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The Best Residential Garage Door Choice

A property’s garage door makes just as much of a statement about its owner as the rest of the house does. This is why overlooking the importance of your garage door in the scheme of your entire house can be a big mistake. Modern garage doors offer a vast amount of choices that weren’t available a decade ago. They come in all colors, styles, materials, and sizes. Professional installers have been able to accommodate more specialized client requests due to the latest technological advances. More automatic door opener choices and sensor advances keep owners from ever having to get out in the rain, snow, or heat again in order to open a heavy garage door. Listed below are some top residential garage door choices for 2017.

Modern Materials

Heavy old-school solid wood doors have become less popular due to their expense and high maintenance. New garage doors are commonly made of steel panels filled with hard foam insulation. They come in simulated wood-grain or smooth panels. Baked-on primer finishes and polyester top coatings are the best options for hard weather conditions, and also for repelling rust and corrosion.

For ultra-light garage doors, polyethylene is a modern material that offers optimum weather resistance. Its plastic is also immune to the threat of rust which makes it great for wet conditions. These types of garage doors require the least amount of maintenance and upkeep. They’re also very light and quiet to operate. The panels come in many different color choices, and they are constructed of strong high-density hard plastic.

Fighting the Elements

Garage doors are a major part of the house that’s highly vulnerable to both the weather and thieves. Your garage door can take up one-third of the look of your entire house – that’s over 30%. Picking the right garage door for your home is an important choice to make when considering the overall look of one’s  house. Today’s automated garage doors are stronger, more secure, and also better insulated when it comes to keeping weather outside where it belongs. This is where installing a quality rubber bulb and proper flange weatherproofing will become a worthwhile investment.

Getting the best deal on an automatic garage door in New York City’s Five Boroughs is as easy as calling New York Gates at (718) 614 – 0616; Or, using NYG’s convenient Contact Us web page in order to send us the full details of your garage door needs. A professional technician from New York Gates will then immediately contact you back with the best garage door options for your home. 

The Latest Styles

Modern garage doors are manufactured using steel, wood and wood composites. Fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum are also current favorite choices. This gives the house owner many different style options in which to accommodate their tastes with.  Each material has its own benefits and aesthetics.  Steel, wood, and wood simulated panels are still the most popular .

Wood, of course, is also very expensive, but, it does add a classic natural beauty; especially with an already warm and woodsy looking property. The trouble with wood, though, is that it needs constant care, which then leads to extra maintenance expenses. This is why many people prefer the strength, durability, and economical aspects of steel instead of wood.

Steel can be manufactured to effectively mimic wood and other popular door panel patterns. Steel is also much more weather resistant than actual wood panels, making it perfect for harsher climates. Aluminum has gained great popularity in the industry with its lightweight framed glass pane doors. Aluminum framed glass panels offer great color variety and surprising durability, plus the same weatherproofing abilities as a standard steel garage door panel.

One of the drawbacks of glass panels, however, is the lower amount of security and the higher chance of damage that’s involved with this product. It’s advisable that the overall damage and security threat be assessed first before deciding on installing glass garage door panels.

The Best Fit

When it comes right down to it, the best electric garage door choice is the one that’s going to combine the latest technology with consumer affordability, and also best fits the purchaser’s needs. This is what all homeowners appreciate when contemplating adding to their property investment – A balance of Style, Quality, and Value. Our advice is to always use trained certified professionals when dealing with contractor bids, and especially with any actual installations. Garage doors should never be serviced or installed by novices. The potential dangers are just too great. Finding the right garage door company is going to be just as important as deciding the style and design of your new garage door.

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