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Last-Minute Unique Gifts at the Traveling F.A.D. Market

The F.A.D. (fashion, art, and design) traveling market and “flea,” is finishing up its season series after bringing its large community of 50 or more assorted artists, vendors, and designers to the basement of Saint Paul’s Church in Brooklyn on December 4th. The market venue has been representing numerous different interesting and talented product backgrounds in everything from pottery, textile fabrics, plus an assortment of other wonderfully eccentric and entrepreneurially creative ideas. This weekend is sure to be the right place to find that great last-minute gift for the hard-to-find present person in your life. There are also several available vintage and collectible items that will please any enthusiast. And best of all, admission is free.


With only a little over a week to go until the holiday season starts to come to an end, time is running out. Time is also running out to visit the Fashion Art & Design Market for that perfect gift, as it ends after this weekend – The open market hours for Dec. 17th and 18th are from 11am until 6pm. The rotating roster of New York’s interesting and talented purveyors provide many different product choices which include everything from artwork, professional photography, handmade fashions, and exclusive one of a kind jewelry and necklaces. And also clever kitchen products, bath soaks, botanical cremes, and luxury body essentials.


The F.A.D. market is the “Brain Child” of, Jen Bailey, who started the project last May. She successfully brought a different blend of vendors and small businesses together to the Invisible Dog Art Center on Bergen Street in Brooklyn. Jen also painstakingly ensured that all of the purveyors at the market were not constrained to a limited category of goods; keeping a balanced assortment of different types of items to please multiple tastes. She told us, “It was an incredible challenge, but a fulfilling one.”


Jen Bailey has devoted her days full-time in order to keep the creative magic of the Fashion, Art, and Design community going, by continuing to facilitate both the small business owner and the up-and-coming start-up entrepreneur with a common place to show their wares together in one public setting. The project moved to Saint Paul’s Church on December fourth.  The concept of the “roving” market is ideally to move every two months or so, Jen told us.


The F.A.D. Market project is designed to provide a platform for local artists to showcase their careers in order to connect to a broader New York Marketplace by personally showing their products to the public – Something that the internet just can’t convey in the same way to customers. The market also combines affordable table spaces for vendors with a distinctive venue setting, which helps to incorporate the whole intended feeling of the F.A.D. Market & Flea – Also giving the whole shopping experience at the market a comfortable community ambience.


One of the best aspects of the Fashion, Art, and Design Market, is that it brings people from other New York City boroughs into Brooklyn who might never have explored it before. The market is not only free admission to access its diverse wares, but a cost-free way for the rest of  N.Y. to come together in an interesting and fun artistic social experiment of culture and design. This is something that is as unique about the market as the items and products that the market offers for sale.


The fresh and innovative aspect about the F.A.D. Market and Flea project is that it’s based on eventually traveling from one space to another. It brings together purveyors from all over New York who have a unique and creative collective perspective in common. It does this in such a way that everyone involved can experience it in a comfortable, naturally inspiring way – And also, of course, supply an equally diverse and friendly fresh group of patrons to enjoy their hard work.


F.A.D.’s pop-up events are self-funded, which adds/upholds an air of counter-culture entrepreneurial market freedom that is represented in some of the unusual and unique products, vintage items, and some of the designer health and beauty products and abstract artists’ pieces at the venue. This helps to always keep the events  interesting. Saint Paul’s Church, also adds a serene setting in which to welcome patrons from all of the five boroughs. The church is also located in a popular area of the Cobble Hill Historic District, with plenty of places to eat or shop nearby. This is also what makes the venue all-the-more convenient in that terrible rush and frenzy that happens around this time of year.


The F.A.D. Market & Flea project will be sorely missed until next year. Let’s hope that with its return in the spring, it will once again be sure to bring back more of its treasure trove of new and wonderful artists, entrepreneurs, craftsmen and craftswomen – Once again joining the next F.A.D. tour as it connects together the Big City’s communities with NYC’s best talented small businesses, creative entrepreneurs, and incredible independent artists and designers.


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F.A.D. Community:

Izaskun Zabala
Shana Luther Handbags
Calyer Ceramics
Sydney & Sons
Radio RPL
Natural Abstract Jewelry
Lois Aronow Porcelain
Renee Francis Jewelry
Mad Brooklyn
Steve Riley Designs
Amber Moon
Scout Dunbar Studios
Sculpture & Flame
Mason Grace Jewelry
Indigo Style Vintage
Ink India
Hecho en Harlem Jewelry
Kimberly Abbott
Kubo Modern Living
May ware Ceramics
Roxy’s Tee Parlor
Goodnight June
Contours Art
David Herbstman Pottery
The Seam Designs
Luca Chiara Accessories
Glitch Textiles
Tracy Hervy Studio
Rayo & Honey
Make Anything Pop-Up
Dusk Brooklyn
Trade School by Tegan B. Roberts
Jonathan Castro Designs
Ceralink Jewelry and Art Deco
Remembering Herbs
Ken Jones Studio
AqCD Design
Woodknot Design
Spring Hofeldt Paintings and Prints
Land of J, Inc.
Brooklyn Heavy Metal
Brooklyn Lish
Chicken Lotto
C Bao Asian Buns & Bubble Tea
Green Mountain Energy
Sweet Dames Artesian Confection

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