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The Coffee Shops in Brooklyn

Coffee is a necessity in the morning for many people. They use it to wake up in the morning, claim they are in a better mood when they drink it, or even just because they like the taste of it. Here at New York Gates, we love to drink coffee and can suggest a few places you should try!

Why Drink Coffee

People drink coffee for a variety of reasons, and everyone’s reason is going to be different. Some say it wakes them up, some say it gives them energy, and some just really like the taste. Whatever your reason is, it is safe to say it is a necessity for many people to drink their coffee. 

Believe it or not, there are some benefits to drinking coffee. While coffee is not bad for you when drunk in moderation, the added products people add can make it not quite a healthy option. Some of the benefits that you can see from drinking coffee are an increase in energy, better memory, a happier mood, and many other things. 

Brooklyn Roasting Company

This great and historic coffee shop is among the favorites in Brooklyn. If you are in the mood for a good cup of joe, you will be greatly pleased with Brooklyn Roasting Company. This company has its own precise way that it likes to roast coffee, not relying on technology to tell them when it’s good. 

With so many places of work and school surrounding them, they are a very popular place. Providing Brooklyn residents and visitors with a great tasting hot cup of coffee. When in the area, it is absolutely a place you want to walk into. 

Daily Press 

This unique and quaint little coffee shop is a treat to stop in. It offers a variety of macchiatos, espresso, teas, and hot chocolate. So, even if you aren’t a big coffee drinker, you will definitely find something to fit your liking. If you like to sit and people watch or even get a little work done, this is a wonderful little place to sit and sip on your coffee while you do so. 

Manhattanville Coffee

If you like a rustic feel and great atmosphere you need to visit Manhattan Coffee. When you are a coffee connoisseur, you know what great coffee tastes like. This place will not disappoint. They have an array of coffee to try and some cookies or muffins to eat. Stop in for your morning coffee and breakfast. 

Box Kite

Coffee lovers of all kinds can find something that they love at this awesome little shop. They offer different flavors to go with the seasons, giving you a great taste to look forward to every couple of months. Sometimes the small little coffee shops are the best ones, size doesn’t always matter. You will be glad that you stopped in and gave this place a try. 

Mad Cafe

If you want to visit a fun little coffee shop, you need to go to Mad Cafe. They have specialty drinks and plenty of options. With their awesome ability to mix art into their drinks, you will be impressed. They add neat designs on the top of your coffee, something that not everyone can do for you. 

Take advantage of their delicious pastries and baked goods. Stop in and grab a great cup of coffee and some breakfast or a midday pick me up. You will be greatly pleased you did so. 

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