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The Right Security Gate for Your Small Business

In New York City, security gates and small businesses go hand in hand together. Having the right security gate that fits your specific business needs is the difference between having dependable nightly protection and peace of mind, and leaving your business vulnerable to criminals all night because you don’t have sufficient security in place. Your security gate is the main entry point for both vehicles and pedestrians to visit your store and buy your wares. It’s also the main access point for thieves. This is why a lot of careful thought should be put into calculating the proper gate equipment for the proper job. Building aesthetics is also very important in NYC in order to keep up its famous iconic look. Listed below are some common gate tips and choices that many New York City small businesses count on to maximize customer entry/exit efficiency and also provide constant year-round protection.

Commercial Strength Security

A businesses security needs are normally going to be much more extensive than a residential situation. Different types of businesses have different security needs as well. Traffic, risk, and dependable long-term durability are all factors to be considered when choosing the right security gate.

Aluminum gates are more weather resistant than standard steel. For strength, though, steel is much stronger and longer-lasting than aluminum is; steel is also heavier and slower than aluminum is. Aluminum automatic gates are popular for high-traffic areas and parking garages, due to its light-weight speed.

The Right Gate for the Right Traffic

The daily traffic count of a small business is going to determine whether or not that business will need an electrically powered security gate or not. For vehicles, this is especially true in gated parking lots. A business with a high-security threat level is going to require an automatically opening and closing gate. Low threat situations usually only require opening the gate in the morning and closing it at night with a manually operated gate.

In some jewelry retail settings a secure access “Buzz-in” system is needed, and in other high-risk small business situations, a card and code entry system is going to be needed in order to have adequate enough dependable security for the business’s needs.

What Gate is best for My Small Business?

As we have stated, there are many different gate choices that accommodate many different types of businesses. Here are three common small business gate choices and their uses.

  • Rolling Gates: These gates are usually motorized, and just like their name, roll down to protect storefronts merchandise inside, while still allowing customers to see through them and check out a store’s wares after closing. Rolling gates are becoming mandatory in some NYC areas as a deterrent to graffiti vandalism because of their see-through characteristics.
  • Side Folding Grilles: These accordion style folding security gates are normally used for smaller entryways that cannot sustain a heavier rolling gate. They are a great way to secure back alley doorways that attract vagrants and drug users, along with the irritating and disgusting passerby who decides to urinate in your doorway. They are ideal for small front entrances as well that just need to be unlocked upon opening and
    re-locked at closing. Larger size side folding grilles are also available.
  • Shutters: There are two types of shutter uses, security roll down counter shutters that keep a food or ticket stand from being broken into, and also fire shutters which automatically close in case of a fire. Standard rolling shutters can span from 21″ wide to 10″ high; fitting most any stands needs. Rolling shutters are also great for sealing doorways and storage areas from unwanted access.

It is important to take into consideration your basic business needs and then calculate all of the main specifics of those needs ahead of time, before starting your search for a gate contractor. You should determine how much available space that you have. This will dictate whether or not you have enough room available in which to accommodate a certain gate type or not. It’s also important to determine the customer traffic rate of your small business and envision if your business can handle increasing customer flow, and by how much, and then make  your plans accordingly.

Lastly, you will want to determine the best access system for your small business – Open access, limited, secure? If limited or secure, what form of entry is going to be best for your business – Coded, keyed, or remote controlled? Once you have all of the information that you need, you can then tell a contractor exactly what you want. The next step will be vetting the best professionally established and reliable gate contractor for the job.

For installation, maintenance, and repair, New York Gates has been one of the top service providers in the industry in New York City for over a decade. The company is based in Brooklyn, NY. Their service areas conveniently cover all five boroughs of ManhattanThe BronxBrooklynQueens, and Staten Island. NYG also offers 24/7 Emergency service. Call them today at (718) 614 – 0616








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