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Where to Buy Garage Doors

Every residential or commercial property that has a garage space deserves a good garage door. For one, it’s the primary security line for the garage space. You can count on it to secure your belongings. A garage door also improves the overall style and value of your property. When the door is strongly-built and looks stylish, it can easily attract a prospective buyer and they won’t have an issue paying a higher price.

Additionally, a garage door can improve the comfort and ambiance of your garage space. With it, you can convert your garage space into anything you want. Whether you want it to work as a private room, kids’ play area, a store or parking space, it’s possible with the right garage door. Now that you know what a good garage door can do, it’s necessary to know where you can buy it. Here’s a quick guide:

Garage Door Dealers

Every state has its local garage door dealers. In New York, for example, the leading garage door dealer is NY Gates. The beautiful thing about dealing with a garage door dealer is that you can find branded garage doors from leading manufacturers. You can also find customized options to suit your property. Additionally, these dealers have professional installers who can help you fit a garage door.

If you are looking for professional garage door installation service, they can help you decide which garage door is best for you depending on:

  • Style preference
  • Budget
  • Material choice
  • Automation customization
  • Size and bulkiness
  • Color and finish

Simply, a garage door dealer will walk with you through the basic steps of garage door installation.

Our Top Recommendation: New York Gates

Why New York Gates? There are several reasons why the supplier is a top consideration not just in New York but all over the United States. The company supplies a range of modern commercial and residential garage doors. They come in stylish designs meant to give your garage space a classic and valuable touch.

Their garage doors are strongly-built from high-quality materials like aluminum glass and stainless steel. This promises a better return on investment since the product is meant to serve you long. Additionally, New York Gates offer different services to its customers. You can count on them to offer the following:

  • Garage door supply
  • Garage door installation
  • Garage door repair and maintenance

Garage Door Manufacturers

The internet is packed with some amazing leading garage door manufacturers. Notable ones are:

  • Wayne-Dalton
  • Dynaco
  • Raynor
  • Amarr
  • Windsor Door
  • Clopay
  • Chamberlain
  • Napoleon/Lynx
  • United Doors Technologies

A majority of these manufacturers have established reputations. So, they are known to manufacture the finest, most secure, and most stylish garage doors. Though they often use retailers to sell their garage doors, you can also make your order directly from their website. If you want to find a local distributor of a branded garage door, you should ask the manufacturer directly.

Companies like Chamberlain, Napoleon/Lynx, and Windsor Door double up as manufacturers and suppliers. Others like United Doors Technologies and Clopay double up as manufacturers and installers. So, you can count on them to help you fit your garage door after purchase. It’s a smart and cost-effective strategy you should be aware of.

Home Improvement Companies

Home improvement companies like Home Depot and Costco work closely with garage door manufacturers to help them distribute their branded garage doors. In this case, they work as retailers. So, you can talk to them about quality garage doors that you can buy affordably. They allow you to share the specifications that you prefer and they can suggest something similar that you may like.

In general, you are expected to follow these steps when buying from home improvement companies:

  • Enter your local zip code
  • Choose the gate door product you like
  • Wait to see the pricing
  • Pay in advance
  • Wait to receive your order

The concern is that Home improvement companies may not offer you installation assistance as you would expect from New York Gates and other garage door dealers. The other concern is that you have to be extra careful when specifying the garage door type that you want.

Failure to do so may result in receiving the wrong order. The advantage, nonetheless, is that they have showrooms that are open to potential garage door investors. You can use the opportunity to identify a garage door that you would want to install.

Tips for Finding a Good Garage Door Company

  • Local search – Locally, you can check in the directories to find the best garage door companies. Alternatively, you can walk around your local area to see which garage door companies are reputable. If these two options seem tiring and boring, then you should use the power of Google and do a local online search. If you are in New York, one leading garage door company that’s likely to top your search results is New York Gates.
  • Installation advantages – Most garage door companies don’t just supply you with a garage door but they also help you install it. This is the case with New York Gates. They have trained professionals who are tasked with the responsibility of new garage door installations. It’s worth noting that dealing with a garage door company that also does the installation is a cost-effective approach.
  • Recommendations – Your friends and colleagues who have invested in garage doors before may know a few garage door companies that they can recommend. You can also ask for referrals from local contractors. They may also know a few reputable garage door companies to recommend.
  • Extra features – Modern garage doors come with so many impressive features which promise value for money spent. Garage door from New York Gates, for example, come with features like insulation, weather-proof, automation, and scratch-resistant. Such features make New York Gates’ garage doors a great investment choice.
  • Check the warranty – A good garage door needs to come with a reasonable warranty. The more extensive the coverage is, the better it is. At least, the warranty should cover mechanical defects and operation issues.
  • Consider insurance – Like any other installation, accidents can happen during a garage door installation. If your home is damaged in the process, the garage door company should compensate you. This is what insurance is for and so you should hire a company that has it.

Closing Thought:

Overall, a good garage door is a great investment. Your property value improves much more with a quality garage door than without it. You should purpose to always invest in the best option. That’s why you should try We have amazing options you would love to invest in.

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