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Rolling Shutters Protect Street-side Entrepreneurs

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There’s nothing more charming than a walk in some of New York City’s most famous historic districts. It’s a unique experience being able to stroll down through the open markets, sampling tasty gourmet treats from small food vendor windows. The amounts of consumer goods sold in N.Y.C’s pop-ups, food stands, and smaller novelty stores are staggering. A highly secure and very economical shutter door system is the best way to provide both security and weatherproofing in order to protect those investments. 2016 saw a promising rise in sales from 2015, and the New York business community is optimistically anxious to see yet another successful big growth in 2017. With a rise in consumer confidence in the mix this year; spring will be a perfect time to open up your business to the New York masses enjoying the wonderful street ambiance. Below are some different uses and options that are available to business owners with sidewalk or drive-thru window access, or for shop-owners who need full window and door security at night after business hours.

Food Vendors

According to a recent New York Times article, the New York City Council is thinking of gradually doubling their food vending permits over a period of seven years. This new legislation would mean that rival competition in the city is only going to grow in the upcoming years. That’s why it’s very important for current vendors to invest in both the appearance and the security of their stand or small shop.

First impressions mean a lot to tourists from out-of-town. Roll down shutters have a clean, professional look, which represents the pride and hard work that’s put into a food concession operation. On the security end, it would be foolish to risk your livelihood and hard work on an old, easily broken into door. Swing down pass-window covers is also an outdated eyesore. 2017’s brighter looking economy is providing the public with more expendable income to spend, especially for days and nights out-on-the-town, buying goods from vendors.

Mall Stands

Those kiosks in the middle of the mall walkways have great access to customers enjoying the multitude of latest gadgets that they offer. IE: cell phone accessories, misc. wares, and the ever-inviting gold and silver stands. Unfortunately, these stands are also very inviting for thieves. Once a thief gets behind the counters and breaks into the storage compartments of a mall stand, it only takes them a few minutes to clean out the highest value items and quickly be on their way. It’s usually a total crime of opportunity which could have been easily prevented by better security measures.

Rolling shutters can be specifically measured and designed for the needs of both big and small mall stands. When conveniently installed by professionals they can provide the security necessary to discourage the average opportunity thief from breaking into your stand. Shutters are also very versatile and come in either electric or hand-crank models; hand-crank versions are useful when power access is limited – Which is most of the mall stands in the middle of the malls’ halls’. (Say that three times fast!)

Low Windows and Back/Alley Doors

Shutters are also an efficient and proven way of securing low, side windows. Low windows are a burglar’s best friend. There are tens of thousands of burglaries every year in New York City. A shop-owner who doesn’t protect themselves from such an active threat to their hard-earned investment will regret it later. Modern shutters also offer electric automated models that will eliminate all-of-the elbow work when opening up a shop.

Backdoors and especially alleyway doors are the most vulnerable access points for potential break-ins. No matter the door size, shutters can run all the way to the ground providing a tough, hard-steel, and practically impenetrable barrier.  Shutters effectively protect your business against the common thief that is roaming the streets at night, full of ill-intent, looking for easy marks. That’s why roll-down window and door shutters are a security necessity these days for the small shop owner or concession stand operator.

Weather Proof Protection

For the food vendor and the small shop owner; both owners will benefit from the extra waterproofing a weather resistant shutter provides. For outdoor vendors, this is a must. Losing your product to water damage or theft can in some cases, mean losing your business altogether. Roll-down shutters can quickly help prevent business tragedies from weather damage before they happen. This is what makes them a favorite barrier type for several different New York City small entrepreneurial businesses for several different reasons; especially when the weather gets rough.

Easy Maintenance and Repair

There are a lot of working parts in both electric and hand crack shutters, but, as long as they’re regularly maintained they should have a long, durable, and fully functional shelf-life. Basics, like batteries in the remote control units need to be replaced when needed, and wall mounted control boxes need to be maintained on electric units.

For installation, maintenance, and repair, New York Gates has been one of the top service providers in the industry in New York City for over a decade. The company is based in Brooklyn, NY. Their service areas conveniently cover all five boroughs of ManhattanThe BronxBrooklynQueens, and Staten Island. NYG also offers 24/7 Emergency service. That’s something which is vital when your business is impacted by a broken rolling shutter or gate, and your lost time literally means lost money.


Stands and small businesses throughout New York City depend on roll-down counter and full window and door shutters, in order to keep out thieves and hostile weather. One look around any popular destination in the N.Y.C area and you can see a roll-down shutter system somewhere emplaced.   Shutters are usually more appealing to the eye than rolling doors are, also making them a good choice for assorted business purposes. As we have repeated above, shutters can seal a doorway, ensuring that whatever happened outside your door the night before stayed out there without seeping in – if you know what I mean – keeping your store safe and clean inside.

While cleanliness is always a major concern in food concession stands, shutters are also a very important firewall against the riff-raff of the night. Shutters seal and protect the stand from every access point. Shutters are offered in a multitude of different customizable sizes, colors, and finishes from expert companies like New York Gates providing something to match every business brand, taste, or style. They are easy to use, requiring just 25lbs of pressure to open them up. They’re truly a smooth and efficient piece of machinery and a very sound business investment, with as many different uses to the modern entrepreneur as there are shutter options avialable.

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