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How to Buy a Security Gate on a Shoestring Budget

There are several ways a business can increase its profit. Raising prices, attaining additional customers through advertising, increasing the number of products offered, decreasing discounts, and reducing expenses. Tactics like transitioning from paper to digital documents, marketing exclusively online, and improving security are all listed under the “reducing expenses” category. However, security is at the top of that list. And there’s a very good reason why it is the top priority: every other accomplishment any business can make can be wiped out in one case of breaking and entering. Security has to be in your budget, even if that budget is shoestring-small.

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Consider your business’ assets – everything that is valuable to your company and, therefore, everything that needs the highest protection. Consider the company building you’re in right now. Picture everything stored inside it from inventory to balance sheets. What would happen if the building was vandalized? Everything that gets stolen has to be replaced: computers, product inventory, equipment, machines, personal objects, etc. All of that adds up to a very big expense that no business can afford. Odds are that if you improve your safety today by installing a security gate, that will cost less than the time, energy and, especially, the money involved in replacing vital company assets.

Let’s face it. Buying security gates and / or shutters now will prevent greater expenses in the future.

The type and size of the external security you need for your business depends on three things: the building location, the layout and the size. Do you know the crime statistics for your location? Have you heard of thefts from other businesses in the area? Do your employees feel safe in the neighborhood? Are they comfortable leaving their cars in the parking lot, and leaving them unlocked, or do they feel the need to check on them during their lunch breaks? If you drive around in a three block radius, what do you see? Other business buildings might have security gates, metal detectors at the doors, outside cameras, steel doors, tinted glass windows, motion and / or light sensors, extra lighting, high fences, and even on site security guards. If your building has none of that then it’s likely to be a thief’s target.

So how can you buy the peace of mind (and peace of bank account) of a security gate on that shoestring budget? Answer these three questions: where does the gate need to be on the property, what size it should be, and what material (wood, iron, or steel) should the gate be made of? Once those questions are answered as specifically as possible, you can estimate the cost, identify the best prices from your preferred company, and then turn to the budget to start looking for money. Consider the following options:

1) Transfer the money budgeted for electives to security. Have a potluck summer picnic for your employees instead of a big expensive Christmas party. Get refurbished computers, chairs and desks instead of brand new ones. That Zumba class you provide for free could become a paid event.

2) Charge (or increase the charge of) employee parking. The business and the building benefit from the additional security, but so do the workers. An employee who feels uncomfortable or paranoid in the area will be likely if not happy to pay an extra $10 per month for secure parking. An increase in security, and therefore comfort, will also help the employees’ focus and efficiency on their job.

Remember: one thief can affect an entire company and budges are not set in stone – they can be adjusted. And always be prepared. Whatever size and type of security you need, it is well worth the money and additional cost.

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