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How to Hide Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor security cameras can be hidden by placing them in birdhouses, camouflaging them in bushes, putting them in posts or mounts, fake rocks, light fixtures, doorbells, and more.

There are many ways to hide outdoor security cameras including placing them in birdhouses, camouflaging them in bushes or trees, putting them in posts or mounts, fake rocks, and other items. You can also buy cameras specially designed for discreet spying such as those that look like light fixtures or doorbells. The possibilities are vast and only limited to your imagination.

There’s a whole industry dedicated to concealing security cameras. Let’s take a peek at some of the ways you can hide your outdoor security cameras.

Where Can I Hide an Outdoor Security Camera?

The security market was forecast to reach over $172 billion in 2022. One of the most important decisions when using an outdoor security camera is to figure out the best placement. You can hide your outdoor security cameras by using camouflage so that they blend into the surroundings. Additionally, you can hide it inside an item, or buy a specially designed covert security camera.

Choose a Spy Security Camera or Hidden Mini Camera

One of the best ways to make sure your outdoor security camera is out of view is to purchase spy cameras or mini cameras. They are specially designed to be subtle in any kind of environment. These can be concealed in a much easier way than regular outdoor security cameras.

Hiding Outdoor Security Cameras UnderCeiling/Eaves/Soffits

A great place to hide security cameras is under the eaves or soffits. Smaller cameras are much easier to hide in these particular locations. They practically become invisible if they are small, especially from afar.

People would have to look very closely to see it. Black or dark-colored cameras are also much easier to hide than white or beige ones.

As reported by, cameras are more sophisticated than ever with the ability to record in high resolution in most environments.

Hide Outdoor Security Cameras Inside Birdhouses

Birdhouses provide a great place for hiding security cameras because of their enclosed structure. The small hole in the front of the birdhouse allows you to capture clear shots while protecting it from vandalism. You can custom-make your own or purchase them ready to install.

Most intruders don’t think to look inside the small hole in the front of a birdhouse. It’s best to choose wireless cameras when using this method.

Hide Outdoor Security Cameras Amongst Trees, Plants, and Bushes

If your home is surrounded by plants, you’ll have many options to hide your security cameras. A great way to enhance the effect is by painting the cameras to match the surroundings.

Choose places where you have many leaves and branches. You may purchase cameras with camouflage skins that are ready to install amongst plants.

Choose a Glass Window to Place Hidden Security Cameras

An easy way to hide security cameras is through a glass window that points to the area you want to monitor. This method prevents burglars from disabling it, as it would take them a long time to do it.

One consideration to keep in mind when using this method is that motion detection or night vision may not work from inside a glass window.

Use Common Objects to Disguise Outdoor Security Cameras

This method is where you can become very creative. When you look around your home and outdoor space, you’ll find many objects that can be used to hide security cameras. Common items include:

  • Fake rocks
  • Garden gnomes
  • Light fixtures and lanterns
  • Sculptures
  • Potted plants
  • Bird watchers

Hide Outdoor Security Cameras by Using Camouflage Skins

When you use camouflage skins, you’ll be able to keep your camera out of sight without having to hide it. Yes, you can have the camera out in plain view and it won’t be noticed when covered by camouflage skins.

You just have to make sure that the camouflage skin you choose blends well with the surroundings. It takes a very hard look to notice cameras that are hidden this way.

Fake Rock Spy Cameras

You’ll be surprised to find outdoor spy cameras that look like rocks and don’t show traces of being a surveillance device. You could build your own version, but the easiest way is to purchase a fake rock outdoor spy camera.

These innovative products hide in plain sight and capture high-resolution video that you can stream or record. As mentioned in the Insider, even police choose these innovative products.

Some have built-in motion sensors that connect directly to your device for easy monitoring. They have a 40-hour lifespan on a built-in rechargeable battery. You can even set them at different viewing angles and they are completely weather-proof.

Hide Security Camera in a Doorbell

Another amazing choice is a doorbell security camera. In 2018, they accounted for over 60% of the market share (Grand View Research).

