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Saving Time and Money with High-Speed Doors


Our Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin, was originally attributed with the old saying of, “Time is money.” The business world has been loyally following his advice ever since with great success. That’s because every good business owner and manager in America knows that a slowdown in production means a decrease in profits. This is also why having the wrong type of mechanized vertical roll-up door for your business needs, can actually end up costing you more in the long run. High-speed doors can appropriately balance the need for security, with quick easy access in a productive and efficient way for both workers and customers alike. It’s no wonder that this modern door technology is becoming extremely popular in big towns like New York City, where time really is money, and speed is always of the essence.

What are high-speed doors?

High-speed doors are commonly made of tough fabric PVC. They vertically roll-up at speeds that are more conducive to high traffic entryways, such as outer bay doors, and also the interior of temperature controlled warehouses. They’re also useful in many other areas that need easy and speedy access without a solid, heavy, and much slower door getting in the way.

These types of doors safely roll-up at speeds much faster than standard rolling vertical doors. Depending on the consumer’s needs, they can come up and down at a minimum speed of around 30 inches-per-second, and all the way up to over 80 inches-per-second. When specialized commercial circumstances are needed, this makes it a very versatile tool for both small and big business owners.

Who uses high-speed doors?

Warehouses, and also auto repair garages are one of the main utilizers of high-speed roll-up doors. They need the quick access that the doors provide them. General workers, like fork-lift drivers, can easily take their payloads back and forth from truck to storage/freezer with faster access. For both the warehouse worker and the mechanic, motion sensors, remote controls, and indoor control boxes can quickly and conveniently let deliveries and shipments in and out – plus customers and clients, all without any aggravating, embarrassing, and time-consuming delays in work or service.

Is a high-speed roll-up door right for my business?

High-speed units have been proven to be safe, highly functional, and economical. Plus, they’re also a secure and successful way to solve most any bay door access problems; whether they are security, energy conservation, or business volume related.

High-speed doors also remove the dilemma on the loading dock of whether or not to leave the dock door open behind you; potentially compromising security – or having to slowly wait while the door opens or closes.

High-speed doors are the workhorses that are normally used in large sectioned off warehouse coolers, garages, and also for covering bay doors of all types and sizes. New York Gates offers their clients sizes from 39 feet wide and 18 feet tall, to as small as 3 feet wide by 4 feet high.

Businesses that are under strict regulations from city, county, and other state agencies should definitely have high-speed doors installed; especially to properly maintain standard environmental temperature controls and safety requirements. IE: USDA, FDA, etc. Call New York Gates today at 718-614-0616, or use their convenient online Contact Us web page now to set up a quick and easy assessment.

Standard safety features

Fabric high-speed roll-up doors are specifically designed to be both lightweight and tough. The technology involved has advanced significantly over the last few years; making them safe, effective, and very economical choices for the business owner. The doors can provide see-through abilities for double sided worker safety. This is what also makes them perfect for sectioning off and sealing warehouses for climate control and security reasons.

The fabrics can come in many different colors. Bright colors can be used as a highly visible safety tool. The doors can also be customized to match company colors and logos. The doors are equipped with sensitive contact detectors when rolling down, and flexible bottoms which can safely stop the door when it touches anything in its path; gently and harmlessly reversing it back upward.

Weather resistance

These doors are actually specifically made to be surprisingly wind resistant.  They are also adequately sealed and waterproofed for most business and apartment garage needs. Some models are strong enough to stand minor hurricane force winds.  One of the best reasons to have a high-speed door is to keep out all of the elements during normal working hours when traffic is the most prevalent. That’s when a slow roll-up door can really be annoying, allowing unwanted debris and adverse weather conditions to rush in.

Maintenance and repairs

According to the expert repair technicians at New York Gates in Brooklyn; high-speed roll-up vertical doors have fewer problems overall than conventional, heavier and slower solid doors. The NYG techs also stated that the high quality, strength, and durability of their product help to significantly minimize the need for most ongoing repairs. Just in case, though, their company offers a two-year warranty after installation to all of its clients. This is what makes these types of innovative industrial doors right in line with most every business’s bottom line.


By using the latest high-speed roll-up door technology, a business’s products and customers flow faster. Workers get more work done. And a higher business volume is achieved; thus, making and saving the business cold hard cash. After installing a faster outer fabric door, larger and slower outer bay doors can then be left open during working hours while still protecting the entryway from intruders.  The benefits of saving on your power bills will also be very clear after being energy efficient – Clearly, a win, win situation that Benjamin Franklin would be thoroughly proud of; saving your business both time and money.

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