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What Kind of Security Gate is Best for Your Property?

The best way to figure out what the best type of security gate is for your property is to first ask yourself some basic questions about what your needs and expectation are. Make a priority list by rating items by the most important aspect to the least, such as #1. safety, #2. security, #3. traffic flow, and #4. aesthetics, etc. Besides safety, most people’s top choice is obviously going to be security. For businesses, traffic flow is always going to be the top concern. Slow moving gates are not conducive to the fast-paced business world. Tenants and customers alike despise having to wait and usually won’t for very long without complaint. Convenience is always a plus, but, most modern security gates on the marketplace today can easily accommodate convenience, especially motorized automatic models. These are pretty basic security gate concepts but combined together they provide a clear picture of both what you want, and importantly, what you really need. On a major decision like a security gate system, it’s just common sense to want to know what’s the right choice for your property before you purchase one. This article will provide you with some basic tips that will help you make that right choice.

Slide Gate or Swing Gate?

For home residences, swing-gates are the most popular with both standard and automatic options. Apartment complexes, garages, and storage facilities tend to favor automatic slide-gates. Automatic vertical lift-gates are often used on commercial property sites when there’s not enough side-room to accommodate a large slide-gate.

When considering a swing-gate, make sure to factor in the seasonal weather conditions in your area. Deep snow can be a big hindrance to a swing-gates ability to open and close properly. Double swing-gates are less affected by snowfall but still can be very hindered by it. Snow is an important fact to consider for businesses that need 24/7 access and don’t have time to waste on a long waiting list for snowplowing.  This is where lift-gates and slide-gates have the advantage when it comes to areas with a lot of snow.

Access Choices

Gate access systems are the next important item to think about. For residential houses, a keyed access is usually sufficient on door gates and side-gates, and remotes are normally used on automatic street gates. In an apartment complex though, most modernized buildings use key-cards for door entries so that tenants can enter quickly. They also use key-cards and code-entry keypads for walkway side-gates and entry to garages/parking lots. This system usually allows for the entry-code cancellation of evicted tenants.

Research Similar Properties

If you’re still not sure what you need, take a look at other properties in similar neighborhoods that have modern security gates installed. Most likely their security gates are doing the job because if they weren’t; they would certainly be upgraded in order to sufficiently safeguard a well-kept property. Look at several other decent properties and see what they have in common as far as their security gates are concerned. People normally use what’s generally known and accepted to work the best – There’s no shame in copying them.

Finding the Best Security Gate Installer

When you decide on the best security gate choice for your property make sure that you’re not stuck with a flakey or dishonest contractor when installing your security gate system. Search locally in your community for a licensed and bonded gate specialist, this way,  you will have a much easier time checking up on their references and getting honest and credible evaluations of the contractors past work.  Take multiple bids before deciding on the best company to use and get some of their free expert advice on issues like inclines and slopes that might hinder certain gate types.  There are many different security gate choices available in the marketplace today but you only need one that is based on you and your unique specifications. Narrowing down all of those choices in order to fit those unique property needs of yours will guarantee that you make the best-informed security gate choice possible.

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