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How Safe is Your Business? Find Out with These 5 Tips

Keeping your business safe and secure from potential burglaries, vandalism, and invasion is a necessity in the modern world. The best way to keep any business safe is to be proactive. Installing security cameras, effective locks, shutters, and fencing, and making sure technology is safe from hacking should all be a part of any business plan. New security advances and technology make keeping your business safe both easier and more convenient, providing cost-effective choices and encompassing solutions.

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To determine just how safe your business really is, use these five tips and tools to keep your company in good company.

  1. Tip One – Update Your Security System

New technology has changed the way security systems are employed. Business security can be easily linked to mobile phones and laptops, meaning that phone land-lines and costly, old-fashioned hard-wired security systems are no longer necessary. Is your security system synchronized with smart phones and computers? Can you operate and monitor a full security system at any location with Wi-Fi access?

If the answer is no, then it is time to upgrade. Up-to-date security systems let businesses oversee their security operation from any iOS platform, Android, Blackberry, or computer. Easy to arm, disarm, and observe, these systems mean there’s no longer any such thing as being too far away from your business location to see what is going on at the home office.

By using a mobile device, you can watch live footage of your business or monitor recordings for as long as sixty days past. Check lighting, monitor activity, move sensors, and observe the perimeter of your location. And it’s not just potential break-ins that such systems can help prevent. They can also be used to integrate alarm and warning systems for a wide variety of hazards from broken pipes to lighting systems that fail, fires, smoke, or toxic leaks.

These security systems relying  on wireless over wired security effectively connect alarm elements to a central monitoring system. Going wireless provides a more accurate security outlook than older, wired systems, as well as costing less in time and money to install. Wireless security systems can be installed so as to divide your business into separate, secure zones, making monitoring easier, particularly for businesses with multiple floors or linked but separate structures on site. Creating zones will allow alarm monitoring companies to find and accurately pinpoint the locations to reduce the number of false alarms.

Also, new wireless systems utilize sensors that can recognize both vibrations and motion, another improvement in business security technology. And, without wires to disable, potential business invaders will have their every movement monitored, another technological plus.

Technological advances in business security allows enhanced coverage at lower costs for businesses, world-wide. So, make installation of an up-to-date alarm system a priority. Systems should include motion detectors that can ascertain movement in a room, and whether that movement is a threat.

  1. Tip Two: Is Your Business Camera Ready?

Closed circuit cameras, and central control units are easier to conceal these days. If your security camera is clunky and old, you’re not picture perfect. Security cameras aren’t just easier to conceal, making them harder to disable. They can also offer superior picture quality, regardless of the light situation. And costs are lower than ever. Installing updated security cameras at your business not only deters potential break-ins, should the worst occur, the evidence is clearer than ever, and robbers much easier to track. With the ability to remotely access camera footage, businesses can monitor any suspicious activity on their premises, and alert the authorities if observed, as well.

  1. Tip Three: Beyond Technology – Security Shutters and Fences

Cameras and alarm systems are vitally necessary, but so are less high tech security measures. Is your business equipped with security shutters, security fencing, security grates? The physical threat of a smash and grab robbery still exists.

Dissuade would be break-ins with high-end security fencing. Used along with detection systems like CCTV, this is a solid preventative measure that will dissuade potential thieves from even approaching your perimeter. High security rod iron fencing is tough and aesthetically pleasing. Chain link fencing equipped with razor wire is another, more inexpensive alternative. Some high security fencing even comes equipped with conduit capabilities that allow communication wiring and video cables to be run.

Expanded metal fencing such as AMICO offers is basically a solid sheet of metal with slits cut in and stretched to form a mesh-looking fence.  I personally like the Wirewall type fencing which is a type of welded wire mesh fence.  It is much harder to climb and cut than most security fencing.

Make sure fences are sturdy, shutters can fully engage, grates are unbroken.

  1. A Safe Place – Keeping Essentials Safe from Loss of All Kinds

Does your business have a safe? Purchasing a safe that can hold business valuables from hard drive back-ups to check books and pass codes  is a smart move. Protect against robbery and natural disasters like flooding and fire with an air tight, heat resistant safe. Safes vary in size and protection capabilities when it comes to intruders and fire risk, so choose carefully, making sure the safe meets the specifications of your insurance, and that placement and installation meets these requirements as well.

  1. Security Technology – How Tech Savvy Are You?

Naturally, technological break-ins are just as much of a risk as physical break ins. Does your business have an effective firewall? Do you change passwords often, and securely? The growth of identity theft and hacking means that it is just as important for businesses to keep their technology updated with the best in anti-virus software, spyware and malware detection.

And when selecting and changing passwords, it is also vital to use combinations that are difficult to determine, involve numbers, letters, capitals, and the like. Spending a little time defending your business from technological invasion is just as key as making sure your security fencing has no broken links.

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