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Ongoing Trends in Modern Garage Doors

Now that 2017 is soon coming to an end, it’s time to take a new look at the latest popular trends in garage doors that are sure to live on into 2018.  Innovative new materials have entered into the manufacturing process bringing more durable and lower cost products into the consumer marketplace. We know that a house’s appearance just doesn’t look right if its garage door doesn’t match the houses overall décor, or, if the garage door is in disrepair as compared to the rest of the house. If this is the case, it’s time to start thinking about making a change and either refurbishing that old garage door or replacing it with a newer model. New technologies in the industry have made it not only quicker and easier to get in and out of the garage; they have also made garage doors more economical for the average modern day consumer to buy. This article will explore the latest garage door trends which have the best chances of continuing on to be popular in the many years to come.

Trendy Color Options

Bold colors have continued to trend on in 2017, and there’s no reason to believe they won’t also continue to be popular in 2018. Colors these days tend to be much deeper toned. They also mimic other societal trends with names like Hazelnut = a pinkish warm tan, Kale = a flat deep brownish green, and Island Paradise = a very light watery turquoise blue.

Three important garage door “Non-Colors” to remember are:

  1. White is a classic bright and crisp color. White is also a very easy color to get dirty depending on the house’s location (Busy Street?) and everyday uses and activities.
  2. Grey is a neutral color and is very popular because it blends in with the background of many brick or darker colored houses, plus it keeps the overall focus on the home.
  3. Black is not a popular choice for a house, but, it is for a garage door, especially with a greyish lighter tinted house as a background. This has been an ongoing popular trend in newer houses and building projects. The great thing about black, of course, is that it hides dirt, scuffs, and the daily grime of the big city.

Modern Materials

Steel paneled garage doors offer a stunningly wide range of colors and plenty of simulated wood finishes and engraving patterns to choose from. Steel is also both affordable and adaptable to most common building materials such as wood, brick, stone, and especially concrete. This continues to make the metal a highly popular garage door choice for both owners of older houses and newer constructions.

Wood is making a comeback again as paneled, vaniered, and hollow-core wood garage doors are being offered at lower cost prices as compared to expensive old-fashioned solid-wood garage doors. Glass windows are also a popular add-on chioce on a wood garage door, as it adds a clasic beauty while letting in extra light.

Hollow-cored wood doors are much lighter than solid wood doors, relieving a lot of the heavey wear and tear on the door’s tracks and harware. Innovations in hollow-core insulation help to keep monthly energy bills down for the consumer while providing an indistiguishable look from actual solid wood doors. A win, win, situation for the consumer.

Glass paned aluminum or steel framed garage doors have been stealing away solid wood door traditionalists for the past few years. Glass is a great modern alernative for older brick houses and it adds a touch of natural light to a normally darkened hard-to-light space.

Frosted glass options along with other colored pane chioces help to make glass garage doors versatile enough to also accomadate both older styled houses and newer models.  They’re a fun, trendy, and outside of the box concept that is sure to stay popular.

Insulation Inovations

Energy conservation and green oriented houses are nothing new. This healthy ongoing trend of environmental social awareness, not to mention the popularity of saving money on consumer power bills is also sure to continue into 2018 and far beyond. It’s just good common economic sense for everyone concerned.

For the avid mechanic or woodworker the garage is a common favorite household comfort zone in which to spend much of one’s free time. High-speed vinyl fabric garage doors are a popular way to help save on energy bills by providing  fast and easy access into and out of a garage  which both reduces the amount of time that expensive heat can escape from it, and also cuts down on the security risk of a slow moving garage door.

Trending into 2018

When the summer of 2018 finally arrives with the return of sunshine and heating the garage is no longer such an important concern, a trendy, fun garage door extra is a full inner retractable garage door screen which is a great way to enjoy the fresh outdoor air, watch sports in the garage with friends and family, and also all the while keep pesky bugs out while still maintaining easy access for the home owner and basic security from opportunistic thieves.  The full length screen can then be retracted overhead and the standard garage door can then be closed as usual, giving one the best of both garage worlds.  But for now, it’s a perfect time to focus on all of the great new garage door choices available on the marketplace this fall as 2017 starts to meld into 2018, bringing with it both its older and newer trends into the New Year.

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