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Lighten up with Aluminum Glass Garage Doors

Spring is in the air and it’s time to lighten up your environment by considering aluminum framed, glass-paneled garage doors for your residence or business. Aluminum framed glass doors enjoy a long-standing contemporary look that matches natural wood, brick, concrete, and practically any other residential house or commercial building esthetic. It can turn a once-gloomy dark garage into a well-lighted workshop, or into a comfortable working office or studio space. Garage doors are not just for garages anymore. They’re more and more being used to open up people’s living spaces to the fresh air. Also for providing easy access to both pool-houses and garden sheds. Light-weight aluminum glass-paned doors are also a great way to open up some extra room in a laid-back “mini-house” on a quiet and comfortable sunny day. Whatever you want! Just use your imagination.

The Versatility of Aluminum and Glass

The versatility of aluminum and glass garage doors makes this product desirable to many different consumer bases. The garage doors are rust free and corrosion resistant.  They’re also incredibly durable and shock resistant. Glass panels can be clear, frosted, or solid colors – matching most design needs; it’s your choice!

The light-weight aluminum frame of these garage doors comes in several different paints, powder-coats, and finishes. Most professional gate companies also offer their customers custom color options. Garage door sizes come in lengths from 8 to 16 feet wide.

Woodshops, Auto Garages, and Proper Lighting

There’s nothing worse than not being able to see properly when you’re working on a project in the garage – Having to hang extra lights everywhere – Safety hazards, etc. For professional auto garages and workshops, having an eye-pleasing, professional looking window in which to showcase your shop through is a great free advertising outlet.

Size options are numerous and geared to fit one car space/entry/exit or several. Both residential and commercial demand has inspired fresh new innovative industry advances in which to offer the 2017 consumer. No one should have to endure a dark garage anymore!

Pool houses, Boathouses, Garden Sheds & Quiet Mini-house Retreats

A popular trend being installed in property side-houses, such as with pool houses, garden sheds, dock-houses, and the mini-house craze, are lightweight aluminum glass-paned garage doors to both open things up and lighten things up. It’s common for house owners to become increasingly creative in adding on, or opening up office or studio space – Or just a quiet man/woman cave in which to have some privacy and relax.

Remodeling garden sheds, pool houses, and boathouse/beach-houses with aluminum framed glass paned doors has grown into a popular option; economically giving residential homeowners a Better Homes and Gardens look that’s within most people’s price-lines. People have been able to do some stunningly beautiful things by simply installing electric aluminum framed garage doors with either colored glass to match a certain ambiance or clear glass panels that showcase a great view.

A Garage Door in the Kitchen?

This may sound a little crazy, but, it has actually turned into another popular residential remodeling craze that that has also swept the nation, concerning aluminum framed glass-paned garage doors. For a homeowner with private yards to enjoy; why not fully enjoy the yard and the cool air while cooking or eating breakfast indoors? Summer BBQs are literally a breeze when cooking the sides indoors. Patio parties take on a whole new meaning when they’re in your kitchen.

Restaurants and lounges have followed the trend by installing motorized aluminum framed glass doors in their dining areas, or in their adult drinking and smoking areas; being then able to control the indoor climate accordingly with the weather outside. People want to feel the outdoors when they go out. Prompting all types of businesses to open up and lighten up for both the season and the times.

A Timeless Style

As we have covered above, aluminum framed glass paneled doors pretty much go with any style or design and offer so many more choices than a standard steel panel garage door. Aluminum offers the same color choices as steel, without all the weight. Colored glass choices give the consumer their ambiance of choice – easily matching preexistent tastes. Aluminum is and has been the modern look and metal of the new millennium. It has consistently stayed popular because of its ability to still accommodate all tastes over the decades. Next time you’re in your garage, pool house or garden shed, and can’t seem to find enough light – Just think about what you could do with an automated lightweight aluminum door with glass panes and let your imagination run wild.

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