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The Gift of a Safe Garage Door this Season

As with most machinery in our lives, making sure that they work properly is a must, especially when our livelihoods depend on that machine. With garage doors, regardless of whether you’re a small business owner or a residential homeowner – Your whole life is totally inconvenienced when your garage door suddenly breaks down. Your car is either trapped at home in the garage, or your business is losing money, simply because of the loss of access. Or, it can be even worse when someone’s a victim of a property crime due to opportunistic thieves who take advantage of a faulty garage door.

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This can be both financially and emotionally devastating for the owner. It’s a good idea to start out the season with a new replacement garage door, or at least change out those old parts that have been giving out, or threatening to give out all year. Safety is one of the biggest reasons why replacement, maintenance, or repairs should be a top priority for the residential home or small business owner. For businesses, no owner ever wants a client or customer to be hurt, regardless of the obvious negative insurance implications of an accident or an injury on the premises. At home, one is also always mindful of the safety of loved ones, IE: Spouses, children, grandchildren, and all of the family and friends that come over around the Holiday Season.

The gift of safety at home and on the job should take full precedence throughout the year!  

Avoiding Potential Accidents   

The reason why garage doors end up being so dangerous when in disrepair is because they can weigh up to 600 lbs., or more if used in a commercial setting. Garage doors get opened and closed and used and abused on a continual basis countless times a year with seldom a thought from their daily users. But, people need to remember to schedule regular maintenance calls and repairs in order to keep garage doors operating safely. Another main reason for a lot of injuries relating to garage doors is because inexperienced people try to work on them themselves. Garage doors are strictly for licensed and insured professionals to perform repairs on. Door springs can be deadly when working with high-tension spring-loaded heavy hardware.  Just one broken spring can also send a garage door off its tracks and either onto a car or an unsuspecting person below it. Even if you haven’t encountered any noticeable problems with your garage door, it’s still recommended that residential homeowners and small business owners schedule a walkthrough inspection with a technician, so that they can spot any potential problems ahead-of-time.

A Preventive State of Mind  

It’s a statistical fact that if you’re an average long-term homeowner, landlord, or business owner with garage doors, eventually, you’ll have to make repairs on those said, garage doors. Some people may think that they’re saving money by waiting for something to break first, before calling a maintenance and repair company. This is kind of like saying, “If I don’t spend any money on my teeth right now, I will have more money to pay the dentist later” – Nope; you will actually end up paying more in the long run, because of the damage that happens in-between seeing an actual professional. It’s better to have a trained technician come over now and inspect, plus, repair things before they get out of hand and turn into something major and expensive. The mental foresight that prevention will ultimately save you more cash in the long run is a sound one. It’s a time-tested rule-of-thumb that most successful businesses rely on in their monthly maintenance routines. It’s also what most reputable contractors would tell homeowners too – Preventive maintenance works and saves you money!

Many Safe Years to Come

Investing in your garage door is one of those “Peace of Mind” purchases that will pay off for years to come. It creates a state of well-being to know that you’ve properly ensured for the safety of your home or business around the Holiday Season. Many people, unfortunately, get scammed by fake contractors who claim to be licensed, have insurance, or say they are bonded, but really aren’t.  This is why you should always be leery of unknown “Door-to-Door” solicitors who show up out of the blue wanting to do repairs. It’s just not worth the risk; amateurs will often end up costing much more in the end or secretly have shady backgrounds and criminal intents.  There are several important benefits to hiring local professionals like New York Gates to do the work for you. One, is the better service that you’ll get through them. Another one, is knowing that you’ll have a guarantee on that service, plus a warranty on any installations made.  But one of the most satisfying advantages of hiring New York Gates is the feeling of safety that you’ll get from having pre-vetted, professional workmen that you can actually count on.

Tips to Using an Established Well-Known Company from New York:

  • Get and check references: Get some unbiased feedback from friends and neighbors, and/or get the references directly from the contractor yourself face-to-face. The old-school way is much more reliable than internet reviews that may be faked.
  • See proof of Licensing, Insurance, and Bonds: With an established business from your local area, it’s much easier to see tangible proof for yourself of a business’ proper legal requirements for doing contracting services – Always take time out to see them.
  • Never pay right-upfront: An honest contracting service will seldom require the client to pay the whole amount upfront before any work has been done. This is one of the oldest con jobs in the book, and chances are that you’ll never see the unlicensed scam-artist or your money ever again. With a local trusted gate business, you can usually work out a payment plan and also have some financing options open to you.
  • Get it in Writing: When using reputable local garage door maintenance and repair companies, it should be much easier to get estimates in writing from a person who has enough authority to fully honor the deal – Make sure that you see, and receive, signed copies of all estimates, contracts, and agreements, along with warranty plans.

The Gift that Keeps on Working  

Give yourself, your family, your tenants, your employees and your customers, the gift of a safe and convenient working garage door or security gate this Holiday Season. It’s one of the best investments for the future that you can make this New Years. There were at least 142,000 property crimes reported throughout New York City in 2015. Securing one’s safety and belongings with a garage door or security gate is a must for the average New Yorker – It’s just a simple fact of life here. New York Gates is a decade’s old, trustworthy, professional local New York City industry leader in security gate and electric garage door sales, installation, repair, and maintenance. They specialize in matching their customer’s security gate and door needs, big or small, commercial or residential, with their vastly innovative and adaptive technical capabilities. Conveniently Contact them online in order to set up an inspection or a repair. Or give them a call at (718) 614-0616 or for 24/7 Emergency service.

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