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Popular Storefront Security Gate Options

Security gates for retail storefronts are a commonplace sight in most big cities across the nation.  But, storefront security gates are an absolute must-have for businesses in New York City; otherwise, a Big Apple business could be easily out of business once Gotham’s criminal elements start to target an under-secured property, business, or apartment complex.  It doesn’t matter if your business faces the street, is inside a building, or if it stands alone. The security threat and need for adequate security gates remain the same in all three situations. Street-side retail businesses are vulnerable to smash and grab opportunistic thieves. Shopping mall stores and kiosks all have different hours of operation, along with airport stands and subway stations stands. These stores are vulnerable to open pedestrian traffic and/or a large nighttime facility maintenance worker access after these stores are closed for business. Security grilles and gates give mall and airport shop owners both reliable security and peace of mind after-hours.

Side Folding Security Gates

Side-folding security gates can be as simple as scissor style folding gates for backdoors or storage areas that are attached to a side wall and can be easily unlocked and accessed by employees while still creating a strong physical and visual deterrent from opportunistic thieves and intruders. Smaller sized side-folding security gates are also an economical way to protect a business’s doorways/doorsteps from loitering vagrants while also protecting doors and windows from break-ins.

Larger storefront side-folding models are set on frames on all sides,  and they usually, incorporate strong tubular steel or lightweight aluminum bars on the gates which provide maximum storefront security. These types of larger security gates also come in many powder-coated color choices in which to match a company’s specific logo or color theme.

Rolling Gates

Rolling gates and grilles are a storefront’s daily workhorse and are normally motorized as the gates coil-up overhead into a storage barrel.  The benefits of these types of security gates are that coiling gates can be installed for both indoor and outdoor use,  making them a versatile choice for most storefronts.

Smaller versions are also found as rolling grilles in most pharmacy windows and assorted stands and kiosks.  Grills can come in see-through models for helping security assess threats or solid slatted models.  Smaller versions of rolling gates can also accommodate hand-crank and chain openers that do not need power in order to operate.

Rolling gates, grilles, and side-slide gates come in several different patterns such as staggered open brick patterned bars, perforated panels, see-through shatterproof window panels, plus solid slat or solid paneled models.  The heavy-duty construction of security gates is made to stand up to both the daily commercial abuse of a busy business plus the cunning of New York City’s criminals. Without rolling gates, grilles, and side-slide gates an NYC business is open prey.

Material choices include aluminum, stainless, or galvanized steel plus offer an array of color choices that make security gates able to blend in with a business’s brand ambiance and visual business statement.  This makes a security gate not just a piece of property, but a visual business marketing tool as well.

Retail stores are not the only businesses that need security gates for proper protection from the criminal elements of a big city like New York. New York City apartment complexes also commonly protect themselves with a combination of both parking lot/garage security gates and key, code, or card access security gates for walkway entry /exits. This gives fast, easy, and safe access to the security, sanctity, and comfort of one’s home in an instant.

No matter what borough your shop or property is located in across New York City, your business is definitely going to need some form of security gate in order to keep your employees/tenants safe, along with your inventory and business customer data.  Finding the right security gate that perfectly fits your business is easy and affordable in today’s market. A vast amount of model choices, materials, coatings, etchings, patterns, and colors accommodate multiple price ranges in order to assure that all businesses have the ability to be safe 24/7 – Both a business’s safety and success in New York City truly relies on choosing what security gate fits its needs the best.

If you’re currently evaluating the security of your property and need some professional help, call New York Gates today at (718) 614 – 0616 or email them at with your specifics and they will contact you A.S.A.P. in order to answer all of your questions. They cover all of New York’s City’s five boroughs and are also the leading security gate and garage door specialists in the industry.


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