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The Benefits of Lightweight Aluminum Rolling Grilles


Anyone who has been to a shopping mall has probably seen a shop closed with a simple slatted see-through shiny metal grille that’s protecting the storefront, and, of course, the merchandise inside of it. Lightweight aluminum and steel grilles provide passing customers a way to see inside a store for future reference, giving them a chance to evaluate a shop’s wares for the next time that they’re at the mall. This is an important way of free advertising for the average independent or corporate retail shop owner, which often leads to new customer pools. The open ambiance of metal grilles not only look great but they also allow for the proper ventilation that’s important for indoor environmentally controlled venues like shopping malls, helping to keep retail shops and their inventory both safe and perfectly acclimatized.

Shopping Mall Rolling Grilles

As we stated above, retail stores in open shopping malls often choose to use lightweight aluminum roll-down grilles because they’re easy-to-use for their employees. They also need very little maintenance and have a low breakdown rate, which also benefits the business owner’s annual bottom line.

The lightweight design of this product is reinforced by its sturdy mounted tracks that make them both impenetrable to common thieves and also still be appealing to the average New Yorker’s eye. The combination of both strength and lightweight material can easily accommodate large mall shop openings with hard steel, aluminum, and stainless steel models.

For those shops with a flair for color, the manufacturer choices are not just limited to the standard steel or aluminum options. Powder coating is available by using a specialized gate manufacturing company. Other convenient benefits of lightweight grilles include the options of easy-to-use hand crank models or electric ones that quickly open and close at the convenient push of a button.


Interior and Exterior Grilles

Rolling grilles are often utilized by mall outlet shops, but they’re also a useful way of giving businesses located on the sidewalk that extra degree of security that they need by closing off open building entrances where vagrants tend to gather at night – While still upholding the exterior aesthetics of New York City’s classic looking buildings.

The great versatility of this product for the retail sector is that steel and aluminum grills can also be placed behind shop windows when an outside gate just won’t work for your business. During open hours the grilles are discreetly out of site, and during closing hours they still provide the same dependable protection as an outside unit.

Slat sizes and spacing vary with different grille options, offering a plethora of choices to the business owner which suits most styles. This aspect of rolling grilles is what sets this product apart from most solid roll-down security doors. Roll-down doors tend to be way too bulky, somewhat unattractive, and can also be very high maintenance, thus more costly in the long run compared to using lightweight aluminum or steel grilles.


Roll-down Garage Grilles

If a parking garage entrance needs to stay open during business hours, roll-down lightweight garage grilles are a perfect fit for adequately securing an entrance after hours without the need for heavy, slow-moving, solid panel garage doors. The clean and shiny metal glimmer of a roll-down grille also makes an impressive impression to a building’s garage entrance.

Roll-down grilles are also great options for small business locations that don’t have large loading docks or warehouses, and thus don’t need extra protection from heavy gates or doors. Using aluminum or stainless steel grilles in exterior circumstances helps to make certain that there will also be no rust problems occurring due to wet weather exposure.

Because aluminum grilles are lightweight, the tracks for these models can be easily and securely bolted to brick or concrete, using ½ inch brick bolts. For oversized grilles, 3-inch bolts are used in order to safely secure them to most larger building openings – Proving them to be versatile, economical and dependable business choices for the retail sector.

Multifunctional Business Benefits

As we have seen above, the multifunctional uses of lightweight security grilles can successfully protect stores in shopping malls, street-side retail situations, and secure open at risk doorways after business hours. They’re also fashionable alternatives to the boring starkness of solid panel garage doors. Because of their lack of bulkiness, they are much faster to use and have the option of hand-cranking for smaller units that large heavy gates can’t offer; though lightweight grilles also offer electric options as well. One cannot over-emphasize the importance of keeping that old-school charm that’s quintessentially New York City. Roll-down lightweight grilles do just that in a clean and classic way, that other heavy rolling solid-panel gate’s just can’t compete with – Especially in an upscale town like New York City where consumer expectations can run extremely high, and first impressions are often everything to tourists and locals alike.

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