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Solar Powered Security Gates

Large or small, if your security gates require some form of power to open and close you really should look into solar powered security gates. With designs, sizes, and materials available of every conceivable type, the wave of future security gates lies in their ability to capture the power of the sun for their daily operation.














Already in production by several manufacturers the cost benefits of solar powered security gates gets an A+ for efficiency and savings. Whether your use includes the workplace, your home, vacation spot, or the ranch the practicality of these gates is well known.


Why Solar Power?


Solar power uses the greatest source of free energy we know of; the sun. With the back-up and energy storage capabilities of today, even on cloudy days lets you keep the sun’s powerful rays available. No power failures here.


Solar power is great for environmental reasons, long-term maintenance issues, and of course the cost benefits.


Getting Your Solar System Up and Running


The set-up of a solar powered system to generate power for opening and closing your gates is quite simple. All you need is a specially designed panel, called a solar panel, a power inverter to convert the sun’s DC power to AC power, power lines for carrying the current, and a control box to release power for opening or closing the gate.


How a Solar Powered Gate System Saves You Money


At the heart of this article is providing you with information on the obvious cost benefits of solar powered gates. Other than the initial investment in installing your solar powered system, over time there should be little to no additional expenses.


Because it doesn’t require electricity, a solar powered gate system just makes sense. It is self-contained and almost immune to failure. In addition, many buyers are willing to pay a premium for having a solar system included in their purchase of a property.


In an effort to conserve and reduce resources, the US federal government offers tax incentives for the installation of solar powered systems.


In fact, depending on the size of your project you can find several how to books on building your own system or contact a local security gate installer for a quote.


Are they Secure & Safe?


Certainly concerns over safety and security are important. Nowhere has anybody made a reasonable argument against the use of solar power because of its security. As for safety, solar powered gates are as safe as traditional electric alternatives.


It is hard to imagine a reason for not considering and implementing a solar powered solution for your current security gate system. The cost and environmental benefits alone make it a wise decision. For those seeking additional information related to cost, call and speak to your local security gate installation expert. New York Gates is one such expert offering one of the few solar powered systems in the New York area. You can call them at 718-614-0616.

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