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How Much Do Security Gates Cost?

A security gate is the first thing that guests see when they visit a premise. So, it can either inspire or dispirit them. For you to enjoy the former, you have to pick your gate wisely. Not only should you consider its aesthetic, but also its strength and performance. So many people would love to invest in a security gate but are afraid of the price. They feel that security gates are generally costly and thus unaffordable. While most security gates are expensive to install, it’s unfair to generalize. We are going to look at the cost determinants and various options you can consider.

Critical Factors that Affect the Cost of Installing Security Gates

Before we can get to the various estimates for different security gates, it’s important to note that there’s nothing like a fixed price for a security gate. Several factors have to be considered before the final price can be decided. They include:

  • Gate type – Generally, there are two broad categories of security gates; manual and automated. Manual gates need the physical presence of someone to operate. Most of them are operated by a key. They are usually a cheaper option to install but also the most labor-intensive. Automatic gates, on the other hand, are costlier but cheap to operate. You don’t need the physical presence of someone as the gates are operated using innovative means like voice recognition, face detection, card reader, and remote control.
  • Gate material – The most popular materials for security gates are steel, aluminum, wood, and vinyl. Steel is considered because it’s strong and durable while aluminum is considered because it’s lightweight and corrosion-resistant. Unfortunately, these two options are costly if compared to either wood or vinyl. But still, a few timber gates are as expensive as steel gates. So, you should be wary of this possibility.
  • Gate size – You don’t expect to spend the same amount of money on all gate sizes. The bigger the gate, the costlier the installation. Smaller gates don’t require so many materials and do not involve a lot of work during installation. As a result, they are cheap to install. Bigger gates, conversely, require more materials and so much work is invested to install them. For this reason, they are costly to install.

Normally, gates are designed based on the width of your space. The standard smallest versions are mostly 10’ while the largest standard versions are mostly 16’. The smallest gate may cost you $700 going upwards and the wider options may cost you $1,200 or more. Of course, factors like material used, automation, and style have a role to play.

  • Permits – If you are installing a security gate on a driveway, you may be required to procure a permit from the local authority in some places. So, it’s important to confirm this. The price may be as high as $150. It’s a cost that you have to budget for before the gate is installed on your driveway.
  • Transport – The transport cost depends on the size of the gate and the distance between your property and the gate supplier. The advantage, nonetheless, is that most get suppliers offer free shipping. So, you may end up paying nothing.
  • Labor – This is another cost that may make you dig dipper into your pocket. If you are not handy and have never installed a gate before, it’s advisable to hire an expert gate installer. Depending on how intensive the installation is, you may spend $500 going upwards on a single installation.
  • Enhancements – Here, we look at factors like painting, motion detectors, security cameras, and other extras that you may want on your gate. The costs vary depending on what you opt for. Painting, for instance, may cost you an additional 10% over the total gate cost while a security camera may cost you $250 or more.

Cost Estimates

To help you have an overview of how much you may spend on a given gate, we are going to look at the costs of different types of security gates:

Manual vs. Automatic

As already mentioned, manual gates are cheaper to install than automatic gates. You may spend as little as $150 on a small manual gate or $500 on a bigger option. This is cheaper considering that automatic gates cost $3,000 going upwards.

Custom-made vs. Prefabricated

A security gate can be custom-made for you to suit your security needs and preferences. If you have no special preferences, then you can go for a prefabricated (ready-made) option. Prefabricated options are normally referred to as standards gates and they are the cheaper option. While it cost less than $750 to install a prefabricated gate, it cost much more to install a custom-made option.

Solar-Powered vs. Electric-Powered

Automatic gates can be powered with electricity or solar energy. Solar-powered gates are a great option for someone who’s looking to save on energy cost. They are also cheaper to install ($1,000-$2,000), but are only suited for small spaces. The advantage of electric-powered gates is that they can work with both small and bigger spaces. The downside is that they are expensive to operate and install. It may cost you $3,000 or more to install a single electric-powered gate.

Swing vs. Slide

Most security gates open and close either by swinging or sliding to the side. Swinging gates are the cheaper option ($800-$1600) but require more space. Slide gates are the most economical if you consider space utilization. They are, however, costly ($2,000-$4,000) to install.

Steel vs. Aluminum

When looking for a long-lasting security gate, these two materials top the list. Steel is considered because it’s the strongest and most durable. This makes it the most expensive ($800-$2,250). Aluminum gates, on the other hand, are considered because they are lightweight and cheaper than steel ($800-$2,250). They are, however, not as strong as steel gates.

Wood vs. Vinyl

For someone on a budget, these two options are the most considered. The cheaper of the two, however, is vinyl. You may spend as little as $150 on a single gate. The downside is that the material is prone to wrapping. So, you may not get the most out of the gate. Wood gates are averagely costly. You may spend as low as $400 or as high as $4,000. It depends on factors like style, automation, size, and enhancements.

Closing Thought:

A security gate is a fundamental safety measure for any property. So, it’s an investment that you need to consider carefully. Knowing that the installation costs depend on several factors, what matters is having your security needs met by the gate that you choose. Contact New York Gates today for help choosing the perfect security gates for your needs!

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