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How to Repair Roll-Up Garage Doors

It is very important to have a garage that protects your automobile from theft, the elements and other things that may otherwise cause damage. Maybe you haven’t put much thought into where you park your automobile during the night. It may not have crossed your mind about the importance of protecting your property or your vehicle from theft or the elements either. Well, if you have taken these things into consideration, then you may already have an efficient garage to store your merchandise, including that brand new car you purchased just a few months prior.

roll up garage door

If you already have a great garage, with quality roll up garage doors, then there shouldn’t be a problem. Unless, of course, you are faced with garage door issues, and this sometimes occurs.

There are many issues that can occur with garage doors that have been installed for quite some time. Whether it is a maintenance issue, or you have accidently ran into the door with your car, you can fix these problems, and it doesn’t have to take extensive work. All it takes is a little know-how and connections to the best professionals in your area.

The Quick Fix

If you find that your garage door is stuck shut, then not to worry. You can get your car out in no time, without calling a professional. You don’t even have to take the bus to work either. It seems that the controls have failed because of some minor mechanical issue or short in the wiring, but that’s okay. There are a few ways to bypass these problems. One solution is very quick and easy.

The quickest way to solve this problem is with a little manual labor. There is a cord, with a red handle, which suspends from the guide rack. You can use this cord as a manual override, trading mechanical power for elbow grease. After you pull the cord, you can manually open and close the garage doors until the mechanical issues are resolved. For the time being, you can make it to work on time. When there is more time to spare, a professional can do the rest.

Lock down

Over time, the garage door locks will be damaged, sliding out of place and alignment. There is a simple solution to this problem. Generally garage door locks are horizontal bars which move from the center to the side of the guide track. This locks the doors in place, securing your merchandise. When these bars are off track or become warped, you can simply unscrew the brackets and re-align the bars with the side of the guide track. Your car is now protected and your locks work, good as new!

All Weather Adjustments

Cold weather can affect the mechanism within the garage door opener. The weather conditions can make the mechanism run slower which makes it very difficult to get the garage doors open. With a little adjustment to the mechanism’s settings, according to the season, you can have the doors working properly again in no time. This is usually only a temporary fix, as a professional will have to reprogram the controls to work more efficiently.

These issues can be tackled at home without a professional or while waiting for the repairman to arrive. If there are serious problems, however, such as warped doors or broken springs, you may have to call a repairman immediately to fix your garage doors like new.

Never forget the importance of a good set of rolling garage doors. They keep your automobile safe and secure while adding a wonderful addition to your home.

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