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How Much Do Carriage Garage Doors Cost?

How Much Do Carriage Garage Doors Cost?

Depending on location and material, a pair of carriage garage doors can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000.

Carriage garage doors are reminiscent of the old-style carriage buildings used to store horse-drawn carriages. These types of doors have been made for more than two hundred years and designs may have changed over that time, but their use and opening method has remained the same. Unlike a normal garage door that opens up and over, carriage garage doors open and close by swinging out and in of the door opening.

Carriage Garage Doors—What are they?

You may know them as barn style doors, but carriage garage doors have their design roots back as far as the 18th-century England, when horse drawn carriages were stored in buildings with doors that opened and closed like house doors. As time went by the horse-drawn carriage was replaced by the automobile, but the carriage doors remained popular.

Carriage Garage Doors costs.

Location plays a big part in the costs of garage doors. The style and design of the doors can also determine the price. Basic carriage doors cost less than high-end design doors and the materials used will also influence the costs. For example, carriage garage doors to fit an existing opening of 14ft. can cost from $1,300 to $1,900 for basic contractor grade doors. Superior grade doors of the same dimensions can range from $1,900 to $2,900, but are usually more durable, have extended warranties, and augmented appearances and finishes.

Carriage Garage Door Construction Materials.

Carriage garage doors, like home entry doors, can be manufactured using steel, wood, fiberglass, or vinyl. Because of the upmarket look it can provide, wood seems to be the most popular.

Steel carriage doors.

Superior quality steel carriage doors are generally constructed using two layers of galvanized steel, with the surface being painted with an enduring topcoat finish or possibly covered with some kind of composite layer. The one thing that goes against steel doors is the fact that they are easily dented and are prone to rust, especially if you live near the coast.

Wooden doors.

Rather than being made of solid wood, wooden carriage garage doors are constructed using layers, or plies, to stop the doors from warping. Types of wood used include cedar, fir, Luan, and redwood. Wooden doors may be either factory finished, using paint or stain, or finished on-site to your specifications. You can also get wood composite doors which have a wooden frame protected by sheets of fiberboard or high-density board and can have features that simulate real wood.

Vinyl/Fiberglass carriage doors.

Vinyl and fiberglass carriage doors have a similar appearance, but vinyl doors have fewer color choices. They are both constructed using a steel frame and are filled with polyurethane insulation. Vinyl doors are difficult to dent or break and need little maintenance apart from occasional cleaning. Fiberglass doors, on the other hand while being somewhat resistant to dents or cracks, can break if subjected to impact.

Glass Panels.

If you want to have the look of authentic carriage doors, then you can have glass panels incorporated into the top of the garage doors. Like the doors of the old carriage houses, the glass panels allow for extra light to filter into the garage.

What Types of Carriage Garage Doors Are Available?

Authentic Wooden Carriage Doors.

Authentic wooden carriage doors swing out making them different from the overhead doors you find on most garages. Carriage garage doors should not be mistaken for barn doors which are built with “board and batten” joinery. Carriage doors are made using “frame and panel” construction, with styles and rails all connected with mortice and tenon joints. Not only do they look good, but the construction lines aid in incorporating the garage with the rest of the property. One thing to remember is carriage doors require considerably more clearance. Parking too close to them may mean you can’t open them.

Modern Steel Up and Over Carriage Style Doors.

Giving you the best of both worlds, modern steel overhead carriage doors give the appearance of traditional swing carriage doors but have the convenience of a contemporary overhead door, complete with automatic garage door opener.

Insulated or Non-Insulated Carriage Doors.

Both insulated and non-insulated carriage garage doors have pros and cons.

Insulated doors.
• Home value increases.
• Energy cost savings.
• Quieter operation.
• More durable.
• Year-round stable garage temperature.

• More expensive to buy.
• If the garage door is in constant use or left open for extended periods of time, it can be ineffective.

Non-insulated doors.
• Less expensive.
• Suitable for mild climate areas.
• Ideal for detached garages.

• Energy inefficient.
• Noisy operation.
• Not durable.
• Flimsy looking.
• May make garage space unusable.

Custom Options.

If you are willing to pay the price, the sky is the limit when it comes to customizable options for your carriage garage doors.

You can choose to have the doors made from mixed wood species to give them a touch of class. If glass panels are on your wish list, then custom-shaped panels are available. You can have a transom above the main door to give the appearance that the door is larger than it is. The door panels are another custom choice. Choose from tongue and groove, flat, metal, or scallop panels to make your carriage doors stand out.

Wayne Dalton’s Designer Series.

With Wayne Dalton garage doors, you can add the timeless beauty of carriage garage doors to your home. Expertly manufactured, there are many designs available in a variety of materials. You can choose from 11 arched top garage doors and 11 square top doors. They also offer a wide selection of window options, with six styles of routed windows and six framed insert window styles. For a complete look at what Wayne Dalton Designer Series of Carriage garage doors can offer click here.

Safe-T-Beam System Explained.

Every automatic garage door should have a Safe-T-Beam system installed for safe operation of the garage door. The Safe-T-Beam units should be secured low on either side of the garage door opening. Using an infrared beam that spans the opening of the garage to communicate between the two sensors, if any object interrupts the beam, then the system will immediately reverse the closing door.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are carriage garage doors worth it?

Carriage garage doors aren’t the cheapest on the market, but they tend to be a worthwhile investment when compared to traditional garage doors. Here are some of the benefits of carriage doors.

• They are low maintenance. Carriage garage doors made with wood or steel are not only long-lasting, but they are resilient to changing weather conditions.
• Curb appeal has increased because of their up-market look.
• They add a significant layer of security to your property because carriage doors are generally made with several layers of material, some doors have a finished thickness of two inches.

Why are carriage doors so expensive?

Carriage garage doors tend to be more expensive because they are generally heavier than traditional garage doors, manufactured using better quality materials and finishes, and because of the extra weight they may be more costly to ship and install than the average garage door. Carriage doors have a wide range of hardware and accessories available. Handles, hinges, and some decorative hardware can be added to enhance the appearance of the doors.

How much should you spend on a garage door?

There is no quick answer to this question because everyone’s taste and budget is not the same, and given the fact that location, door material, and installation costs vary so much there is no standard price for a garage door. According to “This Old House”, carriage garage doors, being one of the oldest designs, and usually made from wood, have an average cost is $5,500. Additionally, costs of labor, electrical work—if you are installing an automatic door, insulation, accessories, windows, etc., all influence the final price.

Are carriage doors secure?

Carriage garage doors are more durable and secure compared to standard garage doors. This is due mainly to the way they are constructed, a locking system designed to make them less susceptible to break-ins, and because they open out, they are problematic if someone tries to kick them in or pry them open. If you are going on vacation and want to secure your carriage doors, then steel chains and various other locking systems can be installed on the inside of the doors.

Are carriage garage doors automatic?

Traditional carriage garage doors use a manual system of pulleys and wires to open and close them. It is possible to have automatic garage door openers installed to complement your carriage garage doors, but it involves having two synchronized openers that open and close both doors simultaneously. Having such a convenience could cost you $2,000 or more depending on the size and weight of the doors, but it may be worth the investment on a rainy night.

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