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Creating Open-Space Using Overhead Bifolding Doors

Providing popular open-space to a business or residence using automated overhead bifolding doors is continuing to be an ongoing modern trend that’s benefiting all sorts of New York City businesses like restaurants, bars, and hotels. They’re enhancing balconies, gardens, pools, plus just about any other building space that can use on-demand fresh air and beautiful outdoor views in which to cool and delight its patrons with. Restaurants also use overhead bifolding doors to quickly open up closed-in dining room sections when service areas get busy, allowing customers to see a full open view of the establishment and provide its owners with an easy way to control seasonal HVAC ventilation in a large area. Bars are able to open up whole walls on hot summer days and nights and easily close them back up again when the weather turns. Office buildings offer open-space break areas that are adjusted for weather – Offering employees a breath of fresh air and sunshine without them having to use up precious break time by having to leave the building. Below is some helpful information about utilizing overhead bifolding doors for your New York City business or residence.

What is the main difference between standard hydraulic doors and commercial overhead
bi-folding doors?

Hydraulic doors open upwards as one single piece and store inside of the building in its overhead ceiling area. Overhead bifolding doors fold inward and they store overhead just like hydraulic door do, but, overhead bifolding doors are normally stored as an outside overhang – saving overhead room inside by not taking up the inside overhead ceiling space like a single piece hydraulic door does. This creates a much more elegant and streamlined overhead look inside the business than a standard one-piece overhead hydraulic door can possibly provide.

New Technologies

Thanks to some big advances in both small and extremely large overhead bifolding doors, professional installers can accommodate just about any property or business owner’s specifications. Turning old buildings into contemporary hotspots and also enhancing modern style buildings with a new look as well.

Advances in hinge and pivot technology is utilized in the construction of modern overhead bifolding doors which allows a building to actually open and close huge sections of indoor arenas’ to the outdoors, creating an excitingly spectacular and memorable ambiance in which to help draw in New York City’s masses.

Commercial and Residential Uses

Overhead bifolding doors are beneficial for both commercial and residential buildings by adding a valuable and long-lasting investment to a property that never goes out of style. Reputable and experienced contractors can easily install overhead bifolding doors to the smallest indoor wall divisions, to medium-sized retail or food booths, or also on outside walls to balconies and terraces, and even opening and closing entire building sides. The uses for overhead bifolding doors are only as limited as one’s imagination.

Residential homes are encouraged to use stainless steel frames and glass panels as a bifolding door material. Generally, when this material is used in a residential setting the floor guide channels of residential door models can be well hidden while still keeping dirt and debris outside where they belong, along with the elements.  Top-of-the-line insulating technologies along with the rust-resistant abilities of stainless steel provide affordable, long-lasting, quality strength with a stunning modern contemporary look which is sure to impress any guest or client. That’s a win, win, situation by any definition!

Overhead commercial bifolding doors that use cables as an opening and closing system tend to require frequent ongoing maintenance and can also be hard to adjust. Cable-lift systems are susceptible to fraying and are notoriously very slow opening and can also be very noisy as well. This is why we recommend models that use lift-straps for larger sized overhead bifolding doors.

Lift-straps are flat, incredibly sturdy straps that provide an opening and closing system that’s safe, smooth, and that quietly wraps itself up or unrolls itself on a spool, eliminating most all of the inherent flaws of using old-style cable for lift.  Lift-straps are also designed to handle thousands of pounds of pressure without breaking its strands. Another great benefit of lift-strap models is that they have a much longer life-span than most cable-lift models.

New York Gates has been around New York City for more than a decade and has been perfecting their overhead bifolding door technology. They have created overhead bifolding doors with less moving parts and have been successful in cutting down on costly breakdowns and the need for inconvenient reoccurring preemptive repairs.

NYGs overhead bifolding doors provide both the maximum amount of security possible while also providing a smooth running and reliably efficient product. New York Gates overhead bifolding door designs allow for easy electronic opening and closing options of both lift-straps and hydraulics, depending on the project or property’s needs.

New York Gates is the leading garage door and security gate professionals in the industry. They are stationed in Brooklyn, New York, and they provide the five boroughs with the absolute safest, fastest, and most convenient bifolding door models on the marketplace. Call New York Gates today at (718) 614 – 0616 or email them at with your project specifics and they’ll swiftly contact you back in order to answer all of your questions.

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