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The 411 on Aluminum-Framed Glass-Paneled Garage Doors

Aluminum-framed glass-paneled garage doors either add to or transform a house with that ever popular modern look which is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s residences. The contemporary look and sleek design of aluminum-framed glass-paneled garage doors just don’t add to a house’s ambiance, they are corrosion resistant and let in radiant light if needed, or colored light from a multitude of tinted pane color choices, or plenty of other non-see-through glass pane variations of modern manufactured glass to choose from. Standard aluminum-framed glass-paneled garage door sizes range up to 18 feet, making them a stunning visual accompaniment to large multi-spot garages. Aluminum-framed glass-paneled garage doors retract overhead like standard solid paned garage doors with the lightweight advantage of aluminum. This lightweight aspect of aluminum-framed glass-paneled garage doors also helps to cut down wear and tear on automatic openers and other working garage door mechanisms, saving money on future expensive repairs.

Aluminum Frame Options

Standard aluminum-framed glass-paneled doors come in seven common sizes:

  • 8 foot wide aluminum-framed glass-paneled doors come with two horizontal glass pane panel rows, four panes high.
  • 9 foot wide aluminum-framed glass-paneled doors come with three horizontal glass pane panel rows, four panes high.
  • 16 foot wide aluminum-framed glass-paneled doors come with four horizontal glass pane panel rows, four panes high.
  • 18 foot wide aluminum-framed glass-paneled doors come with five horizontal glass pane panel rows, four panes high.
  •  Standard aluminum garage door frame heights come in 7’, 8’, 9’, 10’ and 12 feet high.

Insulated rails and stiles are available options that can add R-value (insulating power) using polyurethane insulation. Joint seals between glass panel sections can be added for extra protection from the weather and also help to fend off excessive winds. Aluminum frames can be painted or powder coated to successfully match any house’s color scheme.

Glass Pane Tints

  • Clear standard glass panes let in full light and visibility to a garage.
  • Bronze tinted glass panes have a coppery shaded, but totally see-through tint that helps to dissipate glare.
  • Gray tinted glass panes balance just the right amount of light to provide a warm aesthetic.
  • Satin glass panes have a mother of pearl acid etched luster with a fogged transparency.
  • Obscured glass panels provide privacy from peering eyes while still allowing for some light to pass through.
  • White laminated glass panes are thick, strong, durable, and normally not see-through.
  • Green tinted glass is infused with iron oxide to produce a soft green tint.


A great thing about aluminum-framed glass-paneled garage doors is how versatile they are. One is not limited to all glass panels. Full aluminum panels are also available in many colors, patterns, and finishes. This allows the purchaser to place glass panels or solid metal panels wherever they wish, strategically adding extra security or light where it’s needed the most. Glass panel doors can also be used for entry and driveway gates, giving a classic and elegant look to any home that matches your new aluminum-framed glass-paneled garage doors.

There are many different types of garage doors available today, but not many that accompany the look of a contemporary style modern house so well as aluminum-framed glass-paneled garage doors.  With so many options available when choosing this type of garage door it’s no wonder that they remain so popular.

Frame options, frame color, and finish options, glass pane and full aluminum panel color, etching, and texture options, are all available with aluminum-framed glass-paneled garage doors. There are few other garage doors that offer so many different choices and combinations. This is why aluminum-framed glass-paneled garage doors remain so popular in the marketplace – Ensuring a lasting style that is sure to never go out of style in the near future.

Finding the right manufacturer and installer:

With this model of garage door, it’s highly recommended to find a company who is fully trained and specialized in aluminum-framed glass-paneled garage doors. Get in touch with New York Gates today at 718-614-0616, they’re the top professional gate and garage door manufacturers, installers, and repair specialists in New York City. E-mail them at with your project specifics and NYG will contact you back with detailed answers to your questions.

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