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Mother’s Day in NYC: Where to Dine, What to Do

Mother’s Day is always a special time to appreciate the women in our lives. Whether it’s the woman who brought you into this life or the mother of your children, May 12 is a time to celebrate them. It’s also a time to celebrate all mother figures in your life. Think of a woman out there who is not your biological mother but has played a motherly role in your life. She also needs to be appreciated on Mother’s Day.

It can be your sister or female friend who is a wonderful mom. Nothing stops you from marking Mother’s Day with her. Talking of marking Mother’s Day, there can’t be a celebration if there’s nothing special to eat and do. You have to take the special woman in your life somewhere. Apparently, there’s no better city for celebrating Mother’s Day than New York City. Here’s a brief guide of where to eat and have fun on Mother’s Day.

Best Dining Spots

  1. Angus Club Steakhouse

For a mother who loves American-inspired cuisines, there’s no better place to take her than the Angus Clun Steakhouse. From the name, it’s obvious that steak entrees are the highlights. But still, there are other amazing items on the menu. For example, she can order lobster bisque or crab cake for an appetizer. For dessert, she can ask for flavored cheesecake.

  1. Santina

It’s always a great dining experience when you eat at an Italian restaurant. Santina is one of the top choices not just in NYC but the whole of New York. It serves coastal foods that are just mouthwatering. Whether it’s grilled porgy, ginger-topped shrimps or chicken pancakes, the serving at Santina is just out of this world.

  1. Olmsted

For a vegetable loving mother, very few restaurants in NYC have a rich menu like Olmsted. In addition to an array of veggies, you can also order organic egg rolls, apple rolls, and bagel crackers. The dishes are inspired by top-chef Greg Baxtrom who’s also the owner of the restaurant. Olmsted is generally a great spot to take your special woman for brunch.

  1. Semilla

Semilla promises at least 10 incredible courses in addition to some bread specialties on Mother’s Day. Most of the dishes here are centered on vegetables. So, the spot is also a great one for the vegetable loving mom. Once you get to the restaurant, it may be hard to choose what to eat as all items look stunning. Whatever your mom orders, she’s guaranteed special serving.

  1. Shuko

For a sushi-loving mom, Shuko has the best treatment in NYC. You can take her there for dinner on Mother’s Day as they’ll be having a special 5-course for the occasion. There’ll be about 15 sushi progressions to try out and a glass of champagne to go with them. Shuko is generally a popular spot on Mother’s Day and so it’s important to make an advanced booking.

  1. Upland

If you are looking for class and exceptional hospitality, then you shouldn’t look further than Upland. This modern restaurant has a dining experience like no other. Starting with the dining area; it’s spacious and artistically designed to inspire the woman in your life. If she prefers an outdoor dining space, she has the option at Upland. And their menu; the word mouthwatering is an understatement. You can talk of unbelievable, exclusive or just genius. From chicken pasta to lettuce salads, you can have it all at Upland.

  1. Patsy’s

For a mother who appreciates Italian cuisines, Patsy’s is just as good as Santina. This legendary restaurant has been in operation since 1944 and so it’s quite reputable. On Mother’s Day, they’ll be offering an elegant fixed menu for just $65 per serving. The menu will be featuring Eggplant Rollatini or Zucchini Pie for the starter. The entree will be featuring peas and chicken while the dessert will be featuring cannoli cream snacks.

Best Things to Do

  1. A City Cruise

There’s no better to tour NYC with your special lady than to go on a city cruise. On this Mother’s Day, give her the chance to experience a yacht ride as she’s served the best mimosas and wines. She’ll also get the best brunch dishes on the cruise. So many cruising companies offer this experience at a fee. You should consider them.

  1. A High Line Walk

For the adventurous mother, she’ll have an incredible outdoor experience along one of NYC’s favorite gems. Climbing the high line is always fascinating. She’ll be able to enjoy beautiful wildflowers and the vicinity of the Hudson River. It’s a nice adventure for a photography session. She can take pictures of the surrounding landscape once she is at the High Line.

  1. A Tour of the Botanical Gardens

For the nature loving and outgoing mom, there’s no better place to be than the NY Botanical Gardens. The flower arrangement at the gardens is just magical. You can stroll with her as she takes a healthy breath in NYC’s best nature spot. Besides, there are several food vendors offering fresh foods and drinks. So, you can spend a day here.

  1. A Visit to Central Park Zoo

For the animal caring mom, a day spent at the Central Park Zoo is always special. It’s even extra special if it’s on Mother’s Day. It’s also a nice place when kids are involved in the date. There are some amazing activities that are family tailored. For example, you can participate in a scavenger hunt. Not forgetting the beautiful birds and animals that are available here.

  1. A Carriage Ride Around Central Park

For a traditional mother, there’s no better way to remember the old days than to go on a carriage ride. The rides are offered on Mother’s day from the central park. This is the kind of experience that you can enjoy as a family. Besides, the more you are, the more enjoyable it is for your mom.

  1. A Spa Treatment at the Peninsula

Lastly, Mother’s Day can’t be complete without a moment of relaxation and bodywork. You can conclude the day by taking the special woman to the Peninsula for a memorable spa treatment. She’ll be able to get a full body massage as she sips her favorite champagne. There’s also a swimming pool, a gym, and sun terraces on site.

Closing Thought:

To express appreciation, love or gratitude to the mother in your life, make this Mother’s Day special. You need to take her out so that she can experience the beauty of NYC. She should be able to dine and have fun. The experience has to be exceptional for her to create long-lasting memories. After all, she deserves it.

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