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The Best Events in NYC in January

Even though the month of January is one of the coldest, this doesn’t stop New York from being lively. Actually, this is the time that some of the greatest annual events are held in the lovely city. From music concerts to sports events, NYC never runs out of options, at least not in January. So, it’s easier to extend the Christmas fun to January if you spend time in the city. Like most New Yorkers would say, “The cold doesn’t stop blood from flowing.” Some events are for the outdoor type of people and others are just exclusive for the indoor guys. Regardless, all are meant for fun and memory creation and here are our top 10 recommendations:

  1. NY Times Arts and Leisure Weekend

This annual event takes place during the second week of the month of January. It’s meant to bring together celebrities in the music and film industry. It also features top journalists. The event is hosted by New York Times and the invited celebrities are expected to sit down for a panel discussion. The discussion is led by New York Times writers as the members of the public are invited to listen to the proceedings. It’s basically an opportunity to really know your favorite movie star or musician.

  1. No Pants on the Subway

This is a citywide ride event that is hosted by Improv Everywhere. It has also been held in other places such as Paris, Moscow, and Tokyo since it’s launching in 2002. All you have to do to have a fun ride is to board a designated subway car while dressed up for the weather. However, you are not allowed to wear pants as it’s a “No Pants” event. There are suggestions that the event will be on 13 January 2019. After the subway ride, there is an after party at the University Place and at Bar 13.

  1. NYC Hotel Week

Annually, there is a hotel week in the month of January. In 2019, it will be between January 4th and January 14th. The event is an opportunity to save considerably on hotel rooms. Some of the hotels that you can book to enjoy the huge discounts are Hotel 50, Wolcott Hotel, Refinery Hotel, and Library Hotel. Normally, some of these hotels charge about $500 a night. However, you are able to pay as low as $100 during Hotel Week.

  1. Jewish Film Festival

Are you crazy about Jewish movies and would love to watch one in NYC? This is the event to attend. it’s held at the Jewish Museum to connect amazing Jewish film lovers from all over the world. The event runs for two weeks in January and features new and old Jewish movies. The Jewish Film festival has been running for the past 20 years. So, you should expect to see some films that date back to decades ago. The festival is popular with tourists who come to NYC and so you have to book a ticket in advance less you miss the event.

  1. Winter Jazz Fest

This annual event runs between January 4th and January 12th. It provides you with an opportunity to listen to great jazz music. it’s a great time to forget about the chilly month. For this reason, you don’t have to stay at home or in a hotel to pass the winter stress. The fest is currently marking its 15th anniversary since it’s launching. A handful of top jazz musicians from NYC as well as from other cities graces the event. So, you can expect a magical live jazz music experience. The event is designed to promote social justice and to embrace gender equality.

  1. Runners Midnight Run

Is keeping fit one of your new year’s resolutions? What better way to start working towards it than hitting the streets in January in the company of some amazing runners. You can join more than 4,000 participants in Central Park for the Runners Midnight Run. It’s also a night to party in the park and spectate as others race if you are not interested in joining them. This is one of the most memorable nights in NYC and thus a must-attend. The fun is just unbelievable.

  1. MLK Day Parade

If you are a lover of history, especially American history, then you must know one or two things about Martin Luther King Jr. The American civil war activist had a rough time fighting for human rights up to his death and this is what makes him famous today. MLK day parade is an important date in New York City that’s meant to meant to honor Dr. Luther. This is because his presence was much felt in NYC than in any other city. You’ll have the opportunity to walk down the streets with thousands who are paying him tribute.

  1. New York Boat Show

Are you a fan of watersports, more importantly, boat riding? Then you should overcome the winter blues by attending this winter event. Whether it’s different types of boats, cruisers or canoes that you want to see, you’ll get everything new and old in this event. You also have the opportunity to see some of the most amazing watercraft. It runs between 23rd and 27th January. It’s generally a family-friendly event.

  1. Jets Fan Fest

Dedicated Jets football supporters are offered the opportunity to celebrate with their favorite team during the Jets Fan Fest. The festival runs for 2 days and it will be on January 27th and 28th at SPiN NY. Both the former and current NY Jets players are invited to the event and you have the opportunity to get autographs from them. The event features amazing food and drinks.

  1. Three Kings Day Parade

The Latinos and the Biblical community are not left behind in January. They are honored during this special parade that happens in the streets of East Harlem on 4th January. This is a week before MLK Day. The highlights of this January event are the sheep and camels that are paraded along the NYC streets. If you have a family and you want your kids to experience something magical, then this event is a must-go.

The wrap:

Generally, beginning the new year in New York is exciting. It’s an amazing idea if you want to kick-start your year on a high. The fun does not have to stop at the end of December. As seen above, January comes with interesting family-friendly events that you can attend to create amazing memories.

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