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Where to Buy the Best Security Gate

Every home or business property needs to be protected. You should feel safe and your belongings need to be secure. One way to guarantee this is by fitting the best security gate. You need a security gate that’s practical.

It should be strongly-built, tamper-proof, user-friendly, and attractive. A security gate with such properties is a great investment and doesn’t come by easily. You have to look for it in the right places. Here’s a guide to use.

Security Gate Dealers

Security gate dealers offer an array of security gate services you may find beneficial. Before you can buy a security gate from a dealer, you should ask advice on style, customization, installation help, and warranties. Simply, you should inquire about everything to do with security gate installation.

You can count on a security gate dealer to not only supply you with the best security gate but to also send professional installers to help you fit it. In case something breaks and you need someone to fix it, you can call the dealer. It’s generally cost-effective dealing with security gate dealers.

Our Best Pick – New York Gates

For a long time, New York Gates, a New York-based security gate company, has been serving customers in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, and beyond. They are known to supply both ready-to-fit and custom-made gate supplies for residential and business properties.

Their popular options include:

  • Rolling gates – Intended to open by rolling up and close by rolling down. As a result, they are often called roll-up & roll-down. They are generally a space-saving option.
  • Liftgates – If space is an issue, you can install lift gates. They can be mechanically or electrically lifted when opening. They are also a space-saving option.
  • Fire shutters – Meant to offer physical security against fire outbreaks. They can also prevent smoke spread from one area to another.
  • Sliding gates – Designed to move to the side when opening. They are a space-saving option suited for both homes and business spaces.
  • Arm barriers – Targeted for the car park area to help control traffic while also facilitating parking security.
  • Bi-fold gates – Meant to fold either inwards or outwards when opening. It all depends on where there’s extra space. They may save you space but are not as economical as lift and rolling gates.

The beautiful thing about New York Gates is that their products are manufactured from strong and high-quality materials. So, expect your gate to come with an impressive warranty. What’s more, their prices are reasonable. You can talk to customer support via live chat about your budget and they’ll recommend a few security gates that suit you.

Other Picks

Though New York is undisputedly a top security gate dealer in the US market, there are other security gate dealers you can try out. Notable ones are:

  • North State Industries
  • Security System International
  • US Security Gate

Like New York Gates, the above dealers will supply you the gate that you like and help you fit it on your property.

Security Gate Manufacturers

If you are looking for branded security gates, there’s no better place to look than the manufacturer sites. Not only do they have genuine options but they also sell them at a cheaper price if compared to retailers. We generally recommend the following top gate manufacturers:

  • Regalo – Based in Minnesota, Regalo manufactures some of the best security gates in the United States. Though most of their gates are found in stores dealing with juvenile products, you can also order from the manufacturer directly.
  • Cova Security Gates – This UK-based security gate manufacturer has also established itself in the US market. They have an array of security gates like bi-fold, sliding gates, and arm barriers.
  • Cardinal Gates – This manufacturer is popular with security baby gates and pet gates. They are known to produce only metallic gates. So, their options do not feature plastic parts or any other less durable materials.
  • Rhino Doors – Rhino Doors are not just a manufacturer of windows but also security gates. Their security gates come with a 5-year warranty to give you a reasonable return on investment.

Home Improvement Sites

If you are specifically looking for a home security gate, then you can find one at a home improvement site. Our recommendations are:

  • Home Depot
  • Lowes

To buy from these sites, you are required to visit their websites and use the online tools that you find there to identify the best and most suitable security gate. If you feel it’s necessary to see your preferred security gate first-hand before making the purchase, you can schedule an appointment to visit their showroom. All you need to have in mind are the exact measurements of your security gate space.

The good thing about ordering a security gate from home improvement sites is that they often offer financing options. However, you may have to pay in advance before your order can be shipped. So, it’s necessary to countercheck your gate specifications before releasing the funds. This is where showroom visits are recommendable. They allow you to physically sample your pick.

Retail Giants

Most retail giants offer more products other than clothes, foods, and electronics. You can also order the best security gates from them. We recommend you try these three sites:

  • Alibaba
  • Amazon
  • eBay

Alibaba, for example, offers the best security gates from top manufacturers in the United States, Canada, and Asia. They have eco-friendly options that come in contemporary styles. A majority of their options are DIY and so you can do the installation yourself. You’ll get them in strong material options like hardwood, steel, and aluminum. To shop at the retail giant, it’s advisable to first visit the site and browse through the various options that they have.

If you are looking for simple security gates like baby safety gates and pet gates, then you should consider buying from either Amazon or eBay. The retail giants have some of the best security gates from reputable manufacturers. Most of these options are pocket-friendly but they come with amazing properties to guarantee you better service. Their warranties are also impressive. The only downside is that you may have to do the installation yourself or hire a local expert.

Closing Thought:

Generally, the security of your property starts at the gate. When the gate is secure, it’s harder for vandals, spies, and thugs to access your property. This is why trusting a small, local company like New York Gates is your best option for your security needs. Unlike big box stores, they provide a personalized and secure approach for your individual needs.

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