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The Biggest Events in NYC This April

After such a long winter, you must have longed for the sun. Well, April presents you with the perfect month to see the beauty of flowers blooming and to enjoy the warmth of the lovely sun. It’s a month to experience the best and biggest events that New York City has to offer. Though most events are tailored around Easter, there are a few with different themes. Either way, they are all designed for great family fun. They are full of memory-creating opportunities for everyone who’s open-minded. To make it easier for you, we’ve picked 10 of the biggest events to attend this year.

  1. Earth Day (April 23)

There’s no better time to remember how important planet earth is like on Earth Day. You are able to cherish everything that Mother Nature has given us. The event is marked at Union Square and it’s free. So, you can tag your kids along. There are fun events that are designed for them. However, the key features in the event are environmental exhibitions and green business ideas. You may get an idea of starting an eco-friendly business.

  1. Easter Parade & Bonnet Festival (April 21)

Are you looking for a great place to take your family this Easter season? Then you should attend this annual event staged on 5th Avenue, NYC. Entry to the event is free and you are guaranteed quality family fun. The event is very colorful. You need to show up wearing a crazy bonnet and expect to have the fun of your life. Generally, it gives you the opportunity to look at Easter from a different angle. It’s not just a moment of self-reflection but also of rejoicing because of the resurrection of Christ.

  1. Brooklyn Folk Festival (April 5-7)

If you are passionate about band music, the Folk Festival provides you an opportunity to experience it in fullness. From folk and blues to Irish music and string-band, you’ll get a maximum musical experience at this festival. The event is marked at St. Ann’s Church and features family dances, music instrument workshops, and film screening. It’s one of those festivals where nothing else matters other than good music. So, grab your dancing shoes and head to St. Ann’s Church this April.

  1. Orchid Show (April 1-28)

During the month of April, the NY Botanical Garden is filled with an array of orchids. They come in lovely colors and sizes. A ticket for this event goes for $19 and you are guaranteed a great show. Other than orchids, you’ll also see other flowers from around the globe. Last year, the inspiration was Thailand. In 2019, ideas will be from Singapore. So, you are likely to see plants that you never knew existed. It’s just an awesome event.

  1. Easter Egg Hunts (April 1)

This event starts late month and the climax is on April 1st. It’s a very engaging outdoor event staged in different parks within New York City. Entry is free and it’s an amazing event for your kids. They’ll like the Easter egg hunting exploits as they are enthralling. There are also other Easter-themed activities that even the adults will find amazing. It’s a nice way to break out of the indoor boredom as you experience the magic of the outdoors.

  1. Children’s Carnival (April 6-13)

From the name, this event is meant for children. It features carnival rides, pony rides, kids’ game, and petting zone. So, your kids will love everything about the event. Marked at Queens County Farm Museum, the Children’s Carnival will help you create wonderful memories. Some of the activities are also meant for adults and so you can also take part with your kids. There are also plenty of foods and drinks to enjoy.

  1. Tartan Day Parade (April 6)

Did you grow to wonder what could possibly be under the kilt of a Scotsman? Well, Tartan Day Parade gives you the opportunity to make your own discovery. Though we are not recommending you to go and look at what’s under the tartan, nobody said that you can’t ask. However, you have to be there. The parade features so many Scots marching on the streets while playing amazing drums. The performance is highlighted by lovely Scottish dances. If you are interested in the Scottish music tradition, then this event is a must-attend. It’s absolutely free and it’s held at 6th Avenue.

  1. Cherry Blossom Day (April 14)

You don’t have to go to Japan to see the cherry blossom. As a matter of fact, you can have this experience in NYC if you visit the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. For almost a month, there’s a show for the cherry trees. However, the specific date for celebrating this wonder is April 14th. Over 4,000 cherry trees from Japan will be blossoming. Other than the trees, you also have an opportunity to celebrate Japanese culture, craft, and foods. It’s a great event for the whole family. For those who’ve attended Cherry Blossom Day, they say that it always live up to its hype.

  1. NY Auto Show (April 19-28)

This event is the most attended in NYC by car enthusiast not just from New York but globally. Actually, it’s one of the oldest events in the US. It’s held at Jacob Javits Center and you are expected to pay $15 for an entry ticket. During the auto show, over 1000 cars and trucks are displayed on four floors and you have the chance to have a look at all of them. It’s generally a perfect opportunity to see the latest advancements in the automotive industry. If you have kids who are crazy about fine rides, you should bring them.

  1. Pillow Fight (April 6)

Lastly, the Pillow Fight is probably the most awaited annual family event in New York. No one can really picture a pillow fight being something g that you can enjoy until you get to Washington Square Park. There you’ll see hundreds of cheerful adults armed with their pillows ready for a ‘fight’. You don’t pay anything to participate in the event. All you need is a pillow. You can bring as many as you want as long as they are soft. Simply, they shouldn’t contain feathers. It’s advisable to tag friends along so as to boost the level of fun at the event.

Closing Thought:

The month of April may be associated with Easter celebrations but there is more to enjoy in NYC. With the above events, you are promised fun, great memories and quality family time. If you are looking for something exciting to do in April, you now have 10 options.

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