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How Often Should Garage Doors Be Serviced

How Often Should Garage Doors Be Serviced

Garage doors should generally be serviced at least once a year, but factors like weather, condition, wear and age can affect garage door maintenance schedules. Some garage doors may require service more often if they are older or have excessive wear and tear.

Frequency of Routine Maintenance for Your Garage Doors

Garage doors, whether manual or automatic, require routine maintenance just like any other system in and around your home. Most garage doors use springs, rollers, pulleys and other components that can all wear out or become damaged over time. Electric garage doors are attached to motors that can also experience wear and failure. Because of all of these moving parts, having your garage door serviced according to your manufacturer’s schedule is a good idea.

Recommended annual maintenance visits

It’s usually recommended to have an annual service visit from a qualified garage door technician. These visits can provide peace of mind, but they can also help you spot trouble before it turns into a garage door disaster.

Additional inspections after severe weather conditions

While annual comprehensive garage door service is recommended, you should also have your garage door checked out by a professional after any type of severe weather event. Weather elements like heavy rain, strong wind and hail all have the potential to damage garage doors.

Components That Require Regular Maintenance

Although not all garage doors contain the same components, there are some common parts of garage door systems that should be serviced on a scheduled basis. According to This Old House, some of these components include springs, hinges and sensors.

Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers need service to ensure proper operation, but only a qualified professional should attempt service on these components. An electric garage door opener has the potential to cause injury if handled by someone without proper training and safety equipment.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs help keep garage doors in place when open or closed, and they need lubrication and inspection on a regular basis to operate at their best.

Rollers and Hinges

Hinges and rollers allow garage doors to open and closely smoothly and securely. These components also need lubrication and to be inspected for rust and other forms of corrosion or damage.

Weather Seals

Weather sealing on a garage door keeps the elements out of your garage. A damaged weather seal can let in moisture which can then lead to property damage.

Sensors and Safety Devices

Sensors and other safety equipment should be serviced on a scheduled basis to ensure proper operation and prevent accidents and injuries.

Signs That Your Garage Door Needs Servicing

There are a number of signs that may indicate it’s time to service your garage door, including slow movement and odd noises.

Strange noises

Strange noises that include creaking, grinding or groaning may mean that your garage door rollers, chain, pulleys or garage door opener need service.

Slow response time

A slow response time on a garage door opener may suggest that the motor is not receiving adequate power or that the chain or rollers need attention.

Uneven movement

Uneven movement can happen when one set of rollers needs servicing. When only one side of your garage door is affected by movement issues, serving your garage door is advised.

Factors That Affect Maintenance Frequency

Although most experts recommend lubricating garage door components every six months and having comprehensive service performed annually, there are some factors that can cause a garage door to need attention more frequently.

Age of the Garage Door System

Older garage door systems are more likely to experience problems and may need more frequent maintenance and service.

Usage Frequency

If you use your garage door daily, you may need to service it more frequently than someone who only uses their garage door occasionally.

Residential vs. Commercial Use

Commercial garage doors will often need more frequent service compared to residential garage doors. This is because commercial garage doors often experience more frequent use, and they may be exposed to elements like smoke, oil, dirt, grease and other debris that can cause malfunctions.

Environmental Conditions

Environmental conditions like extreme temperatures and humidity can also cause you to need garage door service more frequently.

Exposure to Extreme Temperatures, Humidity, or Saltwater

Very hot or cold temperatures can cause swelling and contraction of your garage door and components, and according to KWCH News, some garage door springs may snap during very cold weather. Exposure to environments with saltwater can also speed up corrosion on metal garage door components.

Benefits of professional garage door technician

Having a professional technician service your garage door offers a number of benefits over attempting to service your garage door on your own. Technicians have the proper training to know how to handle difficult garage door problems. Most technicians are also equipped with specialized tools and equipment to handle complex garage door concerns. A garage door technician should also have insurance that can cover any type of accident or injury that occurs while servicing a garage door.

When to attempt DIY maintenance

Attempting DIY maintenance on a garage door you’re unfamiliar with can be dangerous. It’s often best to consult a professional if you have questions. If you perform DIY maintenance on a garage door, make sure you use the right lubricating products, and disconnect all electricity before attempting any maintenance around electric garage door openers.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is routine maintenance on a garage door

Routine maintenance for garage doors usually includes lubricating moving parts like rollers and springs, checking for rust, corrosion and damage and testing electrical components for proper function.

How often should you lubricate a garage door

Although your maintenance schedule can vary based on the manufacturer of your garage door, it’s generally recommended to lubricate garage door components every six months and have comprehensive maintenance performed annually.

Is garage door maintenance worth it

Garage door maintenance is worth it because it can extend the service life of your garage door and reduce the potential for garage door repair issues in the future. Garage door maintenance can also improve the operation of your garage door and potentially make operating your garage door safer.

How often should a garage door opener be serviced

Garage door openers should be serviced every six months in most cases. Servicing a garage door opener involves checking electrical connections, inspecting for wear and damage, lubricating moving parts and testing functionality for proper operation.

Do electric garage doors need servicing

Electric garage doors need to be serviced just like manual garage doors. It’s a good idea to have a comprehensive service for an electric garage door at least once a year, but some components may require lubrication every six months.

Is it OK to use WD-40 on garage door

WD-40 is often thought of as a lubricant, but according to The Natural Handyman, it is actually a water-displacing solvent. You should not use WD-40 on your garage door. Instead, use white lithium grease to lubricate moving parts.

Should you spray your garage door springs

You should only spray your garage door springs with lubricants designed for this purpose. Products that contain white lithium grease are generally used to lubricate garage door springs, and some white lithium grease products are available as sprays.

What parts of a garage door should be lubricated

You should lubricate the springs, rollers and hinges on most garage doors. There are some exceptions, however. Nylon rollers don’t necessarily need any type of lubrication, and steel rollers may benefit from silicone-based lubricants instead of white lithium grease lubricants. If you have questions about servicing your garage door, you’re encouraged to consult a professional.

How do you maintain a garage door chain

You can maintain a garage door chain by keeping it adequately lubricated using white lithium grease products designed for this purpose.

What are the best maintenance free garage doors

Vinyl, aluminum and fiberglass garage doors typically require much less maintenance compared to other garage doors, but the components used to open these doors may still require maintenance. This includes the hinges on barn-style garage doors and the rollers on traditional roll-up garage doors.

How long do garage doors usually last

When treated well and maintained properly, garage doors can last 20 years or longer.

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