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How Much Do Garage Doors Cost?

Whether you are planning to build a new garage or remodel an existing one, investing in a new garage door is worth considering. You should know, however, that buying a garage door is not an easy thing. It’s an essential feature that shouldn’t be overlooked. Not only does it secure your garage but it also improves the value of your property. So, it’s better to invest in an exclusive piece rather than just a standard garage door.

In the United States, the average cost for installing an exclusive garage door is $734-$1,461. This is according to an evaluation by Home Advisor, an expert home renovation site. However, Thumbtack, another home renovation site, states that the national average cost for a standard garage door is $370-$600. This clearly shows that some garage doors are more expensive to install than others. Let’s get into the details.

cost of garage doors

It Starts with the Cost of the Door

There are different garage door options in the market and they all come at different prices. Usually, the cost of buying a garage door depends on the following factors:

Door style – The most popular garage door style is the roll-up design. This design allows you to push your garage door up when you want to open it. The advantage is that it can also be remote-controlled. Additionally, the options are cheaper as their price starts from $600. Other popular styles, though costlier than roll-up, are swing-out, sectional, and swing-up.

Door type – Garage doors come mainly in two types; single-car and double-car options. Double-car doors are wider than single-car doors and this makes them the costlier option.

Door material – Most homeowners prefer aluminum and composite wood because they are reasonably affordable. You can get a two-car door for both materials starting from $1,200. The problem is that they are not as durable as steel. Steel garage doors cost $750-$3,500 and provide you with long-term service. They are, however, heavy. Other options include vinyl (starts from $900) and fiberglass (starts from $1,500).

Door size – The width of a standard single-car and double-car doors are 8-10 feet and 12-18 feet respectively. Usually, the wider the garage door, the higher the cost. You also have to factor the door’s height and density. Garage doors that are taller and thicket tend to be expensive because more material is used.

Door Finishing – Garage door suppliers usually sell their doors in standard colors. If you prefer a customized color or a premium upgrade, you may have to incur an additional cost.

Single Garage Door Cost

A single-car roller door can cost anywhere from $600-$1,350 and a single-car sectional, on the other hand, may cost $850-$1,900.

Double Garage Door Cost

A double-car roller door can cost anywhere from $1,350-$1,850 and a double sectional may cost anywhere from  $1,400-$4,600.

You’ve Got to Factor-in the Door Opener

If you are looking to automatically operate your garage door, you have to invest in a door opener. It’ll cost you at least $150. But if you are replacing your old garage door and it happens that its opener is not spoilt, you will not have to incur the extra cost. In case the opener is damaged but can be fixed, the repair may cost you $100 or more.

So, it’s better to buy a new opener than fixing an old one unless it was very expensive. Online, the commonest openers are the chain-driven type. They are the most affordable option but have the downside of being noisy. If you are looking for a quieter option, you should consider belt-driven openers. They are costly, however.

Installer’s Fee is Another Consideration

Some garage doors can be complicated to fit on your own. This is why it’s reasonable to hire an expert installer. They can do electric work and customization to ensure that the new garage door suits your preferences. Besides, several things need to be adjusted for a garage door opener to work properly. Heavy lifting is also needed.

On average, the installer’s fee is about $200. Of course, the more complicated the installation is, the costlier it becomes. The good news though is that there are a few designs in the market that are DIY. You just need to have the right tools at home and find someone who can help you lift and hold the door. This is advisable if you are handy.

Added Features Increase the Price

  • Door screen – If you want to keep mosquitoes and pests away from your garage door, you have to invest in a door screen. This may cost you at least $20 if you go for s standard option. If you want a motorized option, then you have to spare $500 or more. Motorized options suit automated garage doors.
  • Insulation – Insulation is important if you are looking to have a soundproof and weather-proof garage door. Some garage doors come already insulated while others require you to do the insulation during the installation. For example, a single-car insulated door may cost $700 on average while a non-insulated option may cost $500 on average. If you opt to do the installation yourself, you may spend more than $200. So, it’s better to go for an already insulated.
  • Pinch-resistance – You may have to invest in a safer closing framework if there’s the risk of the garage door pinching your fingers when it closes. This will cost you extra money.
  • Tamper-resistance – The bottom brackets needs to be secure not to be tampered with easily. This also cost extra money.
  • Exterior lighting – This should be considered if the outside of your garage is darker, especially during the day. You may have to fix an exterior bulb on the outside of your garage door. You can also consider fitting windows on the garage door to provide more natural lighting during the day.

Customization is Never Cheap

If you are going for a standard garage door, you may not get the design specifications that suit your garage. This means having to compromise on door color, material choice, and panel type. For these factors to be implemented the way you like it, you need to have your garage door custom-made. The reality is that it’s not going to be cheap. You may have to pay double what you would have paid for a standard garage door.

Closing Thought:

A new garage door is generally a valuable investment. In addition to securing your garage, it adds value and style to your property. So, your resale value increases upon the installation of a new garage door. While cost is a critical factor, you also have to consider functionality and return on investment. The price should match these two factors.

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