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Modernize with Motorized Bi-Folding Doors

When most people think of bi-folding doors, they usually think of the old, side-folding sectional doors that divided living and dining rooms, and stack on top of each-other alongside the wall when opened. That’s actually an outdated concept of what modern bi-fold doors have evolved into and can do. Modern automatic bi-folding doors can fold upwards, storing its panels overhead and out of the way; leaving more open floor space where you need it. Bi-folding doors have very little limits. They are easily adaptable to accommodate both standard and custom sized openings – Small to Gigantic! Material choices come in aluminum, steel, vinyl, and wood, matching endless building styles and pleasing most everyone’s tastes. Here are some popular uses for motorized two sectional bi-folding doors and windows that will give you ideas on how to open up your commercial or residential property, giving it that modernized contemporary look that you’ve been needing.


There is nothing more satisfying than gazing out at the beautiful view of your property from the comfort of your own home – Unless you could automatically open up the wall or large window that’s between you and that view, with just the push of a button. Automatic bi-folding doors are becoming a growing trend that has some home owners installing wide bi-folding doors and windows on exterior walls, often opening up a deck side motorized window to the great outdoors – Adding refreshing air, extra light, and a pleasant natural ambiance to a homes indoor atmosphere.

Many homeowners are also adding upward bi-folding doors and windows to their exterior kitchen walls. Imagine opening up your kitchen to the fresh outdoors on hot summer days; catering parties and BBQs with easy open access to where the fun and food is actually located – Outdoors. Home uses for bi-fold doors are only limited to the homeowner’s imagination. Close the bi-fold wall or window and it blends back into the house’s natural look.

Pool Houses

Motorized bi-folding doors and windows work and look great on the front of a pool houses. They allow easy access to showers, food, drink, and open lounge areas. They also allow homeowners, family members, and guests to enjoy the pool house without missing a thing that’s going on at the pool. bi-fold doors easily open and close in minutes, saving more time for poolside fun, or if the weather suddenly turns bad.

Greenhouses & Garden Houses

Glass bi-fold doors are very ideal in greenhouses that need environmental adjustments to produce healthy plants, according to weather conditions. Motorized upward bi-folding windows open up the greenhouse to the fresh outdoors for proper ventilation and pollination. Property owners with large utility sheds and garden houses also benefit from being able to lift up an entire wall or bay window – Giving larger open access for equipment storage.


Motorized upward folding two paneled doors and windows are continuing to be a big trend in the restaurant industry as well. A hot and stuffy restaurant can be easily transformed into a well ventilated and comfortable environment by access to the outside air, that customers will remember and tell their friends about; especially in New York City’s hot and crowded summers. Bi-folding motorized doors and windows are novel, unique, and a fun idea for an outdoor patio bar too, which is guaranteed to keep the nightlife coming back for more.

Bi-fold-doors are also excellent for opening up or closing off walls and windows that divide a restaurant’s dining area. This allows adjoining dining rooms to be quickly partitioned off for private parties, or easily opened back up for extra seating which looks out onto the rest of the restaurant, unhindered by glass barriers. These upward rising two sectional motorized doors and windows are a business godsend for restaurants that are in desperate need of some modernization and a new and exciting WOW factor.


Residential house owners with large two, three, and four car garages are installing upward bi-folding doors that open up all of the garage’s parking spot entrances into one large garage bay. No more struggling with individual narrow doors to each individual garage space. Car collectors especially appreciate the convenience of having a single upward opening automatic bi-folding door on a large multi-spaced garage. This means more lighting and ventilation, and also provides better customer exposure for working garages.


Bi-fold doors can easily accommodate both exceptionally tall and wide openings on commercial warehouse docks. The ability to open up extended sections of the loading dock wall in unloading areas, allows for faster and more efficient processing and transport to storage. Commercial warehouses also use upward bi-folding doors inside of their storage facilities in order to section off warehouse spaces for either environmental control reasons, or for entry control in restricted access and high-risk inventory areas.

Looking to modernize your New York City business or residence with automatically opening and closing bi-folding doors and windows? New York Gates is the top professional gate and garage door manufacturers, installers, and repair specialists in the five boroughs. Get in touch with New York Gates today at 718-614-0616 or e-mail for more information.

Regardless if you’re using automatic bi-folding doors and windows for commercial property uses, or for your own personal residence, these motorized doors and windows offer a great property investment and years of enjoyment. The numerous material choices make automatic bi-folding doors and windows a renovation favorite for property owners looking for something new, bold, and innovative.

Automatically opening and closing bi-folding doors and windows are getting larger and more technologically advanced. Contractors have also had to grow with the times in order to meet consumer demand. With so many different contracting services out there, we highly recommend that consumers carefully vet a locally established gate and garage door specialist, which has positive checkable references in New York City.




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