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What are the Best Garage Doors?

best garage doors

Your garage door is the most commonly used entry for your home, sometimes even more than your front door. It is important that you choose the right one for your personal needs and New York Gates can help you do just that. Garage doors are becoming a very popular home improvement due to their ability to change the look of the entire home. 

You are probably wondering, what are the best garage doors? Choosing the right look, style, and brand is overwhelming but we are here to take some of that guess-work out for you. We will help you to sift through different things like materials and styles and what makes a good garage door. 

Steel Doors and Security  

When choosing a garage door the first thing you will have to choose from is the type of material it is made out of. The most commonly used material for garage doors is steel due to its affordability and low maintenance. If security is a major factor for you steel is stronger and more reliable than wood, aluminum, or fiberglass. 

Steel garage doors have styles that mimic those of wood and aluminum in the same way there are laminate “hardwood floors”. The longevity of the galvanized steel door is worth the investment and is available for consumers with a range of budgets. A galvanized steel door will not rust and are resistant to warping, cracking, and other decay typical of garage doors. 

Choosing a Steel Garage Door 

The first thing you should check when looking for a steel garage door is the cladding. Cladding is the protective layer on the outside of the garage door and comes in different thicknesses. A high quality clad made of 24-gauge steel whereas a cheaper clad is made of 28-gauge steel. Cheaper steel does not mean that it is not functional and able to do the job. You can still have a reliable door purchasing 28-gauge steel depending on your personal needs.

Premium doors are usually filled with insulation and about two inches thick. If you need a garage door that looks good on the inside, as well as the outside purchasing a steel door with double skin, is your best bet. 

Wood Doors

The beauty of wood is undeniable and gives any home a classic and finished look. If you are looking to upgrade the curb appeal of your home or add value wood is the way to go. It is important to keep in mind that wood does need more maintenance than other doors. 

Wood garage doors are susceptible to warping and cracking due to temperature changes and because of it, they need extra care. Buying a wooden door means it will need to be refinished and repainted every few years. This is extremely important to keep in mind before you buy this material because you will want to make sure that it works for your budget.

Aluminum and Fiberglass Garage Doors

If you live near the ocean fiberglass is a great choice for your home. Fiberglass has an aluminum frame with fiberglass sections creating a sleek and functional look. Fiberglass stands up to the harsh treatment of saltwater which is why this is a good choice if you live near the ocean.

Fiberglass, however, is not a match for cold temperatures and can break or crack when the temperature fluctuates. Also, if you need more temperature regulation and insulation it is not your best bet. Fiberglass is translucent and will allow for the sun to shine through. 

Having a good understanding of what your garage will be used for is pivotal in trying to figure out what the best garage doors are for you. Aluminum garage doors come in many styles and are fairly inexpensive with a fairly low maintenance investment. They are dented easily so if you have a lot of activity going on in your garage or really active kids you should think twice.


There are many styles of garage doors but two of the most popular are the carriage and classic style. The carriage style garage door has the historic look of swing-out carriage doors but opens and closes in an upward motion. You can buy a carriage style in almost all the materials, fitting any budget. 

The classic garage door comes in many colors and options including, windows, doors, and more. It is definitely your most cost-effective option while still offering an updated look. You can open a classic garage door manually or a garage door opener.

Garage Door Springs and Installation 

We recommend that a professional install your garage door due to the weight of the door and the force behind the springs. If you don’t know what you are doing you can injure yourself or damage your property. A professional can also help you to pick out the right garage door for your specific needs. 

Garage doors typically have one of two springs, torsion or extension springs. Torsion springs can lift more weight than their counterparts and run along the top of the garage. They are usually more pricey due to this factor. Extension springs run along the sides of the garage and extend to lift the door. 

Garage Door Extras 

I am almost positive you didn’t realize you can absolutely turn your garage into a screened-in front porch. It is a great option for those who do a lot of work in their garage or love sitting outside in the more temperate months.

Look for hardware that increases your level of security, things like deadbolts are great to add a little more peace of mind. Windows add simple elegance and a varied look from the rest of your neighbors. 

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