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New York City Small Business Security Imperatives

Security is everything to a small business in New York City. Without the proper precautions your hard work and future financial legacy is in deep jeopardy.  There have been over 4,000 burglaries to date in 2017, a similar number of robberies as well. Knowing what type of security options are available on today’s marketplace will give you the information you will need to protect your business from being a victim of rampant criminals. Important modern small business security options include metal storefront barriers, automated security gates and garage doors, building access systems, video surveillance, security alarms, computer security applications and anti-hacking systems and services.

Cyber Security

There are so many other vulnerable security risks involved in running a small business besides just protecting its merchandise from thieves. Computer files hold valuable personal client information that in the hands of Identity thieves can be financially devastating to both the customer and the business involved. Most people think only big corporations are vulnerable to this type of cybercrime, but, the truth is, criminals intentionally target small businesses for their sensitive client information due to a small businesses easier hacking and phishing opportunities on the company’s computers and laptops. One employee opened virus filled email is all it takes.

Computer Security Checklist:

  1. First, inventory your current installed computer security programs and the dates that they were installed. Go down the list and make sure that all of your older installed security applications are currently updated.
  2. Second, make sure that your firewall settings are adequate enough for your threat level. All of the computers and laptops in your small business absolutely need to have active firewalls, virtual private networks (VPNs), and intrusion prevention systems in order to properly protect both your business, and your business’ customers.
  3. Finally, determine your highest threat level and then adapt your security system to handle that level, plus a little bit more. When it comes to small business cyber-security, “Safe is much better than incredibly sorry.”

It’s well worth the money you spend just knowing that you’re protected. The consequences of an attack can put a business out of business. Lost productivity, customer service interruptions, and in a worst case scenario, total breaches and/or shutdowns – The loss from a cyber-attack will far exceed the cost of being properly protected when it comes to computer and server security.

Video Surveillance

Having strategic security cameras installed both on the interior and the exterior of the small business are proven crime deterrents. Bad guys don’t like being recorded and they tend to stay away from businesses with video surveillance. It’s advisable to also set up internet access for mobile networking and offsite recording. Remote access allows you to watch after your business when you’re away, even at night, after business hours, giving the small business owner an affordable, versatile, and incredibly convenient off-site security option.

Quick Video Surveillance Tips:

  1. Do your systems checks at least once a week in order to ensure that all cameras are in working order and that the video system is recording properly.
  2. Check your camera angels and make sure that they fully cover all of the important high risk areas, entries and exits, and off-limit areas of your business.
  3. Keep your cameras clean and well maintained on a regular basis, fuzzy lenses make for harder viewing and identifications, leading to laxer security and potential theft.

Security Gates, Shutters, and Garage Doors

Security gates, fire/security shutters, plus garage and loading dock doors come in all different shapes and sizes with just as many business uses as well. Here is a basics list on security gates, shutters, and garage doors along with some of their common uses.

Security gates can be as simple as small lockable entry gates with either key or key-card access. They can also be large remote controlled one or two sectioned entry gates. Both ensure garage safety and controlled access to business compounds, apartment complexes, etc.

Storefront security gates come in roll-down or side-rolling models, aluminum or steel. They’re the daily workhorses that protect a business’s windows, doors, and shop merchandise after business hours. Larger gates need to be made from strong durable materials like steel. Smaller gates can utilize the benefits of lightweight aluminum and are offered in either an automated model or a hand-cranked one.

Fire and security shutters are versatile safety and security tools, especially for New York City small businesses. Roll-down shutters are made from steel or stainless steel. Typically, the overhead barrel held metal shutters are made of 1.5” flat or curved slats. They can be galvanized, painted or powder-coated, which makes them popular and easy to match to most business brand colors and decors.

Fire shutters are a must have for many small businesses when it comes to New York’s City’s fire safety compliance laws, but, they’re also incredibly useful for thoroughly sealing off outer doors and windows after business hours, and during business hours, keeping patrons out of off-limits sections like merchandise storage areas and small manager offices.

Garage doors are also a security must have in New York City. There were over 6,000 reported motor vehicle thefts city-wide at the end of 2016. 2017 is well on track to around the same total at the end of this year. Just because you have a garage door does not mean that you’re totally secure. Slow closing garage doors leave you open and vulnerable to intruders and thieves and should immediately be upgraded in a small business situation.

The obvious major security flaw of slow opening and closing garage doors is why many auto repair garages, warehouses, and apartment complexes use high-speed vinyl garage doors during business hours. This eliminates wasting both time and money on slow moving garage doors that also waste expensive heating and air conditioning. High-speed vinyl doors are very quick and light-weight; they’re also tough and secure enough to keep opportunistic thieves out.

Imperative Security

By properly utilizing these absolutely imperative security tools the small business owner will sleep much better at night knowing that they’re livelihoods are protected. Security isn’t cheap, but it’s an indispensable business expense that’s like your business insurance, “It’s there when you really need it if you keep it up-to-date.” Criminals are getting bolder every day and like vampires are devising new tricks and tactics in which to sap your business of its lifeblood. Luckily for the small business owner, technology and lower security equipment prices and services have come together in order to give owners the exact weapons that they need to actively tilt the war on crime back into the good guys favor.

Looking to install or repair a security gate or garage door for your small business?  New York Gates can easily help to answer some of your important questions about what’s the right security fit for your business needs. They’re located in Brooklyn and cover the entire five boroughs of New York City. Call them today at 1-718-614-0616 or Email them at  . They will be perfectly happy to help you.

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