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The Best Fall Events in NYC

New York City, the city that makes one feels brand new, the city with the beautiful skyscrapers and bright lights that inspires. This beautiful city never sleeps and is always at work, but fall is here, that perfect season of the year that everybody likes. Fall has a way of bringing people together in order to celebrate. Lifetime events happen during fall, events that bring lifetime memories, memories that never fade away.

Despite the fact that New York City is a busy city, there are also events that people find difficult to miss. Events that express the beauty of fall. Those months that comes once in a year, when colorful leaves are seen all over the place, making the earth looks like a monochrome sphere. The beautiful scenery and the cool breeze that walks over the skin encourages people to take time out to have some fun leaving their day-in-day-out hassle. I’m sure every resident or visitor will want to know events that are capable of making one feel this way. Right here in this article, I will be sharing the best fall events in New York City that you can’t afford to miss this fall. Although there are other fall events in New York, you can’t afford to miss these.


The advent of fall means that Halloween is around the corner. That time of the year when we wear creepy and scary costumes to mimic what we see in horror movies. Your Halloween won’t the spiced enough if you miss the grand master of scary things, the blood manor. Blood Manor will make your Halloween spooky. This blood manor offers the scariest of all house haunted experience. The blood manner is a 5,000 sqr feet house that has scary themes on the wall, walking along the passageways means you will be coming across human zombies, clowns, werewolf and any other thing that you could imagine from all those horror movies that you have ever watched.

Blood Manor is said to be the most creepy, scary house holding event that attracts so many people all over New York City during Halloween. The tickets are quite cheap but don’t bother coming if you have a baby heart because there are zombies that will want to rip it out.


Hello foodies, this festival is just for you and am sure there so many foodies like you scattered all over this big beautiful city. Speaking of a big beautiful city, New York is the only city that hosts such an event in the region. People come from far and near to witness this fascinating food and wine festival. This event brings together stakeholders in the food industry under one umbrella to showcase their incredible skills. These top stakeholders include Food Network, Cooking Channel, magazines that deal with whatever goes into the mouth. This, in turn, attracts attendees because of the best cuisine in the country that will have access to. Big dignitaries in the food industry are always in attendance to showcase all that they have to the attendees. These dignitaries include celebrity chef’s, dinners at big restaurants and many more.

The biggest part is the tasting, oh my gosh! You can’t afford to miss this event. Tasting foods personally prepared by the best in the industry is a grand slam.


Pumpkin is a fall fruit that we all enjoy whenever it comes around, it can be used as ingredients on any type of food including drinks. But do you also know that there is a fun thing that is done with pumpkin? Giant pumpkin weekend event is quite different from the rest. It a celebration that involves the whole family rather than other events that have to do with individual participation.

During this yearly event, the country’s largest pumpkin is showcased for everyone to see. This event is kind of like a competition, although no one goes home with a prize. Attending this event also means that you will be opportune to meet pumpkin farms and ask them questions. Who knows, you might learn a thing or two that will help you be one of those farmers displaying their pumpkins in the next few years.


This parade speaks a lot about fall than any other events. Missing out from this event is like missing out from fall itself. It is an event that you can’t afford to miss for any reason whatsoever. This parade happens to be the world largest parade and it already a tradition in the whole of America.

Perhaps, you don’t know what Macy’s Thanksgiving parade is all about. This parade has been a yearly thing since 1924 and it has since then found its way to remain in the heart of American for years and continue to attract people from all over the country.

This parade attracts over 2,000 performers, which includes clowns, dancers, marching bands and others. Planning to join the next parade, I will strongly advise you check the parade route forehand and also arrive at the starting point to beat the crowd.


I doubt if there is anything more interesting than going outside of the city to pick apples from an orchard. This is so much fun and I’m sure you don’t want to miss out from this as well. Have you seen the Hamptons during fall? The place is as beautiful as what you saw when you went there last summer. If you are hoping to get out of the stuffy air of the city to enjoy the crisp air in a reserved area with a latte in your hand as you pick apples, you might want to consider either, Hank’s Pumpkintown or Seven Ponds Orchard.

The very first place that you might want to check out is the Seven Ponds Orchard. This place is not just beautiful but a celebration that blissful week before Thanksgiving. This beautiful place has multiple varieties of apples. This is a place where you can have fun with other people that came to do the same.


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