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The Commercial Garage Door that’s Best for You

When dealing with commercial situations, one always wants the best value when shopping for a new commercial garage door. But, buying too cheap of a product can become more expensive in the long-run due to ongoing repairs, or prematurely having to replace your commercial garage door again. Commercial garage doors are also under much more scrutiny as far as code enforcement than residential garage doors are.  This is why choosing an installation company that specializes in commercial garage doors is always recommended as well. High traffic means high wear and tear; this is why we reiterate one again that when it comes to the shelf-life of commercial garage doors, you really do get what you pay for. This article will help to explain some of the differences in the two main types of commercial garage doors on the marketplace today, and it will also point out specific product qualities pertaining to commercial settings.

The two main types of commercial garage doors sold on today’s marketplace:

#1. Sectional commercial garage doors tend to rate better when it concerns consistency, dependability, appearance, and energy efficiency.

#2. Rolling slat commercial garage doors are well known for having strong durability and security protection.

Sectional and rolling door definitions:

#1. Sectional commercial garage doors are standard ball-bearing track guided doors.

Sectional garage doors provide an opportunity to add windows for light or a two-way see-through for commercial safety or security reasons. Sectional commercial garage doors cause little noise when in operation. They do require significant overhead room in order to retract, which is not always possible in small areas. Sectional rolling garage doors are the most popular commercial garage doors in warehouse situations with larger loading bay dock-doors.

#2. Rolling slat commercial garage doors slide between side-guides, either by motorized pushbutton or by hand crank into a storage barrel overhead. They then safely and easily roll back down into place, completely resealing the opening on all sides.

Commercial rolling garage doors are best for environments that need daily reliable durability, and when closed, maximum security from thieves and vandals. Rolling slat doors are perfect for protecting small shop areas that do not have the appropriate overhead backward space in which to properly store a sectional door when it’s open. Its interlocking slat construction is used at vending counters, or also as security shutters for both windows and doorways, making rolling slat doors a versatile choice for small business owners.

Commercial garage door materials:

Aluminum and Steel

Commercial garage doors need to be stronger and able to take constant everyday abuse in a busy industrial setting.  This is why durable materials like steel and high-grade aluminum are normally used.

Lightweight aluminum frames allow for multiple window panes. The benefits of steel and aluminum are their resistance to both rust and fire. One of the both the major benefits and downfalls of aluminum is that it is lightweight, and steel is much stronger than aluminum so it’s less likely to dent or bend. This is why many small businesses prefer steel over aluminum, due to steel’s better security rating. Steel sectional doors also have several modern core insulation options for maximum energy savings which is very useful with acclimatized storage.  Another advantage of sectional steel door panels is that it they can be painted, embossed, or engraved.


This product is great for both indoor and outdoor uses. High-speed automatically opening and closing vinyl doors help to move products quickly and smoothly from dock to storage, also offering see-through plastic window options for two-way safety viewing. Commercial garage owners also love high-speed vinyl doors for giving quick and easy access to garage bays and entrances. Pleasing customers while conveniently saving both time and money on energy costs.

To automate or not to automate:

The heaviness of steel makes push-buttons or remote controls a better option. For small storefronts, many business owners can get away with combining the lightweight abilities of rolling steel or aluminum slats with a mechanized hand crank. For larger commercial business uses like warehouses and auto shops, the security and strength of steel panels along with the convenience of automatic door openers are normally the most popular commercial choice. Vinyl high-speed doors are always electrically automated by nature, and they normally include the use of remote controls or motion detectors for safe and ultra-fast opening and closing.

Now that you have a basic idea of what your best commercial garage door choices are for your specific business needs, make sure that you also make the best-informed choice when it comes to your commercial garage door installer as well. Always vet their business references, thoroughly read their installation guarantees and the product warranty. A commercial garage door is an important business investment and should always be treated like one. Make sure to also set up regular preventive maintenance checks with a reliable local company that specializes in commercial garage doors. With the right research before buying and installing, the right product that absolutely fits your business needs, and the right installer and maintenance provider, you will be rest assured to have many years to come of reliable service out of your well planned commercial garage door purchase.

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