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Summer Festivals near NYC

The temperatures are warming up in New York City and it can only imply one thing; the summer season is here with us. So, prepare yourself for an exciting time in the city. It’s that time of the year when no one will rebuke for being in a party mood. This is because there are so many festivals to look forward to attending. From music concerts to street parties, you just can’t have enough fun in NYC. A majority of these festivals are family-friendly. Thus, you can tag your kids along. To make it easy for you, we’ve discussed 10 of the best summer festivals in NYC for you to consider:

BRIC Celebrates Brooklyn (Jun-Aug)

This summer Patti LaBelle will be curtain-raising the annual BRIC Celebrates Brooklyn Festival. The festival is considered one of the biggest for lovers of soul music. Some amazing soul artists will grace the festival and they promise style and authenticity. Other than soul music, the festival series will also celebrate local culture. So, if you want to learn a few things about Brooklyn, then you should go to Prospect Park this summer.

Summer Stage (Jun-Sept)

In NYC, there’s no better phrase to describe fun during the summer than Summer Stage. This year, you have the chance to enjoy the melodic sounds of George Clinton on his last musical tour. Fishbone will also be performing, among many other acclaimed artists. The festival will be staged at the lovely Central Park and the money collected will be channeled towards supporting the park’s charity foundations. Thus, booking a ticket for the event is like giving to charity.

Curl Fest (Jul)

The month of July only means one thing for the people of Brooklyn; the Curl Fest. This annual festival is for women who are crazy about curly hair to experience some of the most amazing trends. From kinky curly to melanin, different styles will grace the festival. There’ll also be hair product vendors showcasing some of the best hair products. Therefore, if you are looking to get some inspiration pertaining to hair care and styles, you should go to Curl Fest.

Asian Film Festival (Jul 1-14)

This summer NYC will be hosting the Asian Film Festival in two different locations; SVA Theatre and Lincoln Center. These two venues will allow you to watch Chinese and Japanese blockbusters. You can also watch a few Korean movie hits. It’s a family-friendly festival and so you can take your kids to experience the spirit of martial art.

Afro-Latino Festival (Jul 12, 13)

The City of New York celebrates all kind of music and culture. And in July, the fans of Afro-Latino music will have the opportunity to have the ultimate experience of the music they love. Since its launching in 2013, this annual festival has celebrated both the African and Latino community. So, if you are of either decent or you just want to experience their culture, there’s no better place to be in the summer than Downtown Brooklyn.

British Magicians (Jul 17)

When it comes to the British Magicians Festival, you just can’t tell what to expect. Whether it’s teleportation or mystical disappearances, the magicians do it all at the festival. It’s generally a great event to attend with your kids. They’ll be amazed at every stunt that the magicians pull. This experience is simply none like what you would imagine a magic event should be like. You just have to come to Mayo Performing Arts Center to experience it.

Ice Cream Blizzard (Jul 21)

On July 21, the Grand Bazaar will host the biggest ice cream festival in NYC. They’ll mark its fourth celebration this year. The festival promises more than 15 top ice cream experts plus about 130 ice cream vendors. All of them will showcase their best ice cream designs and flavors. The bonus is that entry to the festival is free. You just need to drop at 77th Street as from 10 am.

Secret Summer (Aug 4)

If you are new in NYC and want to have a taste of how summer is like in one day, Secret Summer is a must-attend. This festival describes everything good about New York – trendy fashions, great music, adorable art, and mouthwatering dishes. The fun bit is that the celebrations are marked on the rooftop. So, you are guaranteed an up-close view of the city.

Italian Festival (Aug 8-11)

Are you crazy about Italian food and tradition? Then you should be in the East Harlem streets this August for the annual Italian Festival. The event promises quality Italian fun. Other than fine traditional Italian cuisines, you’ll also have the chance to enjoy Italian live bands, cultural diversity, and religion. The festival is also free.

Blues BBQ Festival (Aug 24)

For so many New Yorkers, there’s no better combination of terms for describing fun than sweet music and mouthwatering barbeques. This is actually what you get at the annual Blues BBQ Festival. They play some melodious American blues that are good for someone needing to unwind. So, if your kids are crazy about barbeques, you should take them to Hudson River Park on August 24th.

Afropunk Festival (Aug 24, 25)

This August, the Afropunk Festival will be taking place at the Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn. It’s an outdoor music festival that celebrates a wide range of sounds. From hip-hop to pop music, there’s so much to experience. Some of NYC finest artists will grace the concert. It promises multicultural awareness, local crafts, and amazing foods. You just can’t afford to miss.

Electrical Zoo Festival (Aug 30-Sept 1)

This summer, Megarave will be marking a decade following the setting off of IDM Tsunami. The tsunami did not just change the landscape of American history but also saw the evolution of pop music. This year’s festival is expected to feature artists like Dog Blood and Diplo. Other than crazy beats, you are promised some mind-blowing fireworks and lots of LED screen displays.

Closing Thought:

Generally, NYC is the place to be during the summer if you are looking for the ultimate fun experience. There’s just plenty of exciting events to attend. The people are lively and the festivals are designed to create amazing memories. Not only do you get to have fun but you’ll also meet new people and make friends out of them. Not forgetting the foods and drinks; they are just splendid.


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