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No Worries with Rolling Gate Maintenance & Repair Service

There is never a good time for your rolling security gate or to break down. You depend on your gate to either open up for business in the morning or protect your store from thieves and vandals at night. In these situations, a store owner wants to be covered 24/7, and also be able to quickly get ahold of a professional gate repair service at any time, night or day. Of course, having a maintenance and emergency repair plan already worked out with a vetted and trusted contractor of your choice is always optimum. When it comes to security, being prepared is a constant plus.

Fighting the N.Y. Weather

Our harsh New York weather is not exactly helpful on equipment. Gate maintenance needs to be carried out after every major snowstorm. Heatwaves can also bake parts and equipment into potential failure. This seasonal timeframe of break-down hazards naturally coincides with the industry recommended maintenance and repair standard of servicing equipment every six months. This rule-of-thumb will help to ensure that your rolling security gate stays safely and dependably working for you year-round.

Finding the Right Professional

Due to the dangerous aspects of high-torsion springs involved in gate installation and repair, industry standard professionals are a must when it comes to maintaining and repairing your gate. It’s just too dangerous a task for an amateur or onsite general maintenance person to safely tackle. Put plain and simply, rolling gate maintenance and repair is a specialty and needs a specialist.

Quality is King

The quality of product and quality of service and installation; these are two important factors that go into choosing a reliable rolling gate maintenance and repair package. The old adage is, “You always get what you pay for.” This is true with just about anything that you buy. But, when it comes to long-term investments like security gates, quality at a fair price is also a must.

Protecting Your Investment

After installation, you need to keep up the value of your investment with a 24/7 on-call rolling gate repair service. Regularly scheduled maintenance provides preventive measures, while emergency service guarantees your business will open and close on-time. Always remember, the expensive price of replacing a broken or neglected gate will always far outweigh the minor costs of maintenance and basic upkeep.

Uncovering Potential Problems

Regular maintenance can uncover problems that only a trained technician can spot. Every six- months, specific parts need maintenance that only a professional has the ability to properly access. This is why it is important to pre-vet a reliable gate company with an established trusted reputation.

Setting-up Structured Care

Other inner pieces and machinery that need structured care, like track alignment, potential electrical problems due to pests, and many other maintenance factors, dictate the need for a structured maintenance plan. Encountering resistance or track problems with your security gate is a clear indicator to call a professional for a gate check-up.

New York Gates has been the top security gate and garage door manufacturers and installers for over a decade in New York City. They also provide expert maintenance and repair services, 24/7, exactly when and where you need them in an emergency. Give them a call today at 1-718-614-0616 or e-mail for more information.



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