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How to Use Your Security Gate as a Marketing Tool

Security gates are crucial to every business, whether you are just starting out or are roaring with success. It gives an aura of professionalism to customers, protects products and possessions from theft or vandalism, and instills a peace of mind in yourself, your employees, and your customers. However, why should you allow your security gate to only serve one purpose?

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In the roaring competition surrounding businesses in the modern day, discovering and utilizing the correct method for marketing can be costly, time-consuming, and difficult to accomplish. However, there is a way to advertise efficiently and allow your security gate to serve a dual purpose.

Security gates are typically the first thing a customer will see as they drive past your business, take a walk down your street, or visit your store. So why not convert them into the perfect advertising tool? With these three simple things in mind, you can create a completely free, completely easy marketing tool that allows you to draw in new customers and keep your business secure – all at the same time.

1. Catch Attention

The most important element of marketing is capturing the attention of the buyer. Out of the sea of competition, it’s easy for customers to become what is called “ad blind,” a modern problem where advertisement is so typical and overwhelming that people begin to ignore it, letting it pass them by unnoticed. As a business, it’s important to make your ad stand out against the rest, and your security gate can provide this solution, and here’s how:

  • Use Color.

People are naturally responsive to different colors; in food, bright colors make the meal look more appealing, in clothing it makes it more noticeable, and flashing on top of police cars, it catches our attention one way or another – though in that case, with bad results. By decorating your security gate in unusual, and typically bright, colors such as red or orange, it makes your business stand out against the drab and simple metal rods that other security gates brandish.

  • Use a Theme.

Some businesses have taken their security gates to a new level, designing them to look like guitars, Victorian archways, and elaborate vines. Passersby will find this unusual and different from the typical range of security gates, drawing their eye. However, catching attention is not the only vital aspect of using a security gate as a marketing technique – you have to make them remember you. Selecting a theme for your security gate which matches your business type will allow a customer to associate the gate with your business, boosting your chances of being remembered. A guitar-themed gate would match a store selling instruments, Victorian-theme gates matching an antique store, and so on.

  • Use Humor.

The most efficient way to keep customers from being ad-blind is to make them laugh. We spend our days listening to why “this is the next best thing,” but rarely do we see advertisements that are humorous. By creating an ad or choosing a theme that has a humorous tone or a tongue-in-cheek appearance, you’ll not only introduce the customer to your business’s unique personality, but you’ll also cement yourself in their minds.

2. Feature Your Brand

People are visual creatures. By placing your brand on the security gate – either engraving it into the gate itself or applying it with paint – the passersby will have a greater chance of noticing your business and becoming a customer.

  • Feature Your Slogan.

If your business has a unique slogan or catch phrase, placing it on your security gate will implant the line in a customer’s mind, which can then be called back to memory at a later date.

  • Feature Your Logo.

In the same way colors attract attention, people are also compelled to take notice of symbols rather than words. By placing your logo on the gate, it’s a simple, unobtrusive way of drawing further attention to your business.

3. Use the space

Most security gates are made of simple metal without decoration or flare. However, your gate could be used as a billboard of sorts. Placing advertisements in your windows or hanging banners across your building serve the purpose of providing customers with information and catching their attention, and a security gate can serve this purpose as well.

  • Feature Prices.

You may have seen that many businesses, especially fast food restaurants, will paint new prices for certain products across their windows for passing cars to see. With a security gate, you can either create paper banners or paint new prices directly on the gate, working as a cost-savings billboard in addition to protecting your business.

  • Feature Sales.

Special sales, discounts, or deals on products are excellent ways of drawing in new customers and encouraging old ones to visit once again. However, TV, internet, and billboard advertisement can be costly. Instead, you can place this information on your security gate for no fee whatsoever, and allow your gate to serve a dual purpose.

  • Feature Products.

Many customers will not enter a store simply because they’re not aware of the range of things each business offers. Why visit a new place when they know what is available somewhere else? Why take the time to browse your store or inquire after your business’s services? Instead, by featuring ads and posters about some of your products on your security gate, you can provide potential customers with an easy and efficient method of determining what you offer.

Security gates are crucial for standing as a barrier between your business and trespassers, arsonists, and burglars, ensuring that your employees, your products, and your personal possessions are safeguarded. Each business should have one. But why waste the space of a security gate on only one purpose? With these tips, you can utilize your much-needed gate as a marketing tool, allowing you to reach both the potential customer and the simple passerby in a new and effective manner.

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