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How Bi-fold Doors for Spring Bring in more Customers

Bi-Folding doors function just like their name sounds. Each side of the door folds in half, opening up a maximum amount of entryway possible. These types of doors are very popular commercially for retailers who have small or large entrances with high-yield consumer foot traffic. The doors typically use sensors for automatic opening and closing. They also use tracks that keep them firmly in line and safely secure. Bi-folds offer New York businesses an efficient, functional, and unobtrusive fast moving automated entryway, making them a great economical choice for many establishments. Bi-folding doors are also very pleasing to the eye. With the onset of spring, soon the sidewalks, markets, and waterfronts will be teaming with locals and visitors alike; all venturing out into the sun or enjoying the nightlife. Opening up enough room for customers to comfortably and efficiently enter and leave your establishment is going to increase your business’s clientele volume – And with it, your sales.

Standard Horizontal Bi-fold Doors

Businesses that need to conform to the American Disabilities Act (ADA) will find that Bi-fold automatic doors are both affordable and easy to install.  For places with restricted access areas that still need wide openings in which to wheel, for example, patients and medical equipment through, key code access Bi-folds are very convenient and secure ways to control those areas.

The benefits of using Bi-folding doors are numerous, besides the convenient entry access that they provide consumers, the doors also combine several different sliding door technologies in order to give maximum performance – Also fitting to almost any door width that’s needed.

Popular Bi-fold Door Applications

  • Office Buildings
  • Convalescent Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Retail Outlets
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels

Standard Bi-folding doors are the everyday workhorses of small and big businesses alike. Their job is making you hardly notice entering or leaving a store. You just remember what was offered and the service you received rather than how you had to fight your way in or out of a crowded doorway. This is one of the many reasons why Bi-fold doors can increase your business during the peak season – Due to quicker and easier consumer access.

Large Vertical Bi-fold Doors and Windows

One of the biggest things that people are craving after a long cold winter is some nice warm sunlight and some greatly needed fresh air. It’s our adventurous human nature that draws us all out-on-the-town to enjoy another season of warm summer fun. Light and air become even more important in crowded venues that are catering to New York City’s enthusiastically boisterous spring and summer crowds – Day and night.

Specialists in the industry, such as New York Gates, are experts at installing beautiful state-of-the-art large Bi-fold vertical doors and windows. Unlike a Roll-up door or shutter, vertical Bi-fold doors fold inward as they pivot upward on their hinges, storing itself overhead and out-of-the-way while in the open position.

This frees up valuable space below that businesses can utilize for things like customer seating in crowded bars or restaurants, and opening up scenic views and deck spaces. When the weather is good, Bi-folds are easily opened in order to enjoy the sun and fresh air, and when the weather turns suddenly bad they’re just as quickly and easily closed again.

These big vertical fold-up doors and windows are normally made of glass so that they’re see-through when not opened. They are customizable to most existing windows or horizontal folding door openings that are going to be replaced by vertical Bi-folds.

Vertical mechanized Bi-folding doors or windows are also easy for employees to operate as they safely fold-up or down at the flick of a switch. They turn a stuffy, dark, hot room into a well-lit, pleasant, airy and cool venue for New York patrons. Restaurants can add some stylish sophistication with open air Bi-folds; giving them a big summer advantage over competitors.

For large scale operations, specialists like New York Gates are practically unlimited in what they can do with modern automated Bi-folding doors. They can open up entire walls of buildings in order to let the shining outdoors in, view starlit nights, or highlight garden and pool areas. The spectacular business uses for these types of Bi-fold doors are practically only limited by one’s imagination and project funding.

As we have said above, the versatility and adaptability of Bi-fold doors make them a favorite for all kinds of businesses. They can fit large or small openings alike with fast and easy installation, making them also a favorite for older New York buildings. Bi-folds come in many different materials to choose from, matching most every business style, brand, and motif. For retail entryways, their standard glass and stainless steel looks are timelessly fashionable.

Bi-fold doors, be they horizontal or vertical, are made with high quality, low maintenance track systems that not only look great but also thoroughly seal out the weather with energy saving insulation; helping to keep your electric bills in control. With spring already here and summer right around the bend, now is the time to maximize your business’s volume abilities, plus open up your doors and windows to the open air and great views of New York City.

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