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How to Choose the Best Security Gates for Your Business

Every physical business needs a security gate. There are several reasons why. One, a security gate is the first security line for the business. Basically, it’s what keeps intruders out. As a result, it’s able to prevent break-ins and other forms of intrusion. Two, a security gate gives you and your workforce peace of mind. Whenever you are at the workplace, you don’t have to worry about any kind of invasion.

Three, every serious business needs a professional look and one way to promote it is through a security gate. Last but not least, a security gate adds value to your business property. Generally, modern security gates come with attractive features meant to give the external of your business property an upgrade. To enjoy the benefits; you have to choose the best security gate for your business. Here’s a definitive guide to use:

Define Your Goal

As seen in the opening remarks, security gates perform different functions in a business setup. Thus, you need to define what you are looking for before making a decision. If safety is your number one goal, then you have to consider access-control measures. Simply, you should go for a gate that helps you to control who gets to access your property. We’ll look at the various means of access later.

The other thing you have to consider is the aesthetics. If the appearance and appeal of your gate is the most important thing, then you need to consider materials like wood, steel, and aluminum. These materials are very appealing and can be customized to suit your aesthetic goal.

Know the Types

It’s worth noting that there several types of modern security gates but not all are suited for business properties. For your business, you should consider the following types:

  • Sliding gates – These are meant for the driveway. They open by sliding to the sides.
  • Swing gates – These gates open either by swinging outside or inside. They come in options like single-swing and double-swing.
  • Rolling gates – These gates roll up when opening and downwards when closing.

Automatic vs. Manual

You must have seen manual gates in homes and businesses as they are the oldest designs. They allow access using a key and you have to manually roll or push the gate to open it. The problem is that they are slow and labor intensive. Someone has to be there to open and close a manual gate.

The better alternative, however, is an automatic gate. They may be costly but their contribution to your business is immeasurable. These gates do not require you to get out of your car to open them. You basically don’t have to sweat an inch. It can be opened by remote control, a press of a button or a computer command.

Source of Power

Unless you decide to go for a manual gate, you’ll have to consider how your automated gate will be powered. If your house is powered by electricity, then you should consider the power source for your security gate. If you want a cost-effective and eco-friendly source of power, then you should consider solar power. There are solar-powered security gates in the market that comes with the same features as electric-powered gates.

Opening Mechanism

How do you want your security gate to open? This is a question that you have to ask and have an answer for before investing in a security gate. Normally, there are four options to consider:

  • A gate that swings inwards
  • A gate that swings outside
  • A gate that opens by rolling upwards
  • A gate that opens by sliding sideways

If you have enough space around your gate area, then going for the swing type is a good idea. However, if your space is limited, then you should consider a gate that slides to the side. Alternatively, you can go for a gate that rolls up when opening. It’s more economical.

Means of Access

We are moving from a generation where the only popular means of accessing a security gate is through a key or a code. Now, we have more sophisticated options such as:

  • Key card – This option requires you to swipe special cards to access the gate.
  • Electronic key – The option is an upgrade of the manual key.
  • Fingerprint reader – Here, fingerprints of your staff are taken before they can access the gate.
  • Phone entry – This option allows you to open your security gate using your smartphone.
  • Remote control – The gate is opened by a special device. The option is faster and effortless.

Consider Your Space

As already seen, the space of your property dictates what gate type you should install. So, you have to consider it carefully. You also need to know that business security gates come in different sizes. As a result, you should first take the measurements of your existing gate space. This will help you pick the perfect gate size. While looking at the gate, you also have to establish if there will be enough room for your gate to open. You don’t want to have a gate that shows resistance when opening or one that covers half of the driveway.

The Style Matters

The good thing about modern business security gates is that you can have them custom-made to match the style of your business. It’s important that the style of your business property is enhanced by your security gate. A lot of companies allow you to suggest the design that you want depending on the templates that they provide. By observing the templates, you can suggest the modifications that you prefer. For example, if you want a classic gate for your business, then you have to consider a tubular metal design. The metal can be aluminum or steel. If you just want a simple design, then a slat gate is great.

Get the Color Right

Unlike home security gates, you don’t have so much color flexibility when choosing a business security gate. You can’t go for very bright and showy colors like orange and yellow. As a matter of fact, you need a modest color option to promote professionalism. But still, it depends on your type of business. If it’s office-based, then options like black, white, blue, and gray will work. If it’s an agribusiness, then there’s no problem with going for green or anything that relates to Mother Nature.

Closing Thought:

Generally, it’s no longer debatable if you should invest in a business security gate or not. Every business owner understands the roles that a security gate plays. So, the biggest concern is how you can choose the best in the midst of so many options. At New York Gates, we are here to help choose the best option for your home or business. Contact us today!

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