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How to Cut Overhead Costs with Security Gates

A successful business answers the requirements of product differentiation, wide customer reach, pricing, distribution and customer support and satisfaction. However, a business owner must also keep his business secure both in the physical and financial sense. It is in this consideration that security gates play a very big role in the protection of your business.

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The Security Gate

Security gates offer effective access control for businesses. They serve as physical barriers for people who do not have proper security credentials to enter the business premises. Thus, they ensure not only security but the safety of property and personnel within designated areas. Security gates are used in a variety of environments – factories, workshops, warehouses, supermarkets and even small retail stores.

Security gates come in many forms: sliding gates, swinging gates, lift gates, grills, shutters and folding curtains. There are also portable gates that can be installed and removed as the need arises. Security gates are made of different materials. The most cost-effective are aluminum type gates and the most expensive are those made of hard wood, which some say is the best material for gates. There are also wrought iron gates which are relatively cheaper, plastic-coated gates that are quickly gaining popularity and steel gates, which are considered the strongest line of gates for security purposes.

Because of the added benefits they bring in safeguarding properties, security gates are now widely used not only in business establishments but in residential units as well.

A Cost-effective Way to Protect Your Business

The initial expenses of having security gates installed for your business unit might be a bit high, especially if you opt for the electric steel type. However, you will see that the following benefits that you will get from having them in place outweigh the costs in the long run.

  1. Theft and intrusion prevention. Most businesses install security alarm systems in order to alert the authorities about break-ins and office intrusion. There are alarm systems, entry and motion sensors, heat and fire detectors and surveillance cameras that can be found in many offices and establishments. These systems prove to be effective in catching intruders while they are inside the premises all right, but none of them, in all their sophistication, could prevent burglars from trying to break in. A strong security gate, on the other hand, can deter intruders from their intentions of breaking-in. Thus, damage to structures and property (which can cause a fortune to repair) can be prevented.
  1. Maintenance and upkeep. Steel security gates, though very expensive, require little to no maintenance. Unlike wooden, iron or plastic gates that are prone to corrosion and breakage, security gates made of galvanized steel can stand the test of time and do not need regular maintenance and replacement, which can put a big dent in company expenses over time.

Security gates do not just safeguard business property; there are also folding and rolling doors and shutters that are used for many industrial applications in warehouses and factories. These high-speed doors are glazed and fully insulated, designed to maintain internal temperatures, therefore reducing heating costs.

  1. Most security gates are now automated, and it is not uncommon for security gate manufacturers to offer features like powerful locks, codes for opening and closing (which can also be difficult for intruders to bypass) and remote controls which are sometimes as portable as car keys. There is nothing as convenient as closing shop by just pressing a button. Shopkeepers and store personnel can also open and close shop with remote controls and codes even when adverse weather or lighting conditions do not permit going out.

Security gate manufacturers and providers also offer other features – video monitoring, voice recognition, two-way communication systems to name a few – that provide additional security.

  1. Status symbol. Security gates do not merely provide security and convenience. They also serve as a boost to the status of the company as one that upholds the highest security standards. Security gates, while preventing physical access while allowing visibility and airflow are also helpful for businesses and their operations. As such, security gates can also be considered as a business investment, an asset that can bring numerous benefits while reducing overhead.
  1. Aesthetic value. Gates are often the most visible part of an establishment, so highly-customized gates add a distinct appeal and look to the structure and design of a facility. There are many designs and business owners can choose from: plain gates that emphasize strict and rigid security, fancy gates that communicate a business’ thrust for intricate details, or an open kind of gates that allow for high visibility that denotes openness and transparency. Security gates can be used to communicate to customers and investors the kind of corporate persona a business stands for. The more certain a business is about it standing and its goals and aims, the more secured internal and external customers will be – the more productivity and profit it will inspire.
  1. More space. Security gates, especially electric sliding gate types do not take as much space as normal flip-open gates do. The space saved can be used for other important business needs – parking, ornamentation, or even storage purposes.

Safeguard your business with a series of strong and automated security gates highly customized for your industrial needs. There are many security system manufacturers and providers that will give you a high value for your money, ensuring that you will never have to lose sleep over your company’s property and personnel safety while saving you overhead costs in the long run.

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