options as well, IE: Friends and family that use the house while the owners are away, regularly scheduled cleaners, maintenance workers, and landscapers, etc.

Residential homes that don’t have an unusual amount of traffic are normally just fine with a non-motorized gate, utilizing either swing or slide gates. The plus side of a non-motorized gate is the lower maintenance costs involved in basic upkeep. The minus side is having to open and close the gate yourself by hand in all sorts of weather conditions – which is not always, fun!

Important aspects to remember when choosing a security gate for either your business or your personal residence:

  1. Check the available space you will need to properly accommodate the appropriate gate style, be it swing or slide.
  2. Account for the amount of traffic that’s going to be involved when planning the specifics of your security gate.
  3. Decide on the best access control options for your property’s needs and make certain that your access choice is compatible with the gate model that you want.

A security gate isn’t just a protective barrier for your home or business – It’s a statement.  It’s a statement to criminals to move on and try somewhere else less secure than your property. It’s a fashion statement that goes along with your building’s atmosphere. It’s also a statement of safety and security to potential renters or business clients. And of course, to the home owner, it’s also a loving symbol of the commitment to the safety and security of one’s family.  Once you decide on the perfect security gate that accommodates all of your needs, it’s time to start vetting the right contractor to install your gate.  Make sure to get bids from local sources so that their references can be easily checked out. Ask about installation guarantees, and always check to make sure that the business is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. You will then have everything you need to successfully proceed with your security gate purchase and installation.

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