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Security Gate Choices for Small Business Owners

Security gates and barriers are part of most every kind of business in New York City, big or small. Small business owners here need gates and roll-down doors and shutters out of necessity in order to keep their businesses safe from trespassers, vandals, and thieves. Commercial needs can be very different than residential ones. This is because criminals are known to purposely target small businesses, knowing that they’re easy prey without the right protections.  Access point usage, the number of entry points, and any restricted areas will, of course, help to gauge the type of security that’s needed in order to properly protect your small business at night. This article will guide you through several different popular security gate choices.

There are many different models of automatic and hand-cranked gates, shutters, and doors that fit, seal, and secure small businesses from both the harsh elements of winter that our North Eastern weather dishes out, plus the year round criminal element of an incredibly large city such as New York.

Basic Entry-Way Gates

The two main security gates that are recommended for small businesses are folding side gates/grilles, or roll-down gates. Folding side gates are the least expensive, while grilles are aluminum, bigger, and are usually more mechanized in order to cover larger store openings, thus more expensive. Roll-down gate’s come in steel panels or open bars, and they’re a very fast and easy way to open and close-up a shop.

New York City being adamantly vigil in detouring spray paint vandalism, enacted a law that affects many businesses. 70% of the area that a security gate covers must be see-through. This is so marauding graffiti vandals will hopefully feel unenthused about tagging your business’s gate because it’s slotted. What this means for the small business owner is one more of many regulations that they now have to follow, or else!

The New York Gates company in Brooklyn is happy to help keep business owners informed of any new developments in city regulatory laws, plus also help owners who might have immediate compliance issues. The company’s phone number is (718) 614 – 0616. It’s better in business to know first than to pay extra later, all because of an obscure city regulation.

Shuttering Side Windows, Pass Windows, and Vending

The most innovative and popular aspect of shutters is the extensive assortment of materials that are now used to manufacture them; allowing for many different colors, finishes, and designs to choose from that match most every business style. Of course, this is a perfect choice for vendors who want bold looks in which to attract pedestrian traffic. For foodservice vendors, stainless steel shutters offer stain resistance, easy clean-up, and a rust-free professional look.

For shopping mall vendors, shutters provide an upscale look, plus some much-needed added security in areas where small shops don’t always keep the same hours, and also where anyone can just walk by your closed kiosk after hours. Shutters are an eye-pleasing crime deterrent that is both affordable and incredibly versatile. Professionals in the industry such as New York Gates, have all of the manufacturing abilities that are needed in which to custom fit any small businesses unusual measurement requirements – Big requirements or small ones.

Fire shutters are also an important decision to make for New York City small business owners, due to the numerous fire regulations involved in doing business in the Big Apple. Fire is a very serious subject in a big city. This is where a professional analysis is highly recommended. Fire shutters are built tough and reliable and have built-in safety features to avoid accidents when automatically closing in a fire, keeping both you and your product safe from fire damage.

Gated Hallways and High-Speed Doors

For shipping and warehouse security and control, gated hallways for day or night protection provide a formidable theft deterrent. For moving inventory on and off the docks, high-speed remote control doors that are made of tough and durable PVC fabric, instantly open and close while still upholding security and warehouse temperature control.

Roll-down steel gates add that extra punch of protection that business merchants appreciate.  From mall shops to warehouse back docks, or to customer and employee parking garages, electric gates fit most N.Y. business needs. Roll-down gate’s also come in numerous material choices, but the consumer favorite is stainless steel. The long-lasting dependability of steel makes it a good long-term investment.

Rolling steel gates also, unfortunately, have a reputation for being heavy and slow. The latest modern innovations in gate models, though, have created more evolved, stylish, faster, more dependable, and much easier to work with roll-down security gates. Color finishes are available that match any shops brand or motif. Industry experts such as New York Gates actively work with small business owners on a regular basis in order to provide them with the best security plan possible, for the best money, at the absolute best quality available on the marketplace.


Every small business owner works hard every day in order to ensure the continued success of their investment. In New York City, a business owner must also work diligently to constantly protect their small business from thieves, vandals, and vagrants as well. It’s just a plain fact of doing business in the Big Apple, or in any large city for that matter. The high crime rates in big cities are always a very serious factor in a small businesses success or failure. Being prepared 24/7 by protecting the outside of your store will automatically protect what’s inside – Your hard earned livelihood!

Due to some of the many modern advances in the industry; aesthetics, code legalities, and also the sometimes unusual measurement requirements of small businesses can now all be customized in order to fit most every business need. Making the right choice that will best fit your small business is also as easy as doing a little research online, then making some quick phone calls to local security gate professionals in your area for the best bid.

Whether you’re a small business owner looking for expert gate installations and repairs, ongoing maintenance, or 24/7 emergency service care; New York Gates has you covered. Check out their 5 borough service areas today and make an appointment for an assessment of your security gate needs by calling (718) 614 – 0616.

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