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How to Select the Perfect Security Gate For Your Business

New York Gates has been protecting businesses and homes in the tri-state area with its security rolling gates of every type and for every application imaginable for more than a decade. So how does your company’s facility stack up against a security threat? An easy first-line of defense is a top of the line security gate.


Why A Security Gate Is A Good Idea

While having a security gate to protect your business may seem like a no-brainer, for those who need some convincing, here are three reasons to have a security gate installed for your business:

1. A security gate will protect your facility from intruders by keeping out unwanted guests. A security gate significantly reduces the risk of a break in!

2. A security gate protects your tenants and their property, making tenants feel safer and your business more valuable.

3. A security gate increases your business property value by giving the exterior an attractive upgrade!

4. A security gate provides peace a mind! Having a gate at your facility to secure the location means one less thing for you to worry about. In a day and age of endless to-do lists, knowing your security is taken care of is priceless.

5. A security gate improves your business’s image by making it look more professional and secure. Because of the wide variety of gates we offer, you can choose just the right one to complement your business’s exterior and message. Gates show that you take your security and safety seriously — a perk for all employees and tenants.

When choosing the right security gate for your facility, it’s important to do your research! Gathering information on different gate systems will help determine which gate and operating system works best for you.

Questions To Ask Before Selecting Your Security Gate

New York Gates’s security gates can be seen all around the city among store fronts, schools, garages, kitchens, and more. With so many applications, choosing the perfect security gate can seem overwhelming.

There are a variety of price ranges, styles, materials, and operational features available! The gate you choose for your business can not only transform the look of your property, it will also serve to enhance the professional appearance that is crucial to your business’s success. A security gate also is a deterrent to unwanted intruders. When you’re searching for the perfect security gate for your business, ask yourself these questions:

1. Why am I choosing a gate for my business?

The purpose behind the gate for your business will determine the style you should select and the materials you choose. Your business is an enormous financial investment, and so the ideal gate will combine security and beauty so you can have the best of both worlds. Steel, iron, aluminum, and wood gates can all be made to provide security and curb appeal!

If entry-control for your business is a concern, anti-ram gates with proven crash protection made from aluminum and steel are an excellent option, as well as wrought iron gates topped with spikes. These styles have been proven to work for decades!

Choosing an access-control system is also important when security is a top concern. Standard lock, phone entry, keypad entry, card-reader, or proximity-reader, and finger-print reading systems are some of the security options available on the market.

If aesthetics is your primary goal in choosing a gate, all four materials — steel, iron, aluminum, and wood — can be made into a stunning gate that will not only protect your business, but also add incredible curb appeal.

2. Do I want my gate to be automated?

Automated gates do cost more, but the convenience they add is invaluable. Imagine having to get out of your car each time you want to enter your business to open the gate, then get back into your car to drive through, exit your car to close the gate, and enter your car to drive to your parking job — less than ideal!

If choosing an automated gate, make sure the gate opener is the highest quality and will easily withstand common outdoor irritants such as salt air, pollution, rain, and other outdoor elements.

3. What style of gate should I choose? 

The gate you select for your business should compliment the look and theme of your business’s exterior. Would you prefer a rolling gate? A sliding gate? A swing gate? Which material best compliments the look of your business?

4. What type of gate works at the facility?

There are many types of automatic and manual security gates available. For a detailed description of the different types of gates available, check out the many types of gates we offer.

5. How will tenants enter and exit the property?

Do you want employees and tenants to use a key pad to enter? Or swipe a card? Consider what works best for you and your tenants!

Together, with our team of experts, we will help you determine which gate is best suited for your business.We know that security is one of the most important investments you can make in your business. Our unique client-care policy and personalized client attention is what makes us the best in the security gate business. New York Gates provides customers with individualized solutions that not only match their security requirements, but match their budgets, aesthetic preferences, building and technical specifications, and more.

At New York Gates, we strive to make the process of choosing a security gate easy for our customers. Our team of specialists share their expertise with clients in order to make sure they make the right choice for their business while providing them with materials that will last. In fact, all gates and their mechanical parts, from gate operators, motors, remote controls, and safety devices from New York Gates meet the stringent industry safety standards.

Each gate is installed and maintained by New York Gates technicians who understand that a well-working security gate is essential to business security. Allow us to make your business secure, and put your mind at ease with one of our top of the line security gates today!

Looking to install a security gate for your New York based business? Get in touch with New York Gates at 718-614-0616.

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