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Find the Right Garage Door that Matches your Residence

Find the Right Garage Door that Matches your Residence

Deciding on a new garage door for your New York City home? Use these professional tips in order to help narrow down your best choices.  

Knowing the basics first before you buy is paramount to finding the right garage door for your residential property. Garage door purchases are a very important investment towards the long-term financial planning of your home. Functionality, convenience, security, and of course compatibility with the overall theme of the house all play major roles in the decision-making process.  Another crucial part of the process includes choosing the materials that are going to be used, the color options, and many other design choices. Wood, steel, and lightweight aluminum frames with glass panels are all still very popular models that cover most everyone’s tastes. Wood veneer has taken the place of solid wood garage doors and is much cheaper in price. It’s also lighter weight than solid wood and veneer quality has improved drastically over the years. Local weather conditions need to always be considered for wood as it’s susceptible to swelling and rot, especially in locations where it’s very humid. Steel is less expensive than wood and offers many different finishes, patterns, and engravings in which to choose from, plus it’s very corrosion resistant.

More Helpful Material Choice Tips:

  • Wood: This material is very labor intensive and requires regularly scheduled maintenance visits in order to preemptively assess potential problems and also make any needed repairs.
  • Steel: Strong and relatively inexpensive and rust resistant, this material is suitable for all climates. Many “faux” patterns are available in steel and also comes in very realistic looking wood themes as well.
  • Aluminum: This material is still the ultimate lightweight material to use. It has all of the advantages of steel, (rust resistant and economical), without all of the slow heaviness of a steel garage door.
  • Fiberglass: This material is the best choice for very wet and tropical environments due to its excellent corrosion and weather resistant capabilities.

Choosing Insulation R-Values

An R-value is an established industry standard of measurement that rates a garage door’s insulating capabilities. This rating is usually listed along with the door’s dimensions. Example: 16’ x 7’ R-value 6.5. The higher the R-value is, the better the garage door’s insulating capabilities are going to be.

Garage Door Recommendations for Popular House Styles

Modern contemporary houses benefit better by using steel paneled or metal framed glass-paneled garage doors that match the modern theme of the house. Frosted, colored and pebbled glass pane choices are available to help streamline the special look that’s wanted for the residence.

Ranch Style houses need simple garage door finishes in order to compliment the welcome country feeling of the house, not conflict with it. Simple hardware and standard ranch style garage door windows are also recommended in order to properly blend in with the rustic house theme. Sticking to these rules will help to blend in the new garage door with the overall exterior of the ranch style home.

Victorian, Georgian, and Colonial houses really need to stick to wood style garage doors in order to keep that classic and timeless look that’s popular with these types of homes. Appropriately themed hardware for your garage door that best matches the look of the house is also recommended in order to uphold the home’s unique beauty.

Making the Best Garage Door Choice

One Important thing to know before deciding to purchase a garage door is how much usage the door is going to get on a daily basis. Garage doors need to be serviced and replaced after so many measured cycles of use. The higher the garage door use, the higher the garage door rating should be. Garage doors that are rarely used have a much longer lifespan and need less servicing than garage doors with constant active daily use. Know the best price available by shopping around first. Check for garage door models both online and also in person at a local garage door business.

Carefully consider your garage door opening system options in order to decide whether you will require an automatic opening system or if you will just need a manually opened garage door. It makes a big difference in cost. Automatic garage doors cost more, but, they’re much more convenient and safer to use in cold or rainy climates and also in high crime areas.

When you finally decide on the right garage door model for your property, you will then have to decide on a reliable contractor in which to use to install your garage door. Choosing the right contractor is as important as choosing the right garage door, maybe even more so. Make sure to use the best trained certified professionals with the best-detailed bids and clear jargon that you can understand. Vetting a local contractor in person is the best way to get the  full picture of how professional that business is and also to be able to view the business’s appropriate licensing, insurance, and bonding credentials.  Another important, but often forgotten issue that needs to be nailed down with a garage door installer is a guaranteed finish date for the project. Garage doors should also never be serviced or installed by novices. The safety issues involved are just too great to risk; so never try to install a garage door yourself or make the mistake of using door to door or unasked for phone solicitors in which to entrust your important long-term home investment with – Use local established reputable professionals with easily checkable references.

No matter what model of garage door you decide on choose the right installation company to do the work for you. New York Gates is New York City’s top professionals in the security gate and garage door industry. Call them today at (718) 614 – 0616.

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