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How Much Would It Cost To Install Storefront Security Gates

Protecting your store and the valuables you have in it is something every owner will have to do. In busy cities such as New York, you must have a storefront gate to keep your business and the contents safe from thieves and vandals. It is also imperative that you have a gate that operates smoothly and effectively. 

Most onlookers would think that every security gate is the same but if you talk to professionals and even long-time business owners they can let you in on the secret that they are not. Security gates have to comply with operational safety standards. Old and faulty gates can cause injuries to employees and staff.

Even new and improved safety gates need routine maintenance about once a year. It is also a great idea to have them greased about every four months to keep them operating smoothly. Neglecting a security gate in the front of your business can cost you more in maintenance and repairs and even replacements down the road.

Cost of Security Gates

When looking at security gates for your business there is no one price that fits all methods. Gates come in different sizes as well as different materials. Several factors can determine the cost of your security gate. Some factors to consider will include:

  • Size- storefront can range in size and so will the size of your gate. Whether you are wanting 20 feet or 100 feet the price will depend on how many gates you need to protect your storefront.
  • Location- Where you are located can also determine how much you will spend on storefront gates. If you are located near a warehouse your freight charges may be cheaper than if you live hundreds of miles away.
  • Labor- The price of your gate and labor will again depend on how large your gate is and how many people it takes to put the gate up.
  • Type- different types and designs of gates will have a huge impact on the price of your gate. Do you want one that is manual open or do you want one that is electric and can open itself? 

These factors as well as others have an impact on the exact price of a security gate for your storefront. If you are thinking about installing one it is best to contact your local gate company and ask them about quotes as well as what options are best for your area.

Types Of Gates

There are several types of gates that most companies offer to keep your storefront safe from looters and thieves while your business is closed. 

  • Hybrid Storefront Gates – These are designed with a continuous frame and bars that run vertical and have a traditional scissor-style webbing. They provide total coverage and offer great support. Each gate is custom built to fit the size you need and the finish of your choice.
  • Top Track/Scissor/Lazy Tong Security Gate- top Track gates are designed to hang much like a curtain across the front of your store. They are also designed to not come off their track. These are recommended for storefronts with an opening over 20 feet wide. These can also be used to secure areas of well over hundreds of feet.
  • Bottom Guide/ Window Security- these gates are designed to provide security inside the storefront windows. They have a continuous frame for strength and stability. These security gates also use a bottom track design and can be made to be almost virtually invisible when they are not in use.

StoreFront Gate Comparison

When you are looking at gates to protect your storefront you want something that you can afford and something that can keep your store safe. These gates are listed in order of the cheapest and least security to the highest dollar amount and the most security you can get for your storefront. You should determine what level of security you need when you decide what type of gate you want to use.

  • Standard Pair or Standard Single
  • Heavy Duty with H-Bracket
  • Heavy Duty with Top Track or Bottom Guide
  • Heavy Duty with Top Track and Bottom Guide
  • Hybrid Extra Heavy Duty

You should talk to a licensed and professional gate installer about your choices and what you think is the best option for your storefront. They can give you educated advice on what can work for you and what would be a waste of money for you.

Benefits Of Security Gates

Most stores you see in big cities have gates to protect their stores. You may still be on the fence about if it is the way you want to go to protect your store. While it is a big investment we think it is one you should take. Some benefits to having security gates installed include:

  • Physical Protection- A security gate provides physical protection that can be a visible deterrent from a criminal who is casing out your store. They know the property has security measures in place and it will not be easy to break into. In most cases, criminals will move on to a store that is an easier target.
  • Added Protection- Most stores have an alarm system in case they are broken into. These alarm systems can be easily disabled by criminals or can send out false alarms when you need them. A security gate is just added protection.
  • Deter “Smash and Grab”- These types of robberies are often spur of the moment and never planned by criminals. An alarm system doesn’t normally stop a criminal because it is a fast robbery where they smash a window, grab some merchandise and run quickly. With a security gate in place, a thief will be unable to smash a window and simply grab products off your shelves.
  • Insurance- One last positive thing about security gates for your storefront is they can make your insurance premiums decrease. Insurance companies know that gates can deter thieves and crime in your area and by installing one they can discount your rates.

If you are thinking about installing a security gate on your storefront call a professional you can trust. 

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