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How Open Pattern Rolling Gates Can Help Your Business

Open-patterned rolling gates are one of the best choices in which to safeguard a storefront’s exterior when it comes to most types of businesses found in malls or shopping centers across America. Roll-up open-pattern gates and security grilles can also be found in most pharmacies, airport concession stores, stadium food stands, and other areas that are open to public access after a store’s closing hours. Open-patterned rolling security gates are the diligent and eye-catching protectors of the exteriors and interiors of New York’s street-side storefronts combining both strength and open visibility when stores are closed, helping the businesses to show off their wares to potential future customers that pass by, and also providing added protection by giving police and security services an open view to the inside of the business that’s being patrolled.

Open-pattern security grilles and security gates are a highly recommended and popular choice for many small businesses around New York City. Rolling open-patterned gates can accommodate chain hoist, hand crank, and motor operated options depending on the owner’s needs. New York City law requires that 70% of commercial gates must be see-through in order to help keep roving graffiti artists at bay.

So, for outdoor storefronts and other businesses, open-patterned gates and grille models also help to deter vandalism by taking the fun out of the offender’s work when they can’t paint a solid graphic on a business’s open-patterned security gates, shutters, or grilles.

Listed below are some popular models of open-patterned rolling gates.

Fenestrated gates and shutters are security gates, grilles, and shutters that have perforations (holes), apertures (gaps), or transparent areas (open small windows). These types of versatile open-patterned rolling gates are a great choice for all types of businesses, especially ones with parking garages and loading docks. They provide maximum security at entry and exits while also providing optimum airflow as well.

Galvanized steel, or thick aluminum rod type open-patterned rolling gates provide the ultimate strength and security for shopping mall businesses, plus also offer passers-by the maximum open visual effect of highlighting the entire store’s inventory. A large selection of finishes and colors are available to choose from which also makes open-patterned rolling gates ideal for indoor mall storefronts that need to match a specific ambiance, logo, or business theme.

Perforated rolling gates are extremely durable and secure but sacrifice the see-through abilities of other open-patterned rolling grilles or gates. Perforated gates use 20 gauge galvanized steel slats with punched holes that provide approximately 22 percent of transparency and can also allow for proper airflow when needed for indoor concession stands and storage spaces.

Perforated rolling gates can also be painted and powder coated in order to fit most esthetic tastes and needs. So, when being able to fully see into your storefront after hours is not a top priority for your business, perforated rolling gates are a great choice too.

In smaller scale commercial uses, rolling open-patterned grilles are also an economical and secure choice for businesses that are in tight-spaced retail settings, and also for businesses with pass-through counter spaces in the service industries that need to be closed after business hours. The open-patterned grilles coil up into a holding box overhead when opened. Rolling open-patterned overhead grilles are a light-weight, convenient, and can be easily hand cranked, or for larger, wider models, motorized.

For many small businesses in New York City, or major chain stores for that matter, open-patterned rolling gates are the dependable, adaptable, and the best economical means that businesses can ensure that they get both full protection from criminals intent on breaking into your business, and also full business exposure to the multitude of Gotham’s eager shopping masses, All ready to spend some of their new tax savings at your local business. When it comes to New York City’s most trusted gate installation, service, and repair companies, New York Gates has been the industry experts in open-patterned rolling gate models from the beginning. Located in Brooklyn, NY – NYG can accommodate a number of different rolling gate styles, designs, and finishes to all of NYC’s Five Boroughs. Open-patterned rolling gates are one of their top sellers and they’re the top-rated professionals on the subject. So call them today to talk to a representative at 718-614-0616, or, send them an e-mail at with your business needs and measurements and a specialist from New York Gates will quickly contact you back with expert answers to your specific questions.

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