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Save Energy before Winter with High-Speed Garage Doors

It’s that time of year to start making preparations for the intense weather during fall and winter that we tend to get here in New York City. Why wait until it’s already cold to start the energy saving process? Taking time out at the end of summer is a perfect way to be able to take your time while deciding on what energy saving precautions to take before the cold and stormy weather starts to fully set in next season. Unfortunately, your garage door can be one of the biggest energy wasting offenders on your whole property when it comes to letting expensive heat out and letting freezing cold air in. High-speed garage doors are the easiest and most economical solution to this problem, for both commercial applications and in some cases, residential homeowners as well. Here are some common ways that PVC and fabric high-speed garage doors can help save money on a property’s energy bills, plus, provide some added security as well.

About High-Speed Garage Doors

High-speed garage doors are made from fabric or PVC, depending on the measurements and requirements that are involved. These types of doors come in versatile size-spans that accommodate most commercial needs. They can be manufactured as big as thirty-nine feet wide and eighteen feet tall, or as small as 3 by 4 feet for conveyer belt doors and other specialty applications.

High-speed doors are fast, durable, dependable, and very convenient, with easy to use access to both push button controls and remote control. What also makes high-speed garage doors popular with commercial applications is the fact that the material used in this product comes in a vast variety of colors and finishes, which match most company themes and logos.

High-speed doors are insulated, flexible, shatterproof, and they can also have see-through panels or “windows” inserted into them for safe entry or exit viewing, in busy, high-use environments. The doors also have a soft bottom rail that’s instantly retracted when it hits an obstacle; protecting employees, merchandise, and vehicles alike from injury and damage.

Common High-Speed Door Uses

Warehouses use high-speed PVC garage doors on their exterior loading dock entrances to both save energy and enhance security. Fabric high-speed doors are also commonly used in warehouse interiors to block off certain sections in storage areas for security controlled access and climate control purposes.

Parking garages with a lot of traffic also depend on high-speed garage doors to help save on costs. Due to their strong light-weight construction, high-speed garage doors are less likely to break down than heavy slow moving standard garage doors. This means that they require less maintenance, and thus, save the property owner money on annual maintenance costs.

For residential homeowners with large or multiple door garages, high-speed garage doors provide an easy energy saving alternative to having only standard slow-moving garage doors. They’re also a safer alternative for people who like to leave their standard garage doors open when they’re at home for convenience; risking being victimized by criminals.

High-speed garage doors provide quick and easy access while working in the yard or around the house, eliminating the inconvenient wait time when opening or closing slow and heavy garage doors. High-speed garage doors can be installed over a single standard garage door, allowing the homeowner to quickly and securely open and close a fabric high-speed garage door over the solid standard door, enhancing energy saving insulation while also protecting from outside security threats.

High-speed garage doors are also used in:

  • Car Dealerships
  • Auto Repair Garages
  • Retail Store Warehouses

Time is Money so Start Saving

New York City is a fast passed environment where people of all walks of life are constantly trying to beat the clock, traffic, and everyone else trying to get in-line for something. With such a high traffic level in the city on a daily basis, slow garage doors allow so much costly HVAC to escape, while also providing too much of an open invitation for thieves and intruders to sneak past the door as it slowly closes.

High-speed garage doors bring in more customers, they lower a business’s energy costs every month and also help to keep theft down. They have an incredibly quicker opening and closing time than standard garage doors. High-speed garage doors are made extremely tough for harsh high usage commercial settings. Exterior models are also made to handle intense weather and the daily abuse that commercial equipment takes on a regular basis.

For those who are new to high-speed garage doors, we hope that this article has helped point out a great economical solution to a common problem – Loss of costly heat or air conditioning due to slow moving standard garage doors and also the security threat involved with slow moving door mechanisms. When it comes right down to it, high-speed garage doors are the best place to start when it’s time to start thinking about saving money on energy costs.

New York Gates is the best in the industry when it comes to manufacturing and installing high-speed garage doors. Contact them today at (718) 614 – 0616, or use the company’s online Contact Us web page. A representative will be happy to answer all of your questions.



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