They are perfect for seeing who is at the door before you open it. You may have seen viral videos of doorbell cameras that capture criminals or unprofessional package deliveries.

Some doorbell cameras have two-way voice communication that allows you to interact with visitors even when you’re not at home. They can be easily managed from a smartphone app, which you to monitor even when you’re traveling abroad.

Use Artificial Plants to Hide Security Cameras

Like garden gnomes, artificial flowers, and foliage are a great way to hide security cameras. These smart gadgets use a WiFi connection to provide live footage you can monitor from your device. They are very hard to identify because the outside of a home is commonly filled with various types of decorations.

Disguise Behind Glasses or Windows

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Choose a Mailbox to Disguise an Outdoor Security Camera

A mailbox is a great location to install a security camera. They allow you to catch anyone who tampers with your mail or neighborhood kids who pull pranks.

Mailboxes make a great surveillance accessory to monitor vehicles. Be sure to choose small cameras that are compatible with mailboxes.

Use PVC Pipes to Hide Security Cameras

PVC pipes are a great way to hide outdoor security cameras. This is very easy to do if you have an irrigation system. Solar lights and other items in your garden are also useful for hiding cameras inside PVC pipes.

For example, install a tiny camera inside PVC posts that hold solar lights. It will be helpful to paint the camera the same color for the best disguise. Since PVC pipes are located in various places throughout your property, they are useful for capturing shots from different angles.

Disguise Security Cameras in Large Lawn Décor

Many items on your lawn can serve to disguise a security camera. Lawn ornaments such as gnomes can be easily modified to house a security camera.

Choose a hollow item that can be easily drilled to make a hole for the camera lens. It is usually better to choose items that look like they belong with the rest of your lawn decorations. You certainly don’t want anything to stand out.

Hide Cameras Under Roof Structures

There are many nooks and crannies that make up the roof of a home. They make perfect spots for hiding small security cameras. For wired cameras, the roof provides good coverage that prevents damage. You can insert wires through a gap in your false ceiling.

This type of project is best performed by professionals to avoid damage to your roof.

Light Fixtures Are a Great Hiding Spot for Security Cameras

The market is full of options for light fixtures that double as security cameras. LED light fixtures in particular are becoming very popular for surveillance. You can also purchase LED bulbs that double as security cameras. They fit into arc lamps or recessed light fixtures.

Is It a Good Idea to Hide Security Cameras?

The answer to this question is debatable. Some feel that visible security cameras help deter crime. Others believe that visible cameras can be more easily tampered with. One important consideration is that hiding security cameras may decrease the visibility they can capture.

Can Security Cameras in Neighboring Homes See My Property?

Your neighbors’ security cameras may be able to capture footage of your property and even inside your home. As reported by NOLO, some states have laws that protect you from unauthorized surveillance.

Tips to Choose the Ideal Outdoor Security Camera



Depending on where you’ll hide your security cameras, consider the size. For hidden cameras, smaller is better. They can easily be hidden out of sight.

Recording Type

There are DVRs (digital video recorders), IP (internet protocol) cameras, or NVRs (network video recorders). If you want to view and store digital footage, choose either DVR or NVR cameras.

Connection Type

Unless you choose a wireless camera, you’ll need to use wires and cables to connect your security cameras. The type of connection you use depends on the technology you choose. An analog system is used for CCTV cameras, a digital system is used for IP and NVR cameras.

Storage Type

There are two common ways to store footage: on the cloud or locally onsite. Wireless cameras have hard drive storage compared to DVR and NVR storage in a central server. For everyday surveillance, you can expect to use approximately 60GB of memory.



How to Hide a Camera in a Wall

Find items on the wall such as picture frames, clocks, or bookcases to hide a security camera. Be sure the item is inexpensive as you may have to drill holes and change its structure.

How to Hide a Security Camera in a Window

The window frame is a good place to hide a camera. Camouflage the camera by matching the same color as the window frame. You can also place the camera on the windowsill pointing outside. Additionally, some cameras come with a window mount.

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