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Tired of Expensive Electric Bills? Here Is Why Solar Gates are a Great Alternative for Businesses

Although the world economy has recovered from the “Great Recession” that began in December 2007 and lasted through June 2009, wise business owners continue to carefully monitor their budgets and look for every opportunity to save the company extra money. Some expenditures are one hundred percent necessary such as employee salaries and benefits, supplies, customer service, and security. Other expenses fluctuate depending on how frequently they are used, and with what materials. An example of a flexible expense is the amount of power that is used to operate business facilities and various equipment. One of the smartest ways that companies can reduce their expenses in the near future as well as the long term, without decreasing their workforce, short- changing current employees or risking their security, is to make the switch from electrical power to solar power. This means investing in solar panels, and the rechargeable batteries that come with them.

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Although solar energy is used more frequently every year as the western world works towards shifting from limited sources of energy like oil and coal to renewable resources like solar and wind power, purchasing solar panels is still an expensive endeavor. The majority of businesses do not have the ability to line every roof of their buildings with solar panels, or fill their parking lots and courtyards with windmills that are a hundred feet tall. If your business is not prepared for such a big change, you can always start with a one small one. Nickel – and – dime your energy costs by purchasing only one or two solar panels. But where should you use them? Solar power can operate all of your security gates.

There are Three Reasons Why Your Business Should Get a Solar Powered Security Gate:

  1. Save your company money without hurting the security. The amount of electricity a hydraulic or electromechanical security gate uses depends on how often employees and delivery trucks come and go through it. A gate that is guarding a business that is only open during the work hours of a traditional work week will naturally use up less energy and, consequently, money, than a building that is open twenty- four hours a day, for seven days a week. Businesses cannot afford to sacrifice hours of operation when decreasing expenses. That would result in a larger loss of income than sticking with a security gate run by electricity. Since decreasing security automatically increases the risk to your business, not using a security gate at all to save money should never be considered an option, but improving its financial efficiency always is.

Businesses that already have their security gates all set up probably do not want to buy new gates just to add the solar energy option. Fortunately for them there are companies that sell the solar panels separately and then install them directly into the original gate’s system. In that case, businesses only need to purchase one or two twenty, twenty- five, or thirty- watt solar panels with a seven to ten amp – hour battery per security gate. The solar panels come in a large variety or sizes and shapes. Batteries can also hold different amounts of charge. Both of them can be custom fit for an individual business’ needs.

  1. A solar powered security gate will keep your business safe even if the power grid is not operational. Electric powered security systems guarding a business are only effective as long as there is power. Often if not always the business has zero guarantee that the city or county’s electric companies will provide power no matter what. Any thief can get through the most top of the line security system if a thunder storm disables the grid or if the power lines are damaged by wind.

What is the solution? Batteries. Specifically, solar- powered batteries that automatically recharge themselves every day. Security gates that are run by solar power are operated by sunlight during the day time, and by battery power at night. That same reservoir of energy in the batteries will run the system during power outages.

  1. Moving the security gate power source closer to the gate itself will save the business money. The third thing to consider with electric security gates is the proximity of the power source. Businesses can set up their gates right outside their buildings, at the edges of their parking lots, down their drive ways, and some are located right off of the public road. The further away that the security gate is from the electrical systems, the more money is wasted getting power out to it. It is far more efficient to have the power source right there with it.

That is the case with solar powered security gates. Typically the solar panels are installed directly to the gate on tall vertical rods. The length of the rods are carefully calculated, as are the panels which are angled to take advantage of the most sunlight. Energy is transferred from the panels to the batteries that are buried directly below the gate, or simply hidden off to the side. Overhead power lines can be damaged by Mother Nature. Underground batteries are far less likely to fail.

Businesses can also take into consideration adding solar panels to security gates while keeping the original set up. This ensures that even if the power grid goes out, of if the company needs to reduce their electric bill in the short term only, there is a solar power panel back up.

The best part about investing in solar powered security gates is that this one-time expense will pay for itself over time. Electric bills are a monthly expense, one that can increase or decrease depending on how much of it is used. Like the investment in a new car or a home, business owners should think about the long- term needs of the company. Setting up security gates run by solar power is a great first step to decreasing the company electrical bills.

